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Date Purchased: Jun 2018

Great machine

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 11, 2018

I bought this bike 3 months ago, I wrecked pretty hard had a major concussion a broken nose and sprained neck. All the bike got out of it all was a few scratches and a mildly bent clutch leaver.

I have rode the guts out of this bike and it has no issues going up against KTMs 450.

My only complaint is she's a heavy one, but I came from an 03yz450f. The 2017 WR is worth every penny thus far.

bought and rode in Canada NB

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Date Purchased: Jan 2018

Best enduro bike hands down

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 05, 2018

2017 WR450 i have now done 1500ks (only hard bush)
Now the (2016 on) are a completely different bike to the previous model they are 7kg lighter and the power is too much for some, here is what i did
Now this bike corners handles out rides my 15 KTM 250 2T all day, i can lug the thing up steep rocky hills without stalling plus i have the power to go out on open roads when forest hopping without the 2 stroke ringing it's head off.
The quality of assembly parts is better than my previous bike they are so well put together excellent quality control.
They also have the fuel tank in the middle of the bike nicely tucked away under the seat and the engine is tilted back so it's all centralised i really cannot feel the weight at all when i'm riding it Yamaha have nailed it with this bike
I'm very happy with it the look of it the power and the piece of mind when your out in the middle of no where in some swapped out forest that you have Yamaha reliability.

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Date Purchased: Aug 2017

Absolute Widow Maker

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 05, 2018

Purchased a 2017 WRF450. This machine is off its head. Drives like a dream, used for solely daily work driver. Lifts in every gear and always starts first punch. Why would you buy a KTM? Only to waste weekends working on it. If you are after a rock solid bang for buck bike, grab one of these and hit the road. Absolutely awesome machine. Enogerra Team Moto also deserve mention, awesome service.

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Date Purchased: Mar 2014

Love it

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 01, 2017

Love this bike it's served me well it's done it's thing for me for a couple years now it has the power i need and everything but the only downside to it for me is the dang brand yamaha it's a bit how ya going I'm gonna get a Ktm instead

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Date Purchased: Jun 2014

2014 Yamaha WR450F

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 24, 2017

This is the first brand new dirt bike I have bought. I bought it using the Yamaha Finance 1% deal. It was cheaper than using my own money from my mortgage.

Mine has only ever been used as an enduro bike and hasn't been ridden gently. In Tassie we can get recreational registration, which is what I did. Bike has now done about 2800km / 80 hours. Valve clearances were checked at 50 hours and were within spec.

Early on I dropped it onto a log, which bent the right-hand radiator. When you buy one, put radiator guards on at the time of purchase! I put an IMS 11.3 litre fuel tank on it after 2 years, gives about 40% more fuel range. I had the suspension done to suit my height and weight, 200cm & 115kg. I also put lower foot pegs and Stegz Pegz on to help with my height, and staying attached to the bike.

The Yamaha power tuner is worth buying. You can adjust the bike from mild to wild! My 15 year old daughter has ridden it comfortably on the mild setting. On the wild settings I've had silly amounts of fun, trying to stay on the bike!

I'm not one of these people who have to have the latest and greatest. I let my riding do the talking. I'm sure I'll still be riding this bike in 10 years. It has coped with everything, even a recent fall into a creek upside down! Check my YouTube page, Adventure Ride Tasmania. https://youtu.be/abC14t4JxS0

GoldenTyre tyres are the perfect match. The 232N rear and 216 Fatty for the front.

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Date Purchased: Jul 2016


1 out of 5, reviewed on May 20, 2017

I purchased a brand new 2015 Yamaha WR450F in July 2016. On day one it was hard to start and the battery was run down trying to start it. The dealer put the battery on a charger overnight. The next day when I came to pick it up the bike it was still hard to start. The battery was replaced and I was told that the problem was due to an additive the manufacturer put in for transportation and storage. I was told that the motorcycle would start normally after the first service.

After the first service the problem got worse and again the battery was replaced. The problem persisted and the bike went back to the dealer. The dealer he's been working with Yamaha reps trying to fix the starting problem but to no avail. My brand new motorcycle has been in the shop for six months now and still is not fixed.

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Date Purchased: Nov 2014

Performance reliability and bullet proof

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 12, 2016

Cannot seem to destroy these WR450s. So many upgrades available at a good dollar for value rate. Carby or fuel injection they are rock solid. World class leading bikes reputable and easy to maintain and there's always a yamaha dealer near by. I have 11 motorcycles mostly dirtbikes and the wr450 is my go to for reliable fun. Ten thumbs up.

Purchased at: Suttos Motorcycle Supplies

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Scary, awesome bike

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 01, 2016

I got a 2012 WR450F at the beginning of 2013 and have now done 17,000km on it of probably 75% onroad and 25% offroad. I learnt to ride on a little KD80 ag-bike and this one is a HUGE step up. I mainly got this one for the size (I'm 195cm tall) and for the EFI engine because I hate trying to start carburettor bikes and also I chose this because it's a LAMS bike (see Australian bike licensing if you want to know what this means). Another good thing about this bike is the LAMS limiting can be taken off without any visual difference on the outside. But make sure you're mature enough for the full power of this bike or you'll end up killing yourself. If I give it full throttle in second gear it'll power wheelie. If I drop the clutch a bit too fast in third, up goes the front wheel again even with my full 100kg sitting right forward on the seat. I estimated that this bike has around 1/2 the power to weight ratio of an R1 which is enough power to get you into trouble on- or off-road if you don't respect it.
I have the larger sprocket to give lower gear ratios which works out good offroad. I can slowly ride through though sections of track and still have plenty of low-down power. Having these gear ratios means redline in top gear is only around 130km/h but this is an offroad bike and doesn't feel safe at those speeds anyway. But with these low ratios and the full power of the bike I can go up any hill at whatever speed I want. I've been going up hills where there's only just enough room to overtake the trucks and the bike instantly shoots from 30 to 100km/h (oops, I mean 80km/h learner plate limit ;-) ) and easily gets around the trucks safely.
I also like the D606 tyres that it came with as these have good grip offroad while still having enough grip onroad to wheelie and put the bike up onto the front wheel without skidding. And I seem to get around 6000km from the back which isn't bad considering how hard I ride on the road.
The bad points are what other people have already mentioned in forums: the fuel tank size is the worst. I get 60km if I ride efficiently. I understand it being designed this way because it's an enduro race bike where they don't have to ride for hundreds of kms before refueling and they don't want to carry too much weight up high. And mine being in race mode probably isn't helping the fuel economy. One day I'll upgrade the tank.
Another bad point is starting. There's a knack to starting it from cold. Turn the ignition on and wait for the fuel pump to stop. Then kick it over for a few seconds and stop. Then kick it over again and it will start. Maybe this is just something to do with the adjustments on my bike (like being in race mode). Every now and then it gets compression lock where the electric starter won't turn the engine over. Just put the bike in gear and roll it backwards without pressing the clutch, or use the kickstarter to operate the decompression. That's only a minor point and not a real problem.
Overall I love this bike. I love that it's not too heavy to pull it out of mud holes. I love that it has plenty of low-down power. And I love that even after 4 years of riding it that the acceleration still gives me goosebumps. I'm now brand-loyal to Yamaha and one day will get a TTR for the kids and an R1 for myself. And when the WR eventually wears out, I'll give it a full overhaul to keep it going rather than just throwing it out.

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Date Purchased: Jun 2012

What a beast!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 16, 2015

24,000 thousand km's trouble free. That might not sound like a lot of k's but on a dirt bike that is heaps. I have been though 2 fork seals and a water pump seal. The pump seal was because it sat in shop for 8 months before. It sold and must have got dried out it was second hand with 1800 km's on it.

Power wise it is fun as to ride heaps of middle and bottom end grunt you are better off changing up a gear than revving it out to go faster. It's was a bit big and heavy when I first got it after riding 2 stroke motor cross bike for a time, but I soon got used to it.

I'm a short 5'6 so that made it a bit hard in the slow tight stuff. I have not done any modifications. I reckon it sounds good the way I got it. Not loud just a nice lumpy note a good noise when u rev it out a bit. I have changed oil every 1000 km's and oil filter every second or third change.

If I could afford it I would get the suspension sorted out it's soft, a bit hard to ride in the fast rough stuff and nearly bottoms out when jumping its a 2009 model. I think newer models have better shockers. I have used it on the road a bit but take it really easy most of the time I won't go in 100 k zones very much sure it could take it. It's not really made for the road but is really good fun on it anyway.

I will buy a newer model in a year or two. Had this one for 2 years. They are so reliable and as I said so much fun pops the front up any time or gear you want. I was buying good motor cross tires when I first got it, but they would only last a month. So much grunt ripped the crap out of them especially on gravel now I have been getting Dunlop 606's. Last ages at least twice as many km's, but the front 606 is not the best in the dirt. lf you are thinking of getting one, I would strongly recommend. You will not be disappointed with the big blue beast. Cheers

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Great Reliable Weekend Warrior

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 07, 2014

I've owned a few Yamaha Dirt Bikes, and they never let me down. I have really enjoyed riding my '07 WR450F.
The Alloy frame makes riding and cleaning a breeze, the engine is bullet proof, never had to adjust the valves. Easy to service, fun to ride. Plenty of power, love the electric leg.
I have put some bar risers on, and the person before me lowered it a bit. which has been great. Upgraded the suspension for a better ride.

+ Reliable, comfortable

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4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 10, 2014

It is extremely reliable i bought 1 that had been stolen the guy was obviously a bad mechanic he riped the key ignition out and used the kill switch as a bypass he didnt change oil spark plug or anything the spark plug had been so corroded i was amaised it still worked so i fixed that all up changed the oil and now it is a very reliable beast

+ Extremely reliable and powerful

- Yamaha could have done better on fuel economy and bit hard to handle the power for beginners

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Well known and liked bike

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 27, 2012

I previously had a drz400 and find the wr450 much lighter and has better suspension than the drz. The engine has amples of power (probably more than you need) with very smooth power delivery. I change the oil every 400-500km and clean the air filter 2 or 3 times between oil changes especially after dusty conditions. Handling is very good but if riding through very tight trails a wr250 of equiviant may be better suited since they are around 10kg lighter. The bike would be better if they had a 6 speed gearbox like the ktm. You may have to change the sprocket set up if riding on more free flowing trials.

+ Smooth power. Reliable engine. Heaps of parts available.

- 6 speed gearbox would be better. Only 8L fuel tank. Poor front light

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How many serial numbers does a we 450 have?

Bomber asked on Sep 18, 2018

Any down sides of the 17-18 models?

zach asked on Aug 30, 2018

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No not really whatsoever. I'd go 17, cause the engine case is a better colour

How many litres does it hold?

Wyatt L asked on Jul 13, 2018

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