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Zyliss can opener

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 22, 2015

We purchased a Zyliss can opener from Lakeland over a year ago and it has NEVER opened tins properly it does not seem to cut through a waste of £13:50

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Not all can-openers actually open cans!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 19, 2015

So you want to open a can of soup? No problem, here's what to do. Pick up your Zyliss can opener, attach it to the lid (an easy operation), then turn the handle to complete the cutting operation (also easy). Now simply lift the detached lid away from the can. Oh dear, it doesn't want to move? Then wiggle it a bit. Still no luck? Well get the pointy end of a knife under the lid and exert some real force. That should do it! Now for the final step - using a wet rag, clean the soup off your kitchen floor. True story - I have never yet been able to lift a detached lid from a can without main force! A useless implement!

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After further research, I now understand that the two locking 'studs' on the face of this opener are there for the purpose of lifting the lid off once detached. But though I would now re-rate the o... read more »

After even further research (consisting of several attempts to open cans!), I wish to reinstate my first review. Lately, all attempts to lift the lid using the two locking studs have failed (becaus... read more »

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When it works is good when it doesn't it isn't

3 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 10, 2014

Great idea. Can Opener remains clean, there is no contact with the product in the tins and no sharp edges when operating correctly. Able to re-use the lid for temporary seal (e.g. in the fridge)
Can be difficult to latch onto edge of some tins (e.g. some salmon tins).
Seems to need 'firm' grip on locking handle and then downward pressure whilst turning the handle and then still slips off edge of tin!
Could be difficult to use if hand strength/co-ordination not good. Instructions were a little unclear.

+ When working correctly, clean, leaves no sharp edges and lid can be used as a temporary re-seal

- Difficult and unreliable attachment

Purchased at: David Jones

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After further use this is much easier to use. The key is first 'lock' onto the can edge via the back 'round' section and then after having turned the handle and 'circumnavigated' the can, repositi... read more »

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The Spring has come out of the can opener. How can I put it back in so that the opener can be used again?

Carolyn asked on Apr 13, 2016

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Sorry but have no idea - have not seen any spring and have no idea how the opener could be taken apart to reveal it as the unit is very well sealed. Maybe contact Zyliss?

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