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29 April 2016


Champion Homes has commenced legal proceedings in relation to the majority of the negative reviews below, claiming that they are false in their content, or misleading or deceptive. 

Champion Homes has informed the court that it may wish to respond to the reviews. If it does, those responses will be published below. 

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Please contact Dominic Rego [contact detail removed] New build at 34 Victoria St Malabar NSW 2 storey 4 bedroom rear lane double garage and granny flat. Scope: Knock down existing fibro house and new build DA approved plans by architect Looking for a reliable competitive builder Modern design with lightweight building materials Aim to start building end of 2018 Please let me know if this fits your scope [email address removed]

Dom Rego asked on May 16, 2018

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Thank you for your enquiry Dominic
Please contact us on our website so we can get your contact details and a sales representative will be in touch with you.

Thank you,

I'm looking to build with champion homes with the two last comments didn't the contract have a time frame when the construction is going to be finished thats what they told us ? And if its not finished in time that they had to pay us for each day it was delayed anyway if we do go ahead I will definitely get my lawyer to look over the contract

Das asked on May 21, 2017

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Every building contract documents when building works are to commence and when building works are to be completed.
The time for building works to be completed is refered to as "the contract period".In the contract there is an amount to be agreed upon called "liquidated damags" and this is the amount that the builder has to pay to the owner if building works are not completed within the contract period.The amount of liquidated damages should represent the owners loss for not having the building works completed within the contract period.The owners loss is normally the interest the owner pays on the loan or the rent that the owner is incurring or a combination of both. So ,the owner needs to negotiate this amount with the builder.The owner must also bear in mind that the contract period can be extended for reasons such as adverse weather or if the builder does additional works.In relation to commencement of building works,building works cannot commence until the construction certificate has been issued and also the owner needs to have his bank loan approved or have funds available before works commence.

Please do not go through champion homes they only want people to sign the contract and then hit families with hidden cost all they want is everything to be on time and never call or speak to they clients I am regretting every moment that I choice this company to build my house they say one thing and do another they are bullshitting that all the reviews and complaints are misleading and false which is total rubbish they are the ones who mislead and cheat clients please read all the reviews and a lot of clients have the same problem which I am having

Hi what is your starting price for a double storey house with 5 beds (2 on ground level) 4 baths 2 car park on 396 sqm land? Full brick house. Also please tell what you include in your price?

DJJ asked on Apr 21, 2017

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Don’t bother with champion they are scam artists

Hi all, im thinking of building with CH in Leppington area. My land is yet to be registered. Went to see the saleperson and he was very nice. Any good suggestions to go ahead with them? All i can see here is people getting additional charges?Do they hit you with these charges because you change after the tender is signed? Every changes i require have been priced up. Thanks

Vera asked on Nov 05, 2016

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Champion Homes are a fantastic building company. I cannot fault them, they are professional, honest, open and act with integrity.

Remember, if no changes after Tender, your contract will be same as Tender. When you make changes after Tender or chose upgrades at colour centre or brick yard this will result in changes to your cost. Champion do not change prices, customers change selections, and this changes the price.

My understanding is Champion Homes do not typically control Land Registration, and delays in Land Registration may result in price changes - check your contract.

Lastly, I highly recommend Champion Homes as an outstanding first class home builder. However, it is my personal recommendation you (or any other person for that matter) meet with a Solicitor who specialises in property/construction law before entering into any contract with any builder. By getting independent, legal advice you will have a legal professional explain to you what you are legally committing to when entering into a construction contract.

Hi Deano, thank you for your answer. When did you build your home?

Vera, we are still under construction. I have had no issues with Champion homes. Champion are professional in their dealings with me. I have dealt with various different people at Champion without issue. I have a few friends who have also built with Champion - all of us have been and are very happy! The Champion contract is fairly standard and without complexity. Delays typically happen when the customer makes changes after sign off of the internal/external color selection process.Simply put your price changes and delays happen if you as the customer make changes. Of course sometimes things happen that are not perfect, but if you engage Champion they fix the problem. When I read the negative comments it seems strange to me, I have had no issues with Champion. why would they give me special treatment, they would not. Champion are solid professional builders, simple!

Thanks Joe. We've decided to go with another builder.

Dont pick them because they have no idea of site where they build. they tell you that they can build cheap later they keep sending you bills despite of fixed contract and give you excuses that this is required to be done. all i know is they have no idea at all.

A lot of these reviews are saying that you can expect additional costs of between $20 and $60K above tender price. What additional costs should I beware of?

Marmalade Kate asked on Sep 14, 2016

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Some possible Contract Adjustments and Variations could include:
* handling (i.e if material is delivered to the front of site, and needs to be moved to the back by crane etc)
* traffic management
* Any engineering requirements (this includes drawings etc and then the materials that the engineer indicates)
* soil removal (they underestimate this)
* driveway allowance (again they underestimate, then sting you for the extra PLUS builders margin on the ENTIRE cost)
* On site detention, again will underestimate the cost of works, charge you the extra plus builders margin on the entire price.
* Council fees and works that we didn't know we'd need that they didn't bring to our attention were omitted from the quote
* 3.75% fee if your start is delayed (don't blindly believe the sales person when they tell you this won't possibly affect your build, it's often another income stream).
* Pay very close attention to the supplementary terms and conditions that alter, superceed or replace clauses in the standard HIA contract. These are very dangerous items and grossly favour the builder.
* The Contract lists what IS included, but not what ISN'T included. Those items can rack up believe me.
You may also need long term therapy to get over the trauma of building with this company. No blue sky here.

What do you mean they did not have the plans until 2 months later?

martha smith asked on Aug 11, 2016

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They hold up the design process so then the140 days are expired and then you will get an increase.. When we finally finished building and I looked back you could see how the whole process is. The only way to stop the rot is do not build with them.

don't you any designs changes and local council approvals for building BEFORE agreeing to the build.. I understand you would have to pay for council fees and insurance for any public damages and for any changes to the building design to be paid up front as these would need to be they are putting in the time for alterations...
After the design of the home for the should be known before hand what filling or elevations will cost...and then the cost of building should be readjusted?
If this is not so.....I have myself questions if I would trust them...I was looking into them for building but I'm too old to go through hassles

why does champion homes takes so long in building one house and why is it before tender is presented the sales person does not explain everything unlike other builders and have to be put on a limbo between people working on the field and the ch office

peacemaker asked on Jul 17, 2016

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Thank you for your inquiry, however we will require further information to investigate your question. Please email with your job details and we will respond as soon as practicable.

I have the same question, and adding to that, I am just wondering why there are people who are still willing to work for this company?

I emailed customer care but came back and failed. With bob people still willing to work because they are part of these community who are good on their own way you do the maths maybe you could got a very good hint or answer

You are very right on all work adjustment they know how the system work which you can refuse and this is a warning to all dont believe the salespeople of ch . And if ever always consolt a solicitor for a black and white paper work

Can anyone please tell me if they have had a good experience with Champion Homes? Most of the reviews are about the 3.75% surcharge they are charging people. I'm looking to build in Kellyville and would love to hear from anyone who has built in the area with them. Also wondering if the homes themselves are finished well?

Sam asked on Mar 17, 2016

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Hi, my experience with Champion Homes was very satisfactory. They were very understanding and helpful. And the end result was of a great standard. I'm not sure about the 3.75% surcharge. I didn't incur that.

Can I ask where you built at? And what home design you built.
Thank you.

Please tell your friends and even your enemies not to built them. If you have paid deposit. Leave it you will save more money by going with other builder.

Read my experience would not recommend any one after my experience

Watch out for this builder! They will not treat you well and will likely attempt to charge you a whole lot more than the tender price! They are difficult to deal with and will not answer your e-mails. They are often rude and will hide behind their unfair contract wherever possible. I can honestly say that building with Champion Homes has put me off ever building a new house again.

Mate, I would not recommend CH at any cost simply because there is no customer service there and they do not look after their customer. I know several persons who had a bad experience with them, Few examples -

Delays in start of the construction
Making false impressions that there would be no price hikes
Sales guy promising a lot of things as standard which later turned out to be upgrades (i.e. pay money for them)
CH willing to entertain you after hours and happy to meet you late on the dsay or weekend but all this stops once you sign the contract - then it's strictly 9 to 5 Mon to Fri.
No regular updates during teh construction
Foreman/Supervisor not taking and not returning you calls
Surprise price rise like 3.75% many were charged for delay in construction (which a customer has no control over BTW)

Personally I would not go near them.

Good luck

My experience with Champion Homes was great. I have a great home to live now and do not have any issues whatsoever. Customer service staffs were great and so was the building manager.
All my friends and family praise about how beautiful my house is and it surely stands out on the street.
I am a proud owner of Champion Homes house. They are simply the best. Great work.

Don't do it... All the negative reviews on here are 100% correct in my opinion and experience with this mob....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED....

I'm in the process of building my second duplex through CH. Both in the Sutherland area. I was recommended them by a friend. They've always looked after me & the building standard is as good as you can expect from any builder.

We built a Champion home 5 years ago in Oran Park and were very satisfied with the result.
We have read the reviews of the dissatisfied clients regarding an extra charge being placed on them due to their land not being registered on time.. that is not the fault of the builder. It does clearly state in most tender's that should the Tender period expire and the land not being registered when anticipated that additional charges can be incurred. Most builders have this in their tenders.
We have build a number of investment properties with other project builders and found Champion Homes to be the easiest builder to deal with. This extends from the office staff to the building Supervisor.
We definitely would have built our next investment with Champion Homes but were unable to secure the land in the area that we wanted.
Ian and Wendy

Please do not go w Champion homes at all.
We went w them n illegal extra fees after 4 months of construction.Poor supervisors, there sales person horrible big liar ,quality not Gud at all

In nut shell very very bad experience if u gng to built 1 st time.

Neverever build with champion homes they are very dishounest people , they always take too long too build your house and will always send amendments and will charge you more , you will regret for your whole life when you build with champion home , my sincere advise go and find someone else

That would be a big no! If you don't find yourself embroiled in a legal fight during the build (like us), looks like you will after (like lots of others on this site)! Legal, legal, legal! My advice is don't invite this trauma into your life. It's too short!

Ian & Wendy, just curious why after 5 years you're answering questions on this site defending issues other clients are having, some 5 years after your home was completed? Just seems a bit odd for someone to sit down and take the time to do that. Our home is also years old now, our issues with Champion were not related to the 3.75 increase issue, but a whole raft of others that have left us thoroughly traumatised. Would be great if you could let us all know what we could have done differently to have the smooth experience you had.

yes the way i look at it and been experiencing the building process on excuses and answers that are misleading and blaming supervisors, for not following up the supplier, and vice versa supervisors same as head office people , this is my 3rd house to be built so we know already how the builders work, those people who are thinking of building mention champion homes most probably one or two will give you an answer "we are different and we know the problem" so you will know they are very experience as well as the sales person of ch very experience on misleading


the whole family of my daughter and ex wife thinks that its only the slow process of building but now this is a warning to all who wants to build with CH number one liar is the salesperson go back to him he would answer i cant remember or no idea my daughter and ex-wife check with him very well as well as the staff from landcom or bunya council but now, you are on your own to answer for your self they are very good at that this is a warning to all home buyers never and never believe the salesperson, Henly homes before they call them a bad builder but champion homes is very different in all aspects, if you dont sign or agree they will increase the price as much as they can

Hey all, is this 3.75% price hike for things that you want to change after tender? Their sales people have been trained to be proper sales people. They know what to say. I don't know if they're telling the truth or not but very convincing. CH don't seem to have the long list of inclusions like the other builders have.

I’ve ended up going with Clarendon Homes. House should be complete in the next 2 months.
Everything was fine except their build time takes a while.

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a copy of a promotion that was advertised with champion late 2014 that states you received 12 months in your tender for unregistered land?

Danni asked on Feb 11, 2016

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They have told me that they offer 9 months for free on unregistered land and at an extra 1% of the tender price they can offer 12 months. They have told me when I went there about 2-3 weeks ago.

Hi Danni

Just wondering where you built ?

Neverever build with champion homes they are very dishounest people , they always take too long too build your house and will always send amendments and will charge you more , you will regret for your whole life when you build with champion home , my sincere advise go and find someone else

Anyone who has built with Champion had to go and collect their keys from head office?

Baroutis1 asked on May 11, 2015

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Yes you have to.. You will get all the certificates related to the house and explanation at same time...

Has anyone ended a contract with Champion Homes prior to commencement of construction and what was the outcome?

Mary asked on Mar 03, 2015

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Stay away from champion homes...

I have already signed the contract but construction hasnt started. Do you know if ending the contract at this stage is possible? What is your experience with them?

I don't think you can without losing your deposit at the least, and perhaps have to pay a penalty, which the way their Contracts are crafted, I imagine would mean serious dollars. We found ourselves embroiled in a cost escalation nightmare, due to some biased clauses and intentionally omitted large items from the Contract. Admittedly we should have had a Solicitor, maybe a Barrister, make that Queens Counsel, look over our Contract, but we're old school, trusting, and never believed it could get so out of hand. Our experience was utterly harrowing, and has put us off building for life. Good luck, my best advice is put everything in email and make it clear to your Building Supervisor that you wish to be notified of the detail and cost before the commencement of any Contract Adjustment or Variation works. I hated Friday afternoons, that seemed to be when you were hit with the next ominous Variation bill, always just in time to spoil your weekends.

@sleeplessInSydney. Did you finally build with them? Its too late for us to end the contract now because yes their contract is very complicated with alot of hidden clauses. We also didnt have a solicitor to review contract before signing. We also trusted them and didnt think we required a solicitor.

Hi Mary, yes we did. Most traumatic experience of my life. Our build was a disaster from start to finish. Have lost all trust for people and will for the rest of my life regret the 2 years of trauma we went through. It has totally taken all the shine of having a new home that's for sure. Ours remains unfinished because any spare money we had was quickly gobbled up by all the extras the contract allowed them to bill us for.
Contract Adjustments and Variations were a nightmare. We didn't realise just how much was not included in the Tender (we're not builders, so were not able to identify all the missing elements and the subsequent costs we were going to be hit with via their very well worded contract). The whole thing was just one terrifying spiral. Only communication we ever got was demanding more money, not once were we invited to walk through, given a progress update etc, forget about any good news etc. I felt in the end it was just one big cruel game, lots of legal muscle flexing from them.
Like others here, we ended up in Fair Trading. Again, just our experience. I've had friends build with other company's and their biggest drama was the tiles they wanted that they saw in the display weren't available. Their hair curls when I tell them of our experience. I see this is a few months old now, I really hope things are going well for you and everything is going smoothly. Keep positive and on your dark days just keep reminding yourself it will end!

@SleeplessInSydney I think we are in the same situation right now. They are asking us to pay the 3.75% penalty now that we are in the final stages of the construction! Why just now? Why didn't they notify us right before commencement of construction that we exceeded the 140days fixed price, so we can still include the excess in our loan and manage our budget? How did you go with Fair Trading?

Mary how did your build end up. Did you have any problems or additional charges etc

Sorry guys i hadnt seen these answers. Yes we ended up building with them after losing more than a thousand on solicitors who adviseed it wasnt easy to get out.
We ended up paying 30K extra from tender price but wity no upgrades to material. We still have sleepless nights from the trauma and the pain they put us through. Our construction is not yet complete but they took away our dream of the new home from us...not looking forward to moving in as everything in the house will remind me of the heart ache and stress champion homes put us through.

Hi Mary, just wondering where you are building and have you moved in? We are starting to look at builders now and after reading some reviews are scared to deal with Champion Homes. Can I ask for what grounds did they charge you an extra $30k with no upgrades? Did you change some designs of the house after the tender was drawn?

Sorry, I'm asking because we love the design of the Toscano house and are very close to getting a tender drawn up. My friend is currently building with them and his tender was at $320k and after all upgrades and changes ended up coming in at $384k. He had been happy with everything until the other day received a letter stating that he has to pay an additional $10k because the house took longer than the 140 days from tender to construction. He has spoken with the owner of Champion Homes and he advised him that he done everything as they told him and he shouldn't be held liable... But it's in their contact so he has to pay.

Pls think twice before signing a contract with Champion homes. Their approach is unethical and unprofessional. We are still suffering a lot.

Hi MDR, why was your house delayed for such a long time? Isn't it their contract that a 32 week time frame is the usual construction time? Were you also hit up with any additional costs that should have not been charged?
What home did you build and where? We haven't signed yet but we will need to sign by no later than Feb or March next year so our house will start. We have looked at a lot of other designs but still love the Toscano design and feel it would suit us best. Please let me know why you had such a hard time building.
Thank you and hope things run more smoothly from now on for you.

Hi all,

Just wanted to see at what stages are ur builds at and where you are building?
About 4 families have been hit with this 3.75% increase in the estate I puchased in.
We were all told false information at time of contract signing.
The issue we are now facing is where to go and what best to do as our homes are all delayed right now.

Contract stipulated 26 weeks for single level home to be completed and 34 for two level.

Our neighbours who built with another builder is already in their home since November so realistically the home build should be done by mid Feb. However this is far from the case.

Any news or information would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Lee, I'm always hoping to hear from anyone. Our land registration has been taken back so I now don't need to have a tender in place until June. Which will give me some more time to decide on a builder... I only see negative reviews on here. Just wondering if anyone has had a good experience with this company


If you decide on this builder then make sure you get a lawyer to look at the contract and make sure you make any changes or request before the tender is signed.

go into it with your eyes wide open.

I wish you Luck.

Thanks Lee,
All my brothers have built their own houses. One with Clarendon and the other with Metricon. Clarendon charged him nearly $50000 once the tender was drawn because he made a lot of changes and I think that's how they get a lot of people. I will get the tender drawn up with everything I want changed so hopefully won't be hit with any ridiculous charges. I've asked a few people and they are all quite happy with their houses through Champion but most of them have been hit with additional charges. I will definitely have someone look over the contract before we sign the building contract. Thanks again.

Neverever build with champion homes they are very dishounest people , they always take too long too build your house and will always send amendments and will charge you more , you will regret for your whole life when you build with champion home , my sincere advise go and find someone else


Got my free tender and wanting to sign however I have read a lot of neg comment or comments removed, I'm now worried I pay the $6,000 and then be left with price increases etc. So my question is anyone who had there house built was there much additional charges, as I do have a small family and want this to be our dream home - looking at the Toscano 17m frontage

New home st Clair asked on Nov 23, 2013

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always hard to tell because there is always fine print small print at some places which you have to look out for. But I will avoid this company at all cost - they don't seem to care about their customers and there is no communications at all in my case.

I would allow a minimum of 25% on top of the tender price that they quote you.

you have been warned

Thank you I didn't end up going with them :)

I wish I had some reviews before I went with them. They ripped us off big time.

I am about to sign a contract with Champion Homes to build in BUNYA so can you please advise about their inclusions in Bunya

SAVI asked on Oct 02, 2013

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It seems that the one who writes the negative breed back is the same person,you could tell that from the way of writing,spelling,etc.
May be,they had a bad experience,but you need to do your own homework,shop around,then decide.
This is the way which I'm doing right now.
All the best

I am about to sign a contract with Champion Homes to build at Oran Park , Its a land & package deal . I went to my solicitor last week for him to look over the contract, where he found little hidden things like the 3.75% charge if building isn't commenced with 140 days of signing the contract, and since the land is supposed to be Registered not until July. This is a worry if their is any delay in the registration of the land . Also they don't including the connection of the water & sewage in the tender price and that is a extra cost . I thought when you build a house that included the water connection . I would love to hear from any body that can inform me of their build experience with Champion Homes and what little hidden costs they had especially anyone in Oran Park Thanks

Narf asked on Apr 14, 2013

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The best advice I as well as 90% of people who have commented here is to forget champion and go to another builder in Oran Park like Masterton,Eden Brae or Wisdom.

Answer removed for inappropriate content.

I had a bad experience with them and lost my deposit. I found about these hidden thinks and they reluctantly change the contract then I found that a big item ($20,000) which suppose to be included in the contract as it is in the tender, they excluded which make me pull out and loose the deposit. I could not trust them.

Be prepared to pay up to 25% more on the build. agree with GB1972 and go elsewhere!

Hi Narf,

I think I m in same situation now what u have mentioned in ur question. I want to know what you actually end-up with...? Did they charge u anything extra. I made same mistake by signing the tender. I don't know what will happen because my contract also have 3.75% charge if building isn't commenced with 140 days of signing the contract. Sales person at champion homes that it's fixed price and asking me to trust on her !!!!!!!..................?

Tender Advicer I would like to know at what stage did you pull out of the contract to lose ur deposit? apparently they can sue you for loss of profit if you pull out of the contract. is that right?

For those who have build with Champion homes? Can you please advise if the tender fee paid is deducted from the actual contruction price? We are in the process of building and our broker has seen the building contract and she has questioned that about the total contruction price on it, being different to what was stated on the Tender amendment? As it the tender fee has been deducted from the actual construction cost.

Cherice49 asked on Dec 19, 2012

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Hi Cherice49,

We had the same issue that your broker is referring to. I had my solicitor also look over the two documents to ensure consistency. The tender document will not remove the tender fee from the total construction cost. Champion remove the tender fee from the construction contract price. However, it is specified within both the tender and contract documents that each document is interdependent . That is the construction document must be read in conjunction with the tender document and tender amendments. This includes the tender fee paid. I know this seems illogical and I agree with you, however it is legal and unfortunately champion will not change this process. You need to ensure that your bank reads both documents and I recommend you send your bank the tender fee receipt as well.

yes, tender fee removed from construction price. In our case, we got the loan based on the price given in the contract....

It is wrong and could be arguable in land and environment court. They do it so they reduce the cost of the home warranty and they don't give the home warranty insurance when you sign the contract because you did not pay a deposit and the payment you made was for the tender. It is illegal but they do it legally since they have not revived any deposit on signing the contract. Don't go with them

I am seriously looking for a builder and after hearing their ad on 2gb, i decided to check out the web site. My only question is how do they continue operating with so many negative coments?

langara asked on Nov 24, 2012

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I don't know, 60% of my estate is champion homes. My neighbors and myself haven't had any issues what so ever, and and small issues I had were fixed without hesitation.

There was issues in the past, but that was over 10 years ago.

I wouldn't trust all the negative feedback. Lots of consumers expect too much.i know for fact they built over 350 houses last year. That's a good number if you ask me.

I think that there is always more negative feedback than good feedback for builders. I have found champion homes have been reasonable so far but we haven't started building yet. Many negative feedback for champion stems from their previous owners and managers prior to 2005. I think you need to do what's best for you. I have found that champion homes are better in estates than already established areas as they have more competition. Hope that helps.

Toscano's response in relation to champion only being good for new areas seems to be correct as our experience as well as others in established areas has been disastrous!i would run away as quick as you can if you are doing a knock down rebuild!

hi, i'm building with champion homes at 'The Ponds' and my process is going so far very well.....

A number of reviews on Champion Homes have been removed as the reviewers wished to retract their comments due to receiving threats of legal action from Champion Homes.

Hi ,
I am about to sign a contract with Champion Homes for a Land and Home Package at Thornton, I would appreciate any feedback who have been through this process with Champion Homes.

Rob do not sign the contract unless you can afford a n additional 15% on top of the tender price