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I have ordered a package online from Sydney on the 18th December. It was dispatched he following day, the 19 DEC. I was given a tracking number with fastways to follow, now it's the 5th and I still haven't received anything at all and my tracking status is delivered and signed for by OHF in Geelong. When my order was supposed to be shipped to GRANTVILLE Victoria. I have no idea what is going on and have left several messages and emails. Still nothing back what do uni do from here ?

Crystal asked on Jan 02, 2018

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Hi Crystal, thank you for getting in touch. I am very sorry to hear of the delay in your delivery, the poor service and lack of communication you have received is not acceptable. I would like to resolve this for you as soon as possible, can you please provide your tracking number and if you haven't already please complete our online form to expedite your inquiry within our system - Emma

Thankyou so much for the quick response.
My tracking number is WZ0000256102. I look forward to receiving my package A.S.A.P, and having a great review for your team at fastways yet again and not be left in this predicament.
Kind regards

Hi Crystal, I hope they can help you. I left messages and no one returned my call, I ended up just going to the depot. The lady was nice once I arrived.

Good luck, my parcel was arrived Australia on 11 Dec but i am still waiting, their customer service knows nothing and can not provide and local contact number, i am thinking whether i can lodge a complaint with fair trading or some other department

Hi Crystal, apologies for the delayed response, Product Review does not notify me of any comments on Questions. I have looked at your tracking information for WZ0000256102 and it was onforwarded to another courier company on the 29/12/2017. Fastway Geelong contacted the onforwarded company who advised that the delivery would be made on the 3/1/18. Can you confirm if you received your delivery? If not, please let me know so I can further investigate - Emma

Hi i received an email this morning saying that my parcel will be delivered today. I waited until 5.30 pm then tried contacting the courier my call was rejected so i left a 10 second message, still have no package or even an explanation. Do fastway even deliver on weekends? Has the driver taken my package home?. I wasted my day sitting around for you guys to not bother showing up when you said you would.

Pissedoffatfastway asked on Dec 15, 2017

WHY is it Fastway won't supply local phone numbers and have ALL local numbers to speak to someone LOCAL instead redirected through the Philippines. Who in turn won't give you AUSTRALIAN contact or supervisor contact???

prsav asked on Sep 29, 2017

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I have had another bad experience today from this company and you are correct the call centre is in the Philippines and you have no hope in getting any satisfaction from this company, both occasions the parcel had to be signed for. One parcel thrown over a 2 metre high fence contents damaged the second just left in our drive way in a storm content completely destroyed. I managed to get a Fast way drivers card while in town one day. Tried calling the landline no# on the card but again goes to Philippines. Tell your suppliers not to use this company as you will never get any recourse from this dodgy company. No# on card 07 3868 1144

Hi all that have had bad experience with fastways have u been able to speak to the managers having trouble with sydney fastways with a package that was meant to be picked up to be shipped 2 days ago which was arranged and paid for a week ago?

Anonymous customer asked on Sep 22, 2017

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The first time they made the same mistake eighter no shows or went to a wrong place, after 2 attempts to failed deliveries (the same problem!) when I bought from Grana, I called them many times, wasted huge times to this, a lady manager called me. Luckily the 3rd time another man delivered my parcel without any problem. That happened in earlier Aug. But they made the exactly same mistake again the 2nd time last week, even asked me to confirm my address which I did leave my CORRECT adress! Extremely unprofessional! Be aware of this terrible company, if you do online shopping, make sure ask your seller about the courier, if it's fastway, don't buy or ask the seller change to another good ones by sending this all terrible reviews link to the seller. My 1st seller Grana is a really great seller who immediately switched to DHL after my bad experience with this company as they believed it wasn't hold their stand of quality and excellent service should be given to their customers, & gave me compensation credit for the bad experience. But the fastway treated me badly the 2nd time regardless of their problem & unprofessional way of doing business! Compare to those people' parcels lost, I still felt that I was lucky to get my parcels. Absolutely the worst, Fastway not fast, with absolutely worst service! Ask your seller switch this courier forever, then they won't have any businesses!

I have had another bad experience today from this company and you are correct the call centre is in the Philippines and you have no hope in getting any satisfaction from this company, both occasions the parcel had to be signed for. One parcel thrown over a 2 metre high fence contents damaged the second just left in our drive way in a storm content completely destroyed. I managed to get a Fast way drivers card while in town one day. Tried calling the landline no# on the card but again goes to Philippines. Tell your suppliers not to use this company as you will never get any recourse from this dodgy company. No# on card 07 3868 1144

My update from Amazon advised me that my package was supposedly delivered to me this morning and yet I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANYTHING. Can you tell me what is happening on my package delivery? Let me know where I can send you tracking number on a private email. Thank you

John asked on Aug 22, 2017

How to contact to Canberra depot. I try by email and phone but got nothing????

Nguyễn N asked on Aug 11, 2017

my parcel is already 10 days with a status of "customs clearance" is that normal? considering that it is express shipping??

Danyy asked on Jul 29, 2017

I recently brought a pair of headphones off zumi, Anyway it said it was being sent from fastway, I checked the tracking it arrived here on Tuesday at 2.30 pm, I'm still YET to receive anything then i check the tracking (mind you I'm suppose to get email updates and I'm not) and it says this Unfortunately we're unable to deliver your parcel. We are currently assessing the issue and will be in contact with either the sender or receiver in the next day. What is this crap? it's in my town ready to be delivered what could be the issue? I'm not very happy..

mia asked on Jul 27, 2017

Hi i was supposed to receive a package on 07/07/2017 but they were "unfortunately unable to deliver. We are currently assessing the issue and will be in contact with either the sender or receiver in the next day". i also tracked it on ups and it said "Package is missing important information required for delivery". What kind of information u guys need? My track number is BB0000967575.

Dongchi asked on Jul 09, 2017

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Did you finally get your package? im having this same issue at the moment unable to deliver :/

We've attempted to deliver your parcel however no one was available. For your convenience we'll be dropping your parcel to your nearest Parcel Connect agent..i have ordered this parcel from super cheap auto..and i am. Ot sure what this mean...should i collect it from the closest cheap auto store??

Sam asked on Jun 28, 2017

Can Fastway make an overnight delivery from the Gold Coast to Brisbane, a one hour drive, in less than two days?

Jenny Y. asked on Apr 04, 2017

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Unfortunately I doubt they could. I would use another courier service even if it cost more. Avoid Fastway at all costs. Personal experience with them.

No chance, particularly if you are in the Benowa area. Karen the courier is too lazy too even answer her phone so you can't even get your items picked up.

A parcel to be delivered within melbourne took them 2 weeks. My advice go with someone else. Fastway is hopeless

No they are frigging hopeless they will deliver it when it suits them if your very lucky never had anything from them on time they never ring even though phone number is always on parcel most pathetic business I've dealt with and p**s poor excuses

You need to count yourself lucky if they deliver at all, let alone in a time frame.

Wondering if I will ever receive my parcel, or will I slowly die of boredom and starvation waiting at home for it to be delivered?

Emily asked on Mar 21, 2017

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You will go through the 5 stages of grief:
1. Denial: "Surely the Fastway courier is on his way. It's not like I've been waiting by the door for the past week, skipping meals and missing out on social events. I will definitely get my parcel any time now!"
3. Bargaining: "Dear God, please I'll never buy anything online again - please just let this last delivery come!"
4. Depression: "Is this my fault? I'm never trusting anyone again..."
5. Acceptance: "OK I'm never going to get my parcel. Time to go online to write a million bad reviews. *cracks knuckles*"

maaarl, I think you nailed it.

For what it's worth, I eventually received my parcel. I called the courier, who said he wasn't working that day, so I needed to contact the Fastway call centre to see when the 'relief driver' would be arriving. He assured me that he wrote "To be delivered 'am'" on the parcel, so it should arrive before midday, and I didn't need to worry that I wouldn't be able to leave the house with a sick baby. Oh, and if it couldn't be delivered that day, I could either have it redelivered another day that I would have to spend under house arrest, or I could drive 30 minutes in Sydney traffic to pick it up from the hellhole depot. After eight hours of pacing my hallway with a screaming baby, repeatedly calling the Fastway call centre and being stuck on hold for so long my bladder was bursting, my parcel arrived at 4.57pm. As promised, it did have 'am' scrawled on the postpak.

This was actually me today between 8-11am. Patiently waiting for my door bell to ring. I think I might just check my number and courier tracking. Oh, attempted delivery at 9.08am when I was sitting here waiting after cancelling my morning plans. Total waste of space company!

So where is my parcel?

kirbsta asked on Jan 23, 2017

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Thats what i would like to know to keeps telling me its in transit melbourne to perth must be comining by camel trai

Thats what i would like to know to keeps telling me its in transit melbourne to perth must be comining by camel trai

Can you refuse to accept a parcel from Fastway because it was delivered after being lost for some time?

eddie asked on Dec 08, 2016

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Yes and when it happened to me the supplier asked me to turn them away and advise the supplier when the parcel finally arrived - 15 days late!


Does anyone have any feedback on Fastway Hobart please?

Meggsie asked on Mar 18, 2014

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sorry no experience i am in FNQ

Don't take the risk. From what I have read here, there's a high turn over rate of couriers due to burn out. A good report here may be for someone who left ages ago.

Avoid Fastway at all costs unless you thrive on aggravation and are happy to run the risk of not receiving your parcel. Bottom line this company shouldn't even be in business they have such contempt for their customers. Management if you can get through to them are not interested period.

I believe the Fastways company usually isn't at fault but the independent driver. Just like any business they have lazy employees/contractors .

Probably a bit late.. but I would stay well away.. use anyone or anything but Fastway or Fastway Hobart.
Last parcel I had delivered (32 days from Queensland) by them was lost when the driver put it in a mailbox down the street (because he was clearly illiterate) and the person in question stole my items.. lucky PayPal insurance covered it..

Have had items before from Fastway Hobart - courier is nice enough, but the whole orginisation is a shambles that clearly can't be fixed

Just take everyone's advice Australia wide. AVOID AVOID AVOID.

I have had very good service--I am a regular customer and have found them courteous and professional, quite happy to entrust my valuable and fragile deliveries----never had an issue.

Never use this courier

Pretty useless when online tracking says it will be delivered today, then it doesn't show up until tomorrow morning, with the packages left at the laundry door instead of the main door which is quite obviously the main door because it has a doorbell on it. No attempt was made to bring the delivery to our attention by the driver. One of the packages required a signature and was marked not to be left unattended at the destination yet it was left outside for us with no attempt at getting a signature. Avoid Fastway at all costs.

It's June 2016, and Fastest STILL CANT get it right!! Overnight delivery scheduled for 18th.....STILL WAITNG for PARCEL to be delivered, 1 WEEK later!!!
So.....People.....STAY AWAY FROM FASTWAY!!!

It's June 2016, and Fastway STILL CANT get it right!! Overnight delivery scheduled for 18th.....STILL WAITNG for PARCEL to be delivered, 1 WEEK later!!!
So.....People.....STAY AWAY FROM FASTWAY!!!

Avoid at all costs, illiterate couriers, we live in a small street but the parcel was left at the wrong house, our number is very clearly displayed on our fence and street name signs intact. When we rang up to complain we were told that management do not discuss delivery issues with the couriers because the couriers are contractors. Never heard of a ( successful ) business that works like that! That tells me that Fastway don't actually care about the caliber of their contractors or the delivery experience their customers have. My advice use any one but Fastway. Maybe they need an " Under cover Boss" expose on their business model.

Can I pick up my item from their depot if they constantly not been able to deliver it??

Heidi asked on Jan 03, 2014

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Hello Heidi, yes you can, the depot is in Port Melbourne. In my experience this can be a hassle too as they often can't find the item even when you take the card along. On one occasion I went so many times with no luck that the franchise owner ended up personally delivering my parcel to me!

This is the preferred option for Farceway, they will quite often lie by claiming a delivery attempt was made.
Last parcel I had sent through them (which turned out to have been mis-delivered and stolen) proves this.. I rang the depot who claims that yes the driver did deliver it.. when I informed them that I was home all that day and had reviewed the security camera footage for the property and would be happy to bring it in to prove the driver in fact had not presented the customer service person hung up on me then and there.
This was all after a 32 day delivery time from Queensland to Hobart..

Their depot is closed on the weekend. Good luck.

I'm curious to know their reputation with the Department of Fair Trading. I searched their NSW website and there were no hits. Is there any way to find out?

Elwyn Chow asked on Sep 17, 2013

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I'm sorry but I don't know the answer to that question. I live in Queensland. Australia Post service is fantastic, but the little service I have had from couriers has been woeful, and I shudder when I know my package has been sent by courier.

FastWay Courier is a franchise so the service depends on the franchisee and their track record may vary from state to state- the problem is that there is no local courier in the Western suburbs of Brisbane for FastWay, so any delivery to this area is somewhat off the beaten track. I am not sure that my experience for instance would warrant me to make a complaint to Fair Trading- however,the supplier in Sydney who arranged the delivery with this courier has lost me as a customer. Certainly Australia Post would have been the better choice.

Best bet would be to call the Department of Fair Trading and ask. I am tempted to call QLD Fair Trading and let them know that I've just lost my 4th parcel from them, despite Fastway calling me up and promising me that it will "Definitely" be at my place by yesterday. Tracking number shows it's still awaiting collection and now when I call, they say "Sorry, can't help you, bye".

Things are looking terrible for me. Summary of my case: item purchased from ebay, seller used Fastway, Fastway claimed a guy signed for it on a day I was at work and can prove it; PayPal sided against me because the seller had proof he had hired someone to deliver it.
Dept of Fair Trading said something I knew: I can't claim against Fastway because I don't have a contract with them and need to go up against seller even though I lost my PayPal claim. Seller has already refused to refund me.

It has taken over 3 months but I have been reimbursed in PayPal credit after I made a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. PayPal made the offer of reimbursement but maintain they followed correct procedure in deciding in favour of the seller that chose and used Fastway.

It's tricky - as a business who has tried Fastway and now been left with a heap of useless labels and satchels, the Dept of Fair Trading here in WA don't want to know about it, as they only deal with individuals having issues with businesses - they won't deal with businesses that have been let down by other businesses. I have been informed that the only matter of recourse is to go to the magistrates court... So that is probably why there is nothing showing up about them - us businesses can't report them there. :(

Pity Fair trading and their various interstate counterparts won't intervene. Largely explains why this company continues it's questionable existence.

There are many "rules and regulations" that that keep organizations like the ACCC from being able to do anything about courier businesses.. organizations like Fastway exploit these.. I would suggest any other company out there.

OMG,, i cannot believe people still using this bad service and they still fool us!!!!!!!! I am still waiting for my parcel and after read all these horrible stories, i'd better go pick them up myself. They promised me that the parcel will be delivered on monday but i don't think they will come. I think they don't even try to deliver but lie to you that no one was home. That was my story and i swear a god that I was home all day. My apartment is tiny and there is no way that I missed them. Plus, there was no card left. Is there any legal action that people can take???? I am very upset and i don't think anyone of us deserve this.

In my case, I bought something from eBay and the seller chose FastWay - there wasn't any warning that I'd get involved in months of frustration, a PayPal claim that got denied and finally taking the case to the Financial Ombudsman. I could have walked to the shop and gotten the product faster and more reliably.

I'm looking at buying a franchise with fastway is it worth the money? i would ;like someones thoughts.

ken asked on Jun 08, 2013

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My honest suggestion would be to be very cautious when dealing with Fastway. I run my own business and i used to have an account with them. My experience with them was very negative. I lost few thousand $ with them. When I brought it up with the HQ, I got unprofessional cranky people who have lowest level of customer service. It was really disappointing.
In two years that I dealt with them they changed couriers 4 times.
A very good friend of mine worked for them in ACT as a courier, and he was very unhappy. He said they don't look after their employees. In the end he left. Now he works for another courier company and is very happy.
My suggestion would be to be very careful when doing business with them. Do your research thoroughly. I personally will never ever do business with them again.
Ask yourself: how come they haven't grown or expanded their business thus far?!?!
Good luck with new ventures, hope you have a prosperous business!

Forming a business relationship with Fastway given their track record and the poor attitude of their management is akin to putting yourself on the fast track to a lot of stress at best and considerable financial loss a more likely outcome. Wouldn't do business with this organisation at all.
Wish you all the best with your business venture.

I would stay well clear of them, just look at the reviews here..

and these too (yes it is UK based but is for the same company)

And this

No I would not

I would recommend you using Toll or Star Track, They are very reliable and fast. I would always use them to deliver my goods to customers. Also if the customers aren't able to pick it up, they could go to their nearest post office to pick it up or get it re-delivered.

No Never!!!! Don't you see all these bad reviews?? I would never ever do that.

Is it any the alternative for FastWay for the same prices ?

alexshel asked on Feb 09, 2013

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I'm not sure how price compares, but if you are in Adelaide Courier's Now have always given excellent service. Toll and UPS are also good, but more expensive. Australia Post's parcel post are reasonable & at least you know they can leave parcels with your post office if you are not home when they deliver. Fastway are probably cheaper, but if you are not in when they deliver it is really difficult to arrange an alternative. Here is SA they only have one depot in Woodville; if you want to change the delivery address you need to go through the sender, which makes it more complicated than it really needs to be.

StarExpress Couriers or TNT I would look at as well. And true about Australia Post, at least I know I actually will receive my parcel.

Agree about Australia Post, especially now they also have Parcel Locker so that you can pick up 24x7. It's much, much, much easier than trying to get hold of Fastway Courier to organise a re-delivery.

We're going to try Australia posts "click and send" after reading all these horrible reviews!!

Price should not be a consideration. Fastway is simply unreliable. Unfortunately you get what you pay for.

Go with Australia Post, definitely. I've never had a tracked item from them disappear or not show up. Fastway, more often than not, told me to come collect the parcel from them instead of doing what they were paid to do, and deliver it to me! Also lost $700 of items through them which I was not eligable to claim for because "Well we tried to deliver it to you, but we couldn't find you, so you obviously gave a bogus address" and many other ridiculous excuses. Austpost has never let me down.

"Time means money" Consider how much time is taken up by dealing with FastWay: whether it is phone calls and/or emails and/or lodging complaints and/or getting legal advice against them and/or anything else that unreasonably inconveniences you,

it's just faster and more reliable to go with a tracked Australia Post parcel that someone has to queue for. I think it took 10 hours of my own time to get a refund.

Can anyone give me any idea as to the success or otherwise of a Fastway franchise? Their vans seem to be everywhere but would like to hear from franchise operators.

Hagenbob asked on Jan 27, 2013

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Don't even consider it. Couriers don't last.

Answer removed for inappropriate content.

Would not bothered with fastways

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