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Are you partners with qnv constructions?

Millie.m asked on Dec 12, 2018

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Hi Millie,
Thanks for your question – no we are not.
QNV is one of many developers that ASP Realty has acted as a vendor’s agent for, although ASP has not done so for some time.

what does pending approval mean please ?

JPG asked on Jun 12, 2018

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Hi JPG - Pending approval means that Product Review is validating the review to ensure it is genuine. The value of a site such as is all genuine reviews are published about an organisation (both positive and negative) and the organisation does not get involved in approving a review. If they are genuine they are all published.

You can find more information in the FAQs

After i pay them off by your halp ,,is my name going to be clear again ?

Aram rashet asked on Jan 17, 2017

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Hi Aram,

Apologies - what is this in reference to?

Kind regards

I having been reading through the reviews for Anne St partners ( Financial Planners ) and have found a lot reflect my own experience of basically bad advice. However its incredible how many people who ' have been with Anne St for many years now " all of a sudden decide to write an over the top positive review. Is there any way of verifying that these are real people and not just company from the company itself ?

Brisbane asked on Mar 16, 2015

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Hi there Brisbane

Firstly, I apologise if you haven't received a positive experience from us. I'd certainly like to have the opportunity to put this right and you can contact me personally on - attention Brent. I'd actually like to look into any concerns you have.

In terms of posting reviews, every adviser at Anne Street Partners is encouraged to ask for feedback after each appointment as it gives all of the executive team an unbiased look at our service offering. We certainly monitor each review and where the reviewer leaves some details we try to address any concerns on a one-to-one basis. Some reviewers prefer to use a pseudonym, and this can lead to identification issues, so we try to reach out to them using the site. Obviously we love to receive glowing reviews, but we know that with many changes within the organisation this won't be the case every time, so we encourage a realistic view each and every time.

Brent - Anne Street Partners Marketing

I'm real - I just gave an honest answer to the request for a review

Yep, my review is real.

2 things:

1. any investment has some form of inherent risk. Thinking you'll make fifty-hundred percent return in two weeks on a property is ludicrous, its the real world, not blocyard blitz.
2. you do actually need to do some work and thinking for yourself. Do you think if they had some magic formula for making money appear from thin air, that they would be working?

I agree. Anne Street partners were terrible property advisors in my opinion. I found it very difficult to post a review. I kept getting emails asking for a letter to verify that I purchased a property through them and every time I sent a letter, it came back with "We couldn't publish your review for Anne Street Partners". Every time I post a positive review it gets approved straight away. I think this is how they maintain such a positive overall score!

Total bunch of crooks who are able to manipulate the review system somehow

This company actively delete bad reviews and get their buddy to post positive reviews (anyone can open acomn account and post positive reviews).

Their wealth of advice recommendation has cost me a loss of $140k already. Bad off the plans property and commission on loan and insurance fees.

My post on google review get removed on a regular basis.

There are multiple complains for this fsp at fos (now afca).

Don't believe any of those positive reviews! Join them if you want to lose money.

Mark Wu

I hope the Royal Commision will turn their attention to dodgy financial advisers like Anne St