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Hi we are building with JGKing at the moment It's been a slow process so far My question is we are very disappointed with the Quilty of the workmanship in relation to the shirting boards and architraves ,they don't seem to line up to well and have slight gaps where they meet at the corners Are we with in our rights to ask that these be removed and redone to our expectations?

Seymore asked on Dec 24, 2017

Did JG King use a lower quality volume subsidiary JG King Direct to build NRAS units in Bendigo North as the carpet is very poor quality and lifting in my unit that is approx only 4 years old. Was the lower quality build clearly declared to buyers as I thought I was building a property under your trusted brand and quality that goes with it. I have tried to have the carpet corrected by your business and you will not help me. I thought I would ask the question before putting it on a review. Disappointed customer MARC

MarcMarc asked on Dec 21, 2017

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Dear Marc
Not sure I can answer your question as I am a victim of jgking’s incomoetence and poor quality workmanship too. I had Jgking as the builder of my new house and can say with all honesty that it was the most stressful time I have experienced in a long time. Currently, They are completely uninterested in correcting anything if it wasn’t noticed prior to handover, or was noticed after the 3 month check.

The overall quality of the build was appalling as well - their tradesmen are hopeless at their jobs and have no pride in their work. Perhaps it was all done by apprentices - certainly seems that way.
Good luck with it.

Thanks Trish for your response. I guess if we can’t make them fix or compensate their issues we need to highlight on these type of sites and hopefully others won’t be duped and their business will suffer

We are right on the edge of buying a new home from JG King in Ballarat. Unfortunately we have not been able to find a single good report on this company for builds in the Ballarat area. Are we missing something or is that just the way it is, there isn't any?

LordC asked on Dec 19, 2017

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No very slow started a SMALL 3 bedroom home

Hi LordC,
There are a couple of recent reviews specific to the Ballarat area posted on the 1st Sept 2017.
Check them out, they may help put your mind at ease.

We are currently building just out of Ballarat, it’s been a slow start, now the Xmas break, our frame was meant to be up this week, so far no progress so we will see.
Our slab was poured on time, and no issues yet. l have spoken to quite a few who have built in Ballarat and all have been happy, so really hoping we will be another happy customer.

Have just put down a deposit on a home near Geelong. After reading these reviews I'm very hesitant to continue on. The complaints are all in the same theme of lost time and poor quality. We are paying for a brand new house, meaning brand new quality and nothing less. What types of assurances do we have that the complaints made here won't happen to us or that you would take steps to rectify them? Are negotiations on the liquidation penalty possible? How will your company ensure that the trades they hire put care and pride into their work in contrast to what many of these reviews state? I would really like to continue on with your company and await your reply.

Mitchell asked on Dec 11, 2017

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I have just built with JGK and wouldn't recommend the firm to anyone. My house started in Febrary and is still not up to scratch and no matter how many times they come back it is still not complete. I was treated rudely and disrespectfully. The sales people appear fantastic but they are not the tradies or the supervisor and these people have no real problem solving or customer service skills to deal with the issues.
I will probably sell the house after a short period of time as I have not enjoyed the process at all.

Where did you build Lisa?

We are building in the Geelong region. Day 420 of a 267 day contract.

Hi Mitchell, J G King has three divisions operating in the area, JG King Projects, JG King Homes (Regional) and J G King Homes (Metro), all competing with EACH OTHER for the same trades and labour. You got guys travelling from Ballarat to work in Geelong. People going from Geelong to Bacchus M, people going from Ballarat or Bacchus or Geelong into Melbourne. Guys scrambling from western suburbs to anywhere and everywhere. You get the picture. If you want to build a house in the Geelong area, don't use this builder, go with someone else.

Just put a deposit down for a build in Charlemont Rise near Geelong. Not many positive things on here, but keeping in mind positive reviews are less likely to be made than negative ones. Anyone have any experiences with JG King in the Geelong area before its too late for us to switch builders?

Mitchell asked on Dec 11, 2017

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Recently spoke to someone building in the Geelong area who was having a similar experience to mine.

Hi everyone. My husband and I are thinking of building with JG King homes. Have seen many bad reviews and a couple of good ones. Looking at building in Woodlea estate in Melbourne's west. What are your honest opinions?

Kim N asked on Nov 19, 2017

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Hi Kim,

All I can say at the moment is that Jg King are very professional and very helpful.

I am yet to build as our land doesnt settle untill june 2018. Compared to other builders they were the ones that answered all our questions and helped us out from the word go.

We have signed our contracts and so far everybody that I have dealt with are very professional and easy to get hold of if you need them.

At the end of the day it's totally upto you and who you feel comfortable building with. I'm more than happy to reccomend JG King to family and friends.

Goodluck with the build

Hi Kim.
Based on my recent experience, I would never build with them again! Things were fine until it was time to start building - it was all downhill from there.
Up to you of course though.

Yep. Good luck with that one. I wish you a better experience with them than ours!!!!

So we are looking at building in country victoria (kerang) so will the people building the house (tradies/site supervisor) be locals or will they come from somewhere else? Will it take longer because we are not in a city area?

Kes A asked on Nov 06, 2017

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Hi Kes A,

Thank you for contacting us. Building in Kerang will not effect your build times. We have dedicated supervisors who work in the Kerang area and many other clients who build here. Would you like us to put you in contact with our Sales Consultant in the area? If so, please email promotions@jgking.com.au

Kind Regards,
JG King Homes

how long do you warrant your slabs from defects for (cracking in bricks)?

boss asked on Nov 01, 2017

Why do all the 5 star reviews have a completion date well into the end of next year???? Are people just reviewing the first meeting? All reviews I see with a completion date close by are having problems. Was really looking forward to using this company but I’m not so sure now.

Adam asked on Oct 28, 2017

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Hi Adam,

My review is a prebuild review,So far everyone I have dealt with a very professional and easy to get a hold of. My build doesnt start till august 2018 . Will post a update review once build starts .

Good luck with build

Hi Adam. That's because most of the 5 star reviews with this company are too good to be true

Just reading some of the negative reviews and wondering what area's these occurred in? Totally understand that local builders and subcontractors vary dramatically so aren't put off of JG King Homes. But wondering if the bad ones are in our area?? Thanks in advance :)

JodiB asked on Oct 21, 2017

Hi JG KING, JG king came and tried to fix the shower leaking but again it’s leaking. ( since 3rd of July 2017. I think I can claim water fee to JG KING. :) ) our property manager tried to contact with JG KING via maintenance from online but no one reply. I sent a mail to maintenance@jgking.com. But this address also usually no reply. I’ve sent few months back but no reply. Due to this leaking, I lose our tenant. How can we contact with JG KING?

mami asked on Oct 17, 2017

Hi We moved on our house 9 months back and the basin taps have been leaking for quiet some time now . They used Reece plumbing. I don't know what to do ?.can somebody help me please? Palak

Palak P asked on Oct 07, 2017

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I had a water leak issue after 5 months and I had sent an email to the maintenance administration department, and they sent people and fixed the issue.
They responded and fixed the problem without much delay

Hi Palak P,

Please send an email to maintenance@jgking.com.au and our team will assist you.

Kind Regards,
JG King Homes

Hi Palak,
Was the issue fixed? I have a similar issue in LongGully’s property and JG KING came to fix, but again it has started leaking. Our property manager tried to contact with JG King via online maintenance, but no one reply.
Did u know the root cause of the leaking?
I asked JG King but didn’t get reply about the root cause.

Sales Agent said will b build in 4-5 months after contract . Now about to sign contract i got 1 week to think weather to sign or not. As it has been 3 months after got preapproved n now they are saying 9 months after signing contract to build. They have been slow till now . Dont know whether to go ahead or wast my last 5 months deciding everything. can someone real person who had built with them contact me?

2tfrut asked on Sep 13, 2017

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You need to take into consideration that it is spring and how much its going to rain, bad weather willalwaya slow things down.
The slab may sit for 3 to 4 weeks but hey it gives it a chance to go off.
Tradies are busy as Melbourne booms, they took 6 months to do mine but rather be 6 months and have a great job rather than 6 weeks and have a bad job..

I would not sign. They are known to be slow, very slow. You won't get good communication either. Read the reviews, their work is not great and their follow up worse. Carlisle homes have incredible inclusions, a great communication system and beautiful homes that are built without all this drama. Don't have regrets. Don't sign. You're not even guaranteed they will build after you sign up. Read my review, if I had known then what I know now, no way in hell would I consider signing up. Very few people are actually happy with them. Heed the warnings in the review.
Best of luck in what ever you decide.

Hi Jatt g,

Thank you for your question. Site start dates can vary due to many factors. These include whether your land is titled or not, appointment availability, unconditional finance approval etc.

If you have any questions or concerns about your build, we are more than happy to assist. Please feel free to send a direct message to provide your contact details.

Kind Regards,
JG King Homes

Don’t sign.
JGKing messed me around for 12 months and could still not get the quote right. They did the same thing putting pressure on to sign in a short timeframe and it was still wrong. Sales Rep would say one thing and then the area manager say the opposite.

This company does not appear to be able to hand over a build on time and to the required standard. The high number of staff turnover and changes also indicates there is a problem with this company.

I decided to get my deposit back and even after all the work I know it was the best decision ever.

Read the reviews, all seems to go to crap after you sign the contract and the build delays and poor quality is evident in all the reviews.

I found it so unprofessional how the sales rep constantly told me about the build issues and repair delays he had with the company he previously worked for. He then messed me around for so long and then he sits there a signs people up to a JG King home knowing of their delays and poor workmanship.

We signed up 2 years ago......we're still building and dealing with issues !


Is there always a tender appointment regardless of the range (ie. Alpha, Allure, Homestead or Up)? Step 3 of the customer journey says balance of deposit is required at tender. Is this referring to the initial deposit, so it effectively becomes a $3500 initial deposit? I'm assuming that it is not the balance of the 5% deposit since that is described in step 4.

TGBTG asked on Sep 08, 2017

I am planning to build a 4 bedroom single story house (approximately 30 sq) with JG King in Bendigo from their Alpha range. However, I am now scared after reading all the comments about the horrible experiences shared by JG King recent customers. what assurances can you give me that this will not happen to my build if I decided to build with JG King? Would your company provide with any written confirmation on start and completion before I finally sign the contract with you?

Nik asked on Jul 11, 2017

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Please allow me to address your question. Throw of the dice really if you get an an efficient site supervisor which is rare nowadays. They will put, say 240 days build period on the contract and pay you liquidated damages of $250 per week if they go over that period (which they normally go over). Of course, they can always claim additional build days. The bullet proof reason that they normally use for additional days of build is it's either the weather or their supplier's fault that's causing the delay. Either way, the contract got them covered for this delays which also means less $250 per week compensation

I guess, the question you need to ask yourself is, are you willing to take $250 per week as compensation if you're paying mortgage interest and rental payments?

I'm now speaking of statistics. A lot of people in this product review q&a have negative experiences with this company. I've said it before; ONCE IS CHANCE, TWICE IS COINCIDENCE, THIRD TIME IS A PATTERN. Although there are some sparkling reviews about JG King which in my opinion are mostly fabricated. I believe that a good company listens to its customers feed back and learn from their mistakes. They can't even take a negative comment on their facebook page for petes sake.

At the end of the the day, all you can do is armed yourself with facts and information.

What's the best thing to do if we're having major delays and problems with our build when the root cause is both site supervisor and area manager are simply not doing their job properly??? Tried asking for help from JG King's head office but points us back to the site supervisor

Raffa asked on Jul 05, 2017

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We are on the same boat as you at the moment, I think you can go to VCAT about it.

Hi Raffa,

We are disappointed to hear this. Can you please send your contact details and job number to complaints@jgking.com.au?
We would like the opportunity to investigate this further.

Kind Regards,
JG King Homes

Write a formal letter or email your builder about the complaint asking them to fix the situation on a specified but realistic time frame. Make sure you cabon copy everyone involved in the build to avoid getting excuses of not receiving the notice. If you still don't get results, lodge an application to Domestic Building Disputes Victoria (DBDRV). Make sure you've got all your proof/evidence in order such as photos,emails, text messages supporting your claim. If the decision goes to you favour, the DBDRV can issue an order to your builder fix the problem by a specified date. VCAT only comes after if your builder still doesn't comply.

Or you can always go to the media and tell your story. This normally gets quick results since no building company would want bad publicity especially on primetime TV. Good luck!

Thank you for your answer to my question below. If we pay an initial deposit, can we have the soil test done prior to contract signing? And if so, what happens if we decide not to proceed, do we get to keep the soil test report?

Lil Eskimo asked on Jun 28, 2017

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Hi LilEskimo,
I have paid my deposit in May ; Soil/Site report was handed over to me during Tender appointment in June.My contract signing is scheduled for July.

Hi Lil Eskimo,

You can have the soil test done prior to contract signing. Keeping in mind that if your land is not titled, there will be no access to complete the soil test and therefore your contract signing will be delayed. If you do not wish to proceed with JG King Homes you can still obtain a copy of your soil report. Please advise your customer service administrator and they will be more than happy to assist.

Kind Regards,
JG King Homes

Thank you GPS & JG King Homes Official for your answers, very helpful.

Jgking's response is not entirely correct. They did my soil test about 8 weeks before the land was titled. Our tender and contract with them was signed well before our land was titled and we'll before the soil test. Please don't always believe what this builder tells you.

Does the initial deposit cover the cost of the soil test?

Lil Eskimo asked on Jun 22, 2017

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Hi Lil Eskimo,

Thank you for contacting us. The initial deposit does cover the cost of the soil test.
Please let us know if we can assist you further.

Kind Regards,
JG King Homes

Thank you.

I am about to select a builder for a new home build in Torquay, Victoria. Every builder seems to have horror stories. The good reviews sound like they are written by a PR/Marketing person. I suspect the quality and timeline vary according to the location and the trades that are contracted to do the build plus the local site manager. Are there any genuine JG King customers out there that have built in Torquay and can provide feedback. Thanks in advance!

LauraK asked on Jun 20, 2017

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Haven't build in Torquay, but here's my opinion based from my experience and others. If you do decide to go ahead with JG King, you may want to change the liquidated damages of $250 per week to an amount you're comfortable with since you're going to need this most likely. I say this because I don't think the problem only lies with the inefficiency of their site supervisors and managers. Why would a home building company allow their people to keep making bad decisions resulting to delays in build time, paying liquidated damages to the home owner as a result of this and most likely overall reducing profit for the company. Doesn't really make any sense if the company is operating and being managed efficiently.


thanks Raffa

I have to agree with Raffa regarding the Liquidated damages and if they tell you the house will take four to six months they are lying to you. I have since established that most contracts are for 240 -250 days. I am building in Torquay and I am nearly at lock up stage happy to have a chat.

I have to agree with Raffa regarding the Liquidated damages and if they tell you the house will take four to six months they are lying to you. I have since established that most contracts are for 240 -250 days. I am building in Torquay and I am nearly at lock up stage happy to have a chat.

Run a mile Laura. Our experience was absolutely shocking and I wouldn't suggest they even build a dog kennel. Even when they finally finished our home the quality is so bad I loathe driving up to it and am embarrassed that I didn't take the reviews on here seriously. We're finishing it off to sell it and will start all over again. you are correct in saying the positive reviews are written by their own staff.

Thanks @Epping and @Mizzz for your advice..... I have pretty much decided to go with a local builder instead of volume builder. Probably more expensive but hopefully less heartache!

Well heres another update. They do a little then sits for two weeks. I am so frustrated that I need to not contact them any more. Thanks for the continuing nightmare to this company. I will never forget you.

Well heres another update. They do a little then sits for two weeks. I am so frustrated that I need to not contact them any more. Thanks for the continuing nightmare to this company. I will never forget you. Lucky for you Laura you got the warnings not to go with them. I cannot believe that they have been in business for so long ripping people off and stuffing up lives. Go to Hell you mongrels.

How long does it take you to construct a 4 bedroom house with the roof over the alfresco area? The reason I am asking is because I need to know how long I would have to rent after selling our house.

Wally asked on Jun 16, 2017

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The average construction period they put on the contract is around 240 days for a standard 4 bedroom house. But it seems most of JG King build takes more than a year. The lucky ones takes 7-9 months

Our JG King home completed under 4 months. 01/11/2016 to 24/03/17.

Hass B- you're extremely lucky to have such dedicated builders working through the holiday season. Unfortunately it is a completely different case in Melbourne as you can see from the reviews and comments. Makes me wonder why they can finish a house in regional victoria in under 4 months but takes at least 7 months in Melbourne

Hi Wally,

Thank you for contacting us. Build time frames vary depending on a range of different things (house size, type) and each build is different.
What area are you looking to build in? We can put you in contact with one of our area mangers who will be able to provide further information on this.

Kind Regards,
JG King Homes

Ours is a 4 bedroom with alfresco and its been going for 12 months now since site scrap with still no date of completion.

Our single storey home took nearly 10 months to build. It took them nearly this long to get the contracts right as well.

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