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Hi, I want to return the parcel to the seller. What is your return policy?

Bon asked on Oct 15, 2018

I have one stuff from eBay and seller already send that parcel through fastway courier but I need to change the address details. So what can I do?

Priya asked on Sep 15, 2018

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I suggest you call fastway courier.

Does Fastway also deliver into parcel lockers in Sydney CBD and if yes, where are they located? Paul M

Paul asked on Aug 29, 2018

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No they don't. I am still waiting for a delivery which has been in limbo for over a week, because they took on a delivery which was very clearly addressed to an Australia Post parcel locker. I am now in dispute with the business who claims to provide Australia Post as a shipping option, but used Fastway instead for my order. Fastway is just as pathetic - they accepted a delivery to an address that they refuse to deliver to. Never ever do business with them.

What does Failed Delivery - Remove mis-grouped parcel mean? I had a delivery due today and this is the status. We have been home all day, no card left, what is going on please

Dijenko asked on Aug 28, 2018

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try contacting "Fastway" if they can help good luck! If not, post it on line, we were going away, but lost 3 days to travel & relax. Wasn't driving 600k's for 1 or 2 days. Their return call answer is yet to arrive.
Good luck,
old John.

hi fastway ,i still waiting my Parcel ,my lable Number :BN1001369182 7Aug arrived melbourne until now i didn't receive my parcel,and I pay extra money to change address put the date 21Aug then they didn’t sending me the date ! how can i do ?

Chee Yong Teoh asked on Aug 24, 2018

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good luck mate I put in a 3 inquires regarding 3 separate parcels that are overdue by more than a week no reply after 1 day
I think there there complaints and queries department have that many complaints they cant reply to them all
either that or that department is slower than there delivery service

I got a tracking number of eBay for a parcel 2X1003082140 but it’s not updating yet what’s going on??

Muzzie1993 asked on Aug 24, 2018

Why are the customer service people at Fastway so rude?

Greendjh asked on Aug 10, 2018

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go to their depots at 6am and you will c y!!!!!!

really really want to ask : how come it takes 3 days 4days from west of melbourne to southeast melbourne!

lliu asked on Aug 08, 2018

Hi! Our parcel was supposed to be delivered on 24/7 but nobody was home. They left a sorry we missed you card but now I cant track my parcel, have both called and emailed multiple times and nobody has an answer as to where it is. I would just like to know where my parcel is and pick up my parcel please. Ashley.

Ashley S asked on Aug 02, 2018

I don't know how to lodge a complaint specifically against a driver of Fastway. We purchase many goods from our supplier for our business and have never had a problem until the last 4 months. This driver leaves the parcel at the door then jumps in his truck, screeches out the driveway and up the street. He leaves large black marks on our drivway every time. I am home and never make it out to him to discuss this and i see him flying up the street. These marks take over an hr of metho and scrubbing and do not come off. He is making our driveway a mess. We have now installed cameras and i have the footage but have nobody to direct my complaint to. The supplier has complained about this driver to no avail. Please help!!!

Chant asked on Jul 31, 2018

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If you read through the responses from Fastway
Everyone is written by Joshua and they all follow the same script
I don’t expect to see any change in Fastways performance going forward as there doesn’t appear to be any quality assurance or service in place to ensure these issue stop happening

If you can use an alternative, I suggest you go with them, these guys will continue to let you down

I tried to make a complaint as well. Not surprisingly there is no way to do this either by phone or by email. I guess it makes sense as if they had a Complaints Line it would be ringing off the hook.
I note they have a 'cut and paste' reply from "Joshua". I'm betting Joshua doesn't exist.

How can a delivery status be ‘on board for delivery’ three days in a row and still not arrive?

Simon L asked on Jul 19, 2018

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Hi Simon,
This certainly should not be happening.
If you could please private message e with your label number, I will be more than happy to look into this further.

Kind regards,

they lie about onboard for delivery, I have the same issue, they are not to be trusted

Hi, what are the different statuses that you get when using fastway tracking. My order was shipped on the 14/6 and is still sitting on 'Your order has been lodged with Fastway', which it has been like that for more than 10 days now. After contacting Fastway they say that they have 7-10 business days to deliver the package, but if it still is not in transit yet, how is that a possibility? The tracking number is BN1001084060 and it is being sent to Perth.

TLF asked on Jun 25, 2018

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Chances are it has been given to a third party delivery service to complete the delivery e.g Australia Post. The changeover and the fact that Aust Post don't consider the parcels as highly as their own means a slow delivery and no tracking. You can however contact your local depot and they should be able to provide you with tracking for your parcel with Aust Post and an ETA.

It's an absolute joke. I ordered off EBay and they "apparently" tried to deliver the package and then I get left a card. I tried to find out depot address to no avail. Got told I have to pay money to redirect etc. Then it said would be delivered 2 days later....nope!! Nopw a whole week waiting for something I really needed by the weekend after a week! What a joke this company is. Reviews speak volumes.

Our Urgent parcel was picked up by "Fastway" in NSW on 17th of May for delivery 3 days later in South Aust. It still hasn't arrived and tracking indicates it left Sydney went straight through Adelaide and ended up in Perth. Then left Perth back past Adelaide and back to Sydney. They now indicate that it won't be here until June 4th? Having read many of the reviews on this company it seems that no one takes any responsibility for service delivery issues: My Question: How do we get a contact to those supposedly in charge of this Fastway!! Company to give them some customer satisfaction report, and let them know that we will never deal with them again?

Ash asked on May 30, 2018

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I would recommend to call them; however, the communication of this company is poor and they are adept at spinning lies
In the future - I would highly recommend you use a different courier company
I'm actually surprised this courier company is still going

I would highly recommend not to take the other answers advice - try dealing directly with the company and if all else fails : feel free to contact the australian consumers assistance commission ( accc for short )

Thanks Guys for the info:
Our parcel finally arrived.

Hi i got an email that Fastway delivered my item in safe place But i can not find it anywhere... Did they even drop it off to my place? Where was safe place that you guys delivered???, There is no way to find it out.. QV0001979096 is tracking number Can you please give me the details...

Alex asked on May 24, 2018

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This is a lie - they've done to me on more than one previous occasion - I would recommend you contact the sneaky fastway company to check out where your delivery actually is but, you have 2 options after 2 or 3 days
1) collect the package from the local area depot
2) have them actually deliver it

Call [Name and Contact Number Removed] He’s presently on holiday in Croatia, but he’s the only person I have got anything like a useful response out of. Still no delivery date of course (two weeks down the track) but at least he had the decency to call me back after I sent him a few emails ([Email Removed]). Cheers, Adam.

Do you accept payment in iTunes cards for international shipping?

Betha asked on May 23, 2018

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I would highly recommend not to use this sneaky, dishonest, company - they seem to be compulsive gamblers with other peoples property and liars - instead I would instead recommend another courier company such as federal express - especially for international shipping purposes

On tuesday second of may i received and email saying my parcel had arrived but it had failed delivery no note has been left on premises should i be worried? Ref number: ZZ0000951287

Jayden Flanagan asked on May 02, 2018

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Fastway apparently leave no notes, if they call with a delivery, and no-one is home. Your tracking number on their website should give you some information, but the information provided is non-specific, and is generally pretty useless.

Where is my parcel (QH0000885053)? You say you've delivered it, to who? I was home, it's not my signature on the delivery, where is it then? I have paid for the contents and for you to deliver it to me.

BTD asked on May 02, 2018

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I'd say it will never arrive, one of their pinchy couriers has probably stolen it, and its now his.

Don't ever expect if it is from fastway! I am so sick of their service. Let's help each other to pull this business out in town. Very disgraceful. We could actually report it to Ombudsman or Current Affair to investigate. Let's ask for petition to take this business out. This is not fair, they opened my parcels and maybe checked what's inside and falsified deliveries. Left parcels unattended outside without ringing my doorbell or knock my door to let me know I have parcels. I'm always home and have a high tech door bell with camera all over the place. They are untrustworthy!

Look, this is getting ridiculous. One month an no parcel. Where is it? 31107468490 After two weeks I asked your call centre if I could pick it up and even sent in a form from your website asking where it was and no response! I want my parcel, I spent a lot of money on it. I've tried calling your so called Sydney number but it goes to an overseas call centre and all they can do it "see" the problem and report it, they can't even get the correct suburb down. Tried calling the couriers but it either rings out or I get given the run around. Can't even find a number to call for my local depot as the only number you have goes to the useless call centre. I'm the one that's having to chase this and there is no response back. All I want to know is: Where is it so that I can pick the damn thing up?

Roxanne asked on Apr 30, 2018

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Hi Roxanne
I'm in the same boat, my package arrived at their sydney depot on the 8th and the track page said parcel on board, I've waited in for days, i rang them 4 times and got no info, i also emailed the supplier at eBay and told them i wouldn't buy anything else off them unless they changed the courier company, if we all do that they would have to switch couriers as they wouldn't like to lose business, I'm only 30km from the depot and I'm still waiting on their awful service.

Hey guys, let's support each other and report this business! Business like this shouldn't be operating. I am so sick of lies, greedy business company/people who does not care about customers. For more than 3k of customers experiencing the same services and treatment, surely this is not right. Let's stand up for our rights as consumers and customers. We can't let this people do what they do, let's do something before more customers will be affected by this poor service. Surely, we can't let people like them keep doing what is not right!!!

I got the fair trade commission in on this and once they got involved, I ended up getting my package within a few hours. It's really bad when you have to go through these sorts of measures just to get something that you've paid for.

Hi, I’ve been waiting for over a week for my parcel to be delivered. I got a text yesterday from the courier stating my parcel was left at my letterbox at 10.02am. I’ve came home from work and can’t locate my parcel anywhere, I check the neighbors and it’s not there either. I’m greatly conceded as I’m unable to get through to the queenstown fastway team! I need answers as to what’s happened to my parcel. Text received - Dear Valued Customer, your aramex shipment Number 31651272704 has been delivered on 04/24/18at 10:04to Delivered - Left In Any help?

Lisa M asked on Apr 25, 2018

I found a card on my door mat advising the courier tried to deliver a parcel. I was in at the time and have a dog but neither of us heard a knock! But that's fine, I tracked where my parcel was being left so that I could collect it and went there the following day only to be told they have no such parcel on the premises. The people working in the shop spent a lot of time looking for me by the tracker number, my name and another number written on the card but to no avail. I sent an email to you asking for help but as yet not received a reply. Please advise where my parcel is? My parcel tracker number is CCA1000836925. I am extremely concerned after reading all the previous negative comments.

Morgs asked on Apr 13, 2018

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Hi Morgs,

Sincere apologies for your delayed parcel.

Have you been in touch with anyone from the depot since to fix the issue?

If not, please let me know so I can escalate this with the depot.


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