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I'm in the process of getting quotes for an in ground fibre glass pool, and obviously looking at systems including frehwater. Reading through the reviews I am see the words 'copper' and 'silver'. The idea of the pool, and freshwater, is that I want my two dogs to use the pool as well as me, but I am now a tad concerned about them ingesting any copper. I assume the quantity is minimal, but it can amass over time. Is this likely to be a problem long term?

New Pool asked on Feb 09, 2018

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Thank you for your enquiry. Our recommended copper levels are 0.2 - 0.4 parts per million (ppm). Municipal drinking water supplies in Australia are allowed to include copper levels of 1.2 ppm, with some states as high as 2.0 ppm. At 0.2 ppm Enviroswim levels are 10% - 20% of drinking water maximum guideline levels and about a third of the level traditional pool ionisers use. A chemist suggested that an average adult would need to swallow 12 - 15 litres of our pool water daily to get the rdi of copper. Likewise the silver level is parts per billion and well below drinking water standards. Hope this helps. Please contact us on 1300888457 if you would like more details of our product testing conducted by a Government laboratory to the Health Departments protocol for the introduction of a new pool/spa sanitiser.

How much does it cost to convert a salt water pool to fresh water pool?

Jitendra Prasad asked on Jan 08, 2018

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Hi Jitendra, Thank you for your valued enquiry. The Enviroswim system cost is $3875 incl GST & delivery Australia wide. Installation cost is typically $100 - $200 depending on location and equipment accessibility, alternatively many clients install it themselves if they have basic handyman skills. video link here: www.enviroswim.com/how-to
In order to get the freshwater experience from the start we recommend diluting the salt water with 70-80% freshwater, if this is a problem and the salt levels are not too high you can dilute over time.

Thanks Enviroswim

Hello. Am considering a bestaway, plastic pool 4 x 2 meters with 8k litre capacity. I realise the pool only has a finite life, but it’s a cheap option to plunge and cool to see if a ‘proper pool’ will be worth the expense. I don’t want to use chlorine ie synthetically produced product or alternative that produces high level chlorine. Am on rural property and water source is (reeds and water chestnuts) dam water, or filtered rain water tank from concrete or food grade lined steel tanks, and sometimes heavy downpours. Could one of your systems work within these parameters? Any idea of ballpark costs? Thank you. Ane

Ane asked on Jan 07, 2018

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Hi Ane. I have one of these systems as a customer. Phil from Enviroswim, I am sure, will be pleased to answer your question. What I can tell you is what happened this past Christmas. I am in Queensland and the family likes WARM pool water. I mean 33 degree water so it is also heated (yes, I know, a 60,000 litre spa...). Then the family from overseas arrived as a surprise, so instead of the expected 6 people in the pool, we had 16 including 6 children who never left the pool and 2 dogs (usually after walking on the beach - so full of sand and salt). After a week, the water was looking slightly milky (as you would expect) and we all went down to Brisbane for New Year. Needless to say, the day we left, there was a terrific storm and a power outage which tripped the pump timer and so there was no filtration or sanitation for 5 days in a pool filled with leaves, palm fronds and grass. It looked horrendous when I returned. Fished out the solid materials, vacuumed the bottom and turned the Enviroswim system on and went to bed. The following morning the pool looked brand new, as if the day before, the water was crystal clear. The funny part was that the neighbours came over that next morning and said that they had spent $200 on chemicals to stabilise, buffer and sanitise the pool after the storm and the pool was now so full of chemicals that they did not want to swim so could they use our pool. Hope this helps you.

hi ane
i am the same as above only a happy customer im sure the enviroswim rep will be here to awnser your questions it sounds like you live in a tough enviorment tho water wise ...
all i can say i have sensitive skin due to some skingrafts that salt and chloring pools really make it itch no such probs with the enviro swim unit tho . maybe give them a quick call there super friendly over the phn .

cheers dean

Thank you for posting MM and Dean. I probably need to speak with Enviroswim directly, given the uniqueness of my set up.

Hi Ane, Thank you for your valued enquiry. Bottom line, yes, Enviroswim will work in your situation, we recommend the pool is filled from rainwater tanks if possible rather than the dam in order to start with the best possible source water and avoid possible staining of the liner from unknown minerals in the dam water. If you eventually decide to build a more permanent pool the system can easily be relocated. Please call us on 1300888457 and we can discuss in more detail.

Thanks Enviroswim

My pool keeps developing grey algae on the steps and surfaces. The chemical check is ok. The only thing that helps clear this is the acid. Can you please tell me what the problem is.thank you from Valerie dean

Val asked on Dec 08, 2017

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We have never had algea in the pool . The oxidiser is set to maximum of 15 and the copper reading maintained at 0.3 to 0.4 the system is running for 6 hours per day so maybe check your copper levels or increase the system run time ph should be around 7.3

Hi Val, thank you for your enquiry, we're not aware of grey algae. If the chemical check is OK it will not be high copper/silver levels so we would need more info to better assist with this. Please can you email your current test results to us at info@enviroswim.com and also a contact number if possible. We look forward to helping you resolve the issue.
The Enviroswim Team

Hi. I have a salt water pool and I am considering my chemical free pool options. Would I need to drain the pool and refill with fresh water, as from the information provided any salt in the pool will be converted into chlorine, which I want to eliminate. Thanks Violette

Violette asked on Sep 01, 2017

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Hi Violette, Yes, in order to get the freshwater benefits you will need to dilute the pool. If you can send us your current salt levels or total dissolved solids level (tds) we can better advise. Please email us these directly to info@enviroswim.com or call on 1300888457

Hi Violet you would need to have around 25% of the old water present as part of the process as a small amount of salt is required. You need to test this level once you do the change over to ensure the right balance. They provide test kits etc and it is an easy process. Ours has been a very successful change over with no issues since we converted and the water is balanced perfectly.

Hi Violette,

I basically emptied 2/3rds of my water just before the wet season (in Cairns) and let the rain do the rest.

Personally, the long term benefits (virtually no chloride, cheap to run, less chemicals) makes the original pain worth it.


Hi without giving away trade secrets, can you please specify what levels of silver is in the pool water ( as you have for copper), and other chemical composition, whether oxidation product or whatever. I think it is more than reasonable to know what environment we might be swimming in and potential for toxicity. Reassurance of government funding is not synonymous with "safe" . Impressive bacteria kill rates means that there is toxicity to bugs and therefore potentially humans. We know salt is innocuous in pool water and chlorine,whilst objectionable in many ways, has been around for a long time and therefore its safety record known (for better or worse). Cheers Samson

Samson asked on May 13, 2017

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Dear Samson,

We believe we have made it clear what we will and won’t discuss on a public platform. Years of research and development has gone into Enviroswim, competitions can do the same and work it out for theirselves.

What we can confirm is that the silver levels are less than than the World Health Organisation and EPA’s non - enforceable recommendation for silver levels in drinking water of 0.01 mg/L for a lifetime exposure to drinking water. Please refer to this link www.wqa.org/Portals/0/Technical/Technical%20Fact%20Sheets/2015_Silver.pdf

Most bathers do not drink copious amounts of pool water but even if they did drink it over their lifetime, there are no known health concerns or limits for residual levels of silver in drinking water.

Traditional copper/silver ionisation systems are well documented. Enviroswim copper and silver residuals are much lower than a common pool ioniser.

It should also be noted that the government funding was used to have the system tested to NSW Health Departments protocol for the introduction of a new sanitiser (adopted by other states) where it proved to be far more effective than chlorine. In addition, similar tests were conducted in the USA for our US customers by NSF International which resulted in certification as a complete sand alone sanitised system. We don’t know of another Australian system or manufacturer who has conducted any efficacy/toxicity tests to provide these customer assurances. There is no requirement for this type of approval other than electrical safety certification. In addition, Enviroswim’s copper/silver electrodes are registered and approved with the government body responsible for the approval of pool chemicals.

If you require more information please contact our office. We have other doctors who are now happy Enviroswim customers.

Thank You


Hi, Q1 Does the ORP generator produce chlorine as an oxidiser, other oxidisers (if so, what?); or do tests produce a *false reading* for chlorine when using the ORP? NB This is a separate issue to some chlorine inevitably being produced by electrolysis if some NaCl (salt) happens to be in the pool water. Q2 Is the Enviroswim system compatible with fiberglass pools, cartridge vs sand filters Q3 Can Magnesium salts be added if desired and will this produce chlorine? Q4 The safe levels of copper have been discussed, what about silver ions? Q5 what is the comparartive cost to a conventional salt water system? Cheers and many thanks Samson

Samson asked on Apr 23, 2017

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Hi Samson,

Thank you for your enquiry.

A. Unfortunately, we do not reveal or discuss our patented IP, what we can say is that our innovative technology qualified for Federal Government funding to help develop and commercialise the Enviroswim system. In government laboratory testing to NSW Health's Department protocol for the introduction of a new sanitiser, the bacteria kill rate that Enviroswim was able to achieve in thirty seconds took chlorine nearly fifteen minutes to do the same during back to back lab testing.

A good analogy we have used in the past is;

"If a drag car can do a 1/4 mile in 8 seconds you don't have to see under the bonnet to prove that it can do it!"

In regard to chlorine production there is a small amount of chlorine produced due to a low amount of chloride reacting with the electrolysis process of the water, as mentioned on our websites FAQ page.

A. Yes, Enviroswim is suitable for Fibreglass pools. We supply most of the major fibreglass pool suppliers in Australia. It works with both cartridge and sand filters. We have heard of some customers using Magnesium salts with no reports of problems however these salts were no used during our independent certifications and testing. Magnesium salts will certainly produce chlorine, in fact Magnesium pool systems are 100% chlorine sanitation. The salt level in an Enviroswim pool is so low that whatever salt is used will have minimal effect in the overall efficacy of the sanitiser. A salt chlorinator would not work at the residual salt levels used in the Enviroswim freshwater system.

Q3 The silver levels are well within drinking water standards.

Q4 The comparative costs are discussed on our website. Every pool is different when it comes to operating costs depending on bather load, environmental conditions and surroundings. A quick look at the testimonials page will highlight the overall savings most owners see when changing to Enviroswim.

Thanks Enviroswim

Hi and thanks for the feedback.

I would stress I am not after patented secrets. I am interested as a potential customer. A doctor by background I had to study organic chemistry but spent most of my time playing billiards (organic chemistry is boring ;-) ). Oxidation/ reduction relates to electrons transferred bewteen molecules so presumably this somehow produces an oxidation product that acts as a sanitizer. As a doctor and a potential customer I want to know what I am bathing in, its just that simple. I accept that it kills bugs but that is not the question.

Re silver levels can you specify those levels?

I am guessing the upfront costs are likely more expensive but the longer term savings will compensate. Is that a fair assessment?


Hi I have the same question, for the same reasons. I have a new 60 M³ pool in France and wish to minimise chemicals in the water compatible with rasonable protection. (I am also a Dr. so have some understanding of organic chemistry). Since your system is patented around the world you should be able to answer these basic questions.

Hi There Have the enviroswim system and love swimming in what seems like fresh water with a minimal amount of Chlorine. We are however experiencing black staining on the glass pool Interior jewels for Pools. We have had the water tested and added a few chemicals recommended by our pool contractors but the staining is still there. The water looks and feels fantastic but would be really appreciative if anyone has any ideas or come across a resolution to this issue?

Swarzebear asked on Apr 20, 2017

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Hi Swarzebear, If you can call us 1300888457 or send a contact number to info@enviroswim.com we would be happy to help. All pools are susceptible to staining and most pool shops stock a selection of stain removers but the first call is to try and identify the stain origin.

Thanks, Will Email the Info@enviroswim email address

Hi, Q1 Re your quote "A chlorine test also tests the redox of the water and an electronic orp metres test the orp (oxygen reduction potential) of the water as we highlight in the manual. ...etc." Are you saying that the ORP generator :does or does not produce chlorine as an oxidiser, some mixture of chlorine and other oxidisers (if so, what?); or that tests produce a *false reading* for chlorine? NB This is a separate issue to some chlorine inadvertently but inevitably being produced by electrolysis if some NaCl (salt) happens to be in the pool water. Q2 Is the Enviroswim system compatible with fiberglass pools, cartridge vs media filters Q3 Can Magnesium salts be added if desired and will this produce chlorine Q4 The safe levels of copper have been given and referenced, what about silver ions? Q5 what is the comparartive cost to a conventional salt water system? Cheers and many thanks Samson

Samson asked on Apr 11, 2017

We are looking to put a pool in during this winter in Sydney. So the question is Enviroswim or Magnapool and why. ??? Tim

Tim asked on Mar 05, 2017

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Can't speak for Magna Pool, but my Enviroswim pool does what the website says. In colder climates, I believe you can run the pump for less time or on a lower setting due to the algacide being copper, which stays in the pool for a while. This means it may be even cheaper to run down there then up in Cairns.

i had heard the opposite - that enviroswim works better in places like qld where the temperatures are quite constant. does anyone with enviroswim live in Vic?

morss asked on Mar 01, 2017

Hi. I'm in the process researching the enrivoswim system for new pool I'm considering. Like with most things everyone has an opinion. A local pool shop was telling me that this system is "better suited" for the nsw and Victorian climates over the QLD(brisbane). Can anyone confirm or deny?

Marksad asked on Jan 28, 2017

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I really can't answer that question but I'm in Brisbane and no real problems with my system. Also the company headquarters are in Qld at Nerang so ???

Thanks Noel. Could I give you a call to discuss your system? Thanks Adrian

Hi Mark,

Contrary to what the pool shop told you, the Enviroswim system copes better than chlorine in hotter climates. Unlike chlorine, which is a gas that escapes to the atmosphere faster, the hotter the conditions, the ions used in the Enviroswim do not evaporate and are not effected by heat.

Enviroswim's pilot testing was conducted in Arizona where ambient temperatures commonly reach the mid 40's C and had no trouble coping with the hot conditions. Enviroswim is sold and operating in far warmer places than Brisbane example Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, ....and locally FNQ and Darwin.

Some pool shops are not up to speed on Enviroswim and believe it is a pool ioniser rather than a complete patented stand alone sanitising system. Keep in mind that Pool shops derive an income from selling chemicals, Enviroswim derives an income by minimising chemicals.

Although I don't own an Enviroswim, a family member does, and is very happy with it!, (and we own a pool with an ioniser which I bought in the USofA.) I'd never go back to a pure chlorine pool whether salt or otherwise chlorinated. Whilst both our pool and an Enviroswim managed pool need a very small amount of chlorine, the level is very low, nothing remotely like that of a pure Chlorine pool.

Pool shops virtually all HATE these things, as they make bags of money out of selling you chemicals. My advice would be to walk away when pool shops say how bad theses things are!

They're only bad for the pool shop, not the pool owner.