Please be advised that Yatango Mobile is under liquidation as of November 2015.

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So Frustrating.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 26, 2015

It has taken a little over 2 weeks to get my sim card problems sorted out. The staff have been helpful however all my problems could have been sorted out by phone in a few minutes. Each time I had a live chat I spoke with a different person so I had to go through the whole details again. As of today my phone is working but I wanted to find out How much credit I had left with Savvytel. I could not contact them . a staff member told me where to find it on the computet and I still can't find out. There must be a much simpler way to discuss these problems. My wife wishes to join up with Yatango but has been told we can only have 1 e mail address. For several years we have had separate mobile numbers using the same e mail address and of course the same bank account. Savvytel had a much simpler system. If we have to create another E Mail account I dont think she will go ahead. The Prices are great. Lets make it simple.

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Yatango Mobile Official

Hey Harley, Sorry to hear about your frustration, understandably the change is difficult as we don't do everything the same as Savvytel, unfortunately we are unable to put two mobile numbers und... read more »


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3 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 19, 2015

They were helpful but didn't meet my expectations for what I was after, I had some issues with getting a SIM card.

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Great - when it works. But credit-card security is worrying and there are website and outage issues

3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 05, 2014

My wife and I moved to Yatango a few months ago for the ability to tailor the plans each month and the TRUE pre-pay.

It seems about the only plan out there that REALLY does has a data-cap; when the data limit is reached it stops and so no risk of crazy mobile bills.

In general, we are happy with Yatango and life is good.

However, things dont seem all that well with Yatango recently;

I recently tried logging in to the website and couldn't - it just took me back to the login page all the time. After a 1/2 hour 'chat' with Support It was fixed and i was able to log in.

Then today my wife's phone stopped with a message from Yatango saying they were unable to renew the plan. When I logged in to the website her credit card details were gone!! However, when I tried to re-enter them I got an HTTP 500 error. Worryingly, the the browser Address Bar were her FULL credit card details!

Then, i got an error saying I had run out of credit when I tried to send an SMS... Even though my pack had recharged a few days earlier and i has only used 7 out of 100 SMS!

From a price, piece-of-mind and flexibility point of view I recommend Yatango. However, you have to bare with their website problems, payment issues and network faults. And keep an eye on any odd withdrawals from your credit card (in case a malicious sniffer has harvested your clear-text credit card details from the URL!).

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Dug a little deeper and found that my full credit-card details are also being recorded in the Browser History!! So, DO NOT use public internet PCs when entering your Credit Card details to Yatango... read more »


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Completely confused

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 17, 2014

Ok, so some things about Yatango are great. Pricing and tailoring your pack to your needs are awesome. However I was sent the email a few days ago to renew my packs, I did this, however today I cant use voice (calls) because this pack is set to a different renew date- this has never happened before. I am completely confused, had a lengthy type-conversation with customer service, and am still confused, he ended the conversation on me without any closure. I think I am just going to go back to not using a mobile. Not for cost reasons, just for convenience, predictability and reliability,

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it can be better

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 06, 2014

I got dissapoitment over porting my number didn't got ported and not happy customer service didn't understand my need they offer to give me new number I got one number with them but very dissapointed over the porting moving to other provider as there was no luck regards this time even after many attempts

+ cheap

- no help online

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1 issue with txt messages

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 25, 2014

I ported over to Yatango and tried their 30 day free trial. I had my 1st issue 4 hours later trying to send a txt message. Spoke to Paul from Yatango, which he pulled out his bag of tricks and hopefully it works. I couldn't receive tx messages but i could send. Now I wait within 24 hours and see what happens.

+ That Yatango put 30 cents on my account.

- no funds

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Best value deal - But Signal strength could improve

3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 28, 2014

I had a package with Telstra where I paid $30 and never used up all the data or the minutes and I never used SMS.
With Yatango I just pay $16 for the same minutes and data and I could change the plan whenever I like.
If the signal strength in my office in South Melbourne was good, I would give a 5 star rating.

The joining process was great as well and I ported my number in less than 30 minutes. My wife has got Yatango now and between us we save $29. That's half of our previous bill.

+ Flexible Plan, Cheap

- Signal Strength

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OK - data speeds slow in my area but price is right

3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2014

I have been with Yatango for a few months now on a data only plan (my choice). Download speed in my area (suburban Newcastle) is slow to poor, but it does seem to get better on visits to Sydney. I have used the Optus network for many years without problems & I (mistakenly) thought that Yatango might be as good but it is pale imitation in my area. But you get what you pay for. I am a light user. Speed is irritating but I'll put up with it for the cheap price.

+ price

- slow in my area but probably OK in capital cities

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You get what you pay for

3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 01, 2014

3 of us decided to give yatango a go when we moved house. We needed extra data while our home internet was being transferred over, and yatango were doing a free month unlimited trial. SIMs arrived promptly, although the wrong one was sent for the iphone, but we managed to cut it to size.

The free month went without a hitch and two of us decided to continue. However when my wife tried to add some credit to her phone she received a message about the credit card being declined, she tried several times and kept getting the same message. However she received email confirmations that they were all successful, but there was no credit on the phone. A few days later noticed that the credit card had been charged 4 times.

Normally a quick call to customer service would sort it out, but you cannot call them. Support appears to be an open forum where customers help each other, but another user can't apply credit to my phone or refund my credit card. Nevertheless we posted in the forum hoping a yatango rep would respond, they didn't. We eventually found the email for them which they answered about a week later and they sorted everything out. She wasn't able to make a call on her phone for about 2 weeks, fortunately we hadn't ported her number over from the previous telco so she could top that one up while we waited for yatango.

Fast forward a couple of months later and I tried adding a data pack to my phone which I hadn't used since the free trial ended, the number still rang if called. I got the same credit card declined error message that my wife had previously had, tried a different card same result and gave up. Noticed a couple of days later that both credit cards had been charged but no data applied to my plan. E-mailed yatango and they told me the number had been cancelled due to inactivity. Fair enough, but why was my credit card still charged, and why hasn't this billing bug been sorted out yet? They did refund promptly.

I understand that they are cheap as they have no call centre and I'm happy with that trade off. But if you're the sort of person that can't be without their phone for a few days if something goes wrong, then this is not the company for you.

+ Cheap for a low user like me, customisable plans, no contracts

- Glitchy top up system. Forum is useless for support, use

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Yatango Mobile Official

Hi there, we understand it is annoying that we don't have a call centre but this is one of the reasons how we can keep our costs to our members down! We would definitely recommend jumping on li... read more »


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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 13, 2013

Bought a SIM from Dick Smiths for $2 after doing a bit of research on moving from Vodafone - after seeing the ads about 'more bars in more places' I'd love to know where they are!
Anyway, got the SIM, stuck it in a phone to test the reception. Don't believe a word about coverage, get a SIM & try it out before activating the service. Got the SIM & stuck it in an old handset & mooched around the place. Found I got the best reception at my location of all the SIMs I had - Aldi, Amaysim, Boost, Telstra, Vodafone.
Picked a plan, did the do online & BAM! - ported in about 2 minutes! Have no idea why it's taken other some long, perhaps early stages when they signed up (or tried to) & I also did it early in the morning when there seems to be less traffic.

Since then I've learned that:
1 - The data is billed in 1M lumps. My data as indicated on my phone is 10% of the data consumed according to My Dashboard. Can't find that info easily at all... you'll end up getting it on their 'Pricing' page, sec 1.3 - it's there!
2 - I have almost 50% of the data shown on my dashboard consumed by sites I don't access & probably never will (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, 'Social Networks', spurious internet access) Have discussed this issue with the Online Chat help (very good BTW) & got nowhere.
They are unable to advise who/when/what was accessed as they do not have those facilities - apparently.
3 - Time & Date stamping indicated on your account, where data access is concerned, is arbitrary - access may be before the time indicated. Or maybe not. Time & date is local area.
4 - Help using the chat facility has been very good, very quick & succinct.

Apart from the errors in billing & being unable to resolve them to date (email to Support to follow) the service seems pretty good.
Web site could do with a few tweeks - a 'Search' facility wouldn't hurt.

Will see how I go with the erroneous billing & take it from there.

+ Ease of porting, chat helpline, ability to customise user needs

- Bad access to data, billing errors

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Ok overall, with room for improvement.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 26, 2013

I am also one of the Kogan customer that have tried out Yatango. The porting process was quick and smooth. Everything was good during the month of trial. The reception was as good as Optus as it is based on Optus network. Which means any shortcomings with Optus will be the same. ie. occasional drop outs, Internet service sometimes gets congested ... etc.

At the end of the trial period, the suggested plan based on my usage was $47/mth, which unfortunately is more expensive than most other unlimited plan offered by the competitors. So it didn't suit me and I tried to port to other service.

This is when the problem starts. To port a number, we need an account number. It is nowhere to be found on the website, emails from Yatango and my account! Like many have said, there is no number to call! All I need was my account number! I tried the community and realized 3 people have already asked the same question: "where can I find my account number?" There was no answer to this simple question!

So I had no choice but use email. Then I got the same automated reply stating it would take them 3+ days to reply! I was furious like many others here!

But, surprisingly, I got a reply back within an hour, reassuring me that he would promptly look after my question. I got my account number within the next 10 min. So the customer support is not as bad as many have said.

currently I'm like many unfortunate kogan customer waiting to be ported to Aldi.

Anyway, overall as a telco company, I think Yatango is probably above average. It's just a pitty they don't have unlimited plan for heavy user like me, and if they can make simples things like account number easier to access, it would make the experience a lot better, and perhaps reduce the workload of the support team. (Imagine they have to reply to thousands of emails asking the same question "where is my account number?")

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Questions & Answers

I had request a refund at Nov. but no money back. What can I do now?

kiki asked on Dec 20, 2015

Answer this

Hi kiki, I'm just a fellow customer plus don't know the circumstances so can't really give you a definitive answer.
However since the company has been sold I don't think you have too much hope of getting a refund.

yes yatango went bust....The very next day the same people went operational with Yomojo .. you have three options write to Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman [TIO} ...... if paid by dredit card ask your bank to rescind payment. or Contact Yomojo and ask ,but they may reneg any responsibilty and only offer a new account startup for free

kiki i was with yatango and paid yatango $20.40 security deposit yet yomojo refunded... call them.. annoy yomojo til you get a positive reply... YOMOJO web is CRAP not functional and usage details are rubbish... actually think it is not legal to display content as they do :)

I would like to know why my Yatango mobile app is not working?

Matilda asked on Dec 08, 2015

Answer this

Yatango was wound up almost two weeks ago [lack of money] the same people have now started Yomojo with the same problem lack of money, they sent me an unsolicited invoice for the month of $36.00
what does that show you?

Yatango was bought by Yomojo. You can use their website to access your account.

where is website? vanish no reply from them

nancy asked on Dec 08, 2015

Answer this

Sorry unable to find anything on or any other avenues. I hope someone else can help. Regards Torben

I would not engage Yatango as they wanted to charge me $20.,, instead of $18.00, But the next week I was sent a phone bill for $36.00 from the same people now calling themselves YOMOJO. Yatango was wound up postal address level 15, 10 Queens road, Melbourne Victoria 3004
They need money badly that is why they want $20 up front

Yatango were taken over by Yomojo - try

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