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Chicken with Vegies & Pasta Roll

Is this ok to feed my 8 week old kelpie or should I feed him the puppy one as there is no ages?

Blake91 asked on Aug 20, 2017

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I don't think it matter but start him on the puppy feed first. I think i started jett at 3 month and he was ion the adult feed because i didn't relies there was one fir puppies lol

My puppy is 11 weeks and we are using either this or the puppy one. Not much of it, just for training treats. The puppy trainer uses it, so if it's good enough for her...

Hi Blake91, we suggest you feed your puppy our 4Legs Puppy Three Meats with Sweet Potato. It's been formulated specifically for puppies. You can find out more and view a feeding guide here http://4legs.com.au/product/3-meats-w-rice-parsley/
If you need stockist information, please give us a call on 1800 655 687
Melissa and the 4Legs Team

Chicken with Vegies & Pasta Roll

I am meant to put my dog on a high quality protein low phosphorus diet to assist kidney function. Does 4 Legs chicken with pasta fit this description? The mutt really likes the food but I need to know if it is nutritionally suited to his needs. Thank you. Keith

Jks asked on May 30, 2016

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Hi Keith,

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the use of 4Legs for managing poor kidney function in your dog. We are so sorry to hear that he is unwell. Unfortunately, none of the 4Legs range is really appropriate for his dietary requirements.

As you are obviously aware, dogs with chronic kidney failure require a specialised diet aimed at minimising ongoing clinical signs and slowing down progressive damage to the remaining functional kidney. The most important features of these diets are low sodium concentration, low phosphorus concentration, and at later stages of the disease, restricted protein levels. Prescription diets are designed to provide all the essential nutrients required by dogs with chronic kidney disease while maintaining low levels of the nutrients which can exacerbate clinical signs and damage to the kidneys. All our pet food is designed for normal, healthy animals and does not meet the specific requirement of your dog.

Best of luck and please let us know if you require any further information.

Kind Regards,
Dr. Felicity Banks
Veterinary Consultant
4Legs Pet Food Company

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