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Hi, I'm wondering if you could give a brief description of the differences between the Euro, Madrid and Perfect mattresses. I want to buy one, but living in rural WA I need to choose carefully since delivery will take a while, plus shipping costs. I'm interested in the ultimate dream package because we will need the base and it's the option most within our price range, but I'm not sure if the Euro will be the right one for us, and if you're able to do a similar deal with other mattresses? I will be calling tomorrow to discuss this and other options, but incase I sleep in or forget at least I can have my question answered here :) - Lexi

Alexis H asked on Aug 19, 2017

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Hi Alex, as discussed yesterday on the phone I believe the Madrid would be best for you and your partner after listening to your requirements/preferences, regards Cliff

What is the delivery cost for a double latex topper to Mandurah W A 6210?

paul asked on Aug 14, 2017

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Hi Paul, thanks for the enquiry, because it is Western Australia, shipping will be $45, regards Cliff

I don't know. Contact the company via their web site.

just wondering if you have a Melbourne outlet for your mattress toppers? Thanks

Diana T asked on Aug 03, 2017

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There is only one outlet which is in Crows Nest, Sydney, NSW

Hello, I have an expensive very firm mattress with no topper. I had it in storage for four years and now I'm sleeping on it again, I'm finding it way too firm. I'm pretty concerned at spending $300 on a mattress topper and am wondering if I should just buy a new mattress? Cheers, Diana 0400248000

Diana T asked on Aug 03, 2017

Hi, I have just "flipped" my madrid mattress for the first time since owning it. The label is now facing down. The underside seems softer. Is it my imagination or is there a top and a bottom to the mattress? Thank you Colette

Colette asked on Apr 27, 2017

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I have no idea! Best to call their office...

My latex mattress topper is the same on both sides. I also turn mine over, and have also pulled it out of its washable cover (zip is at one end of the cover) to wash - so if yours does, just undo the zipper and have a look and see if there is any change in the latex texture etc. Otherwise, best contact the company.

Hi - can a latex mattress topper firm up a new soft cushion top pocket spring mattress -? We are considering turning the new mattress upside down and putting a dense latex mattress topper. What thickness and density are the latex toppers ( queen) and approx cost? Thanks\

Dragon asked on Dec 11, 2016

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Hi Dragon, I only keep softer latex toppers because everyone wants to soften or make their mattress more plush without making it saggy, there are such things as a firmer latex topper but I don't get a call for them, but whether it would help I'm not sure, because remember your support comes from the mattress and your comfort from the topper, so even if you put a firmer topper on if the mattress is soft you might still lack support, my queen toppers sell for $295, regards, Cliff

We have a brand new Sleepmaker Elara firm mattress which feels like we are sleeping in a swamp and gives us a back ache - can we put a latex+gel mattress topper on it to improve the firmness and surface of the mattress - do you supply such a topper. Thanks VS

Dragon asked on Nov 28, 2016

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Hi VS, my toppers are made to add comfort and so are med to soft, they also add a natural breathing to a mattress due to being an aerated and the natural properties of no dustmites, chemicals or moisture/mildew and it helps with circulation due to not pushing on your pressure points, however, if your mattress is soft or "swamplike" I cannot see it helping you due to the fact that it is a softer topper meant to make hard beds more comfortable, so I think it will only copy your mattress, sorry, Cliff

I have an existing Latex Mattress that needs the pillowtop replaced/refurbished, do you provide this type of service? What is the approximate cost , it is a King size. Thanks

PetaF asked on Oct 12, 2016

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Hi Peta, this is obviously not one of my mattresses, so is it all latex, is the pillowtop removable or attached, is it both sides or just on one side, mostly you will find that the man made part of the mattress is the problem and the latex part is still good, I sell latex toppers separately, they are 5cm's of aerated 100% Belgian latex with a zip off washable bamboo cover, but if your topper is attached this will not help you, give me an obligation free call on 02 9436 4870, I have 26 years of experience in mattresses across all types and lets see if there's something we can do once I understand the nature of the product ?

Best regards

Where exactly latex comes from? I heart that the best is made in Asia.

NicolasCage asked on Oct 01, 2016

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Hi Nicholas, personally I prefer European latex, the quality control is stringent and completely computerised and mechanised, they also have to comply with very strict guidelines from the European Union so no chalks, fillers or chemicals and they have the certification to prove it like Oeko Tek, EuroLATEX ECO-Standard, LGA and we are the only factory to recycle our waste so not pumped into any rivers, I have visited latex factories all over the world and cannot find the same quality and manufacturing standards as European latex, Best regards, Cliff

Does the king size fixed bases fit into a standard king bed base?

New Englander asked on Oct 25, 2015

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Hi, yes the Wimaflex (European slatted bases) are made to fit inside of any bed frame, best regards, Cliff,

Do u deliver interstate? after a medium queen latex and need a price I live in bannockburn Victoria near geelong can u ring me at 1230 pm tomorrow plz [phone number removed]

Dawn.eagle asked on Jul 18, 2015

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Hi Dawn, yes we definitely deliver anywhere in Australia, your contact number has been removed by the site for privacy reasons, so please feel free to call me on 02 9436 4870 and I will answer all your questions, I will also send you a greeting email just in case.

Best regards
Cliff Walter

Hello, I would like to hear from anyone who has purchased a Revor mattress from the Latex Bedding Company who has had it for more than 2 years. How is it performing? Any sagging or issues? Thank you

idscratch asked on Feb 22, 2015

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Hi, Cliff Walter here, owner of Latex Bedding Company Crows Nest, I would like to hear from you, we have a full 10 year warranty on all our mattresses and they are thoroughly pretested for loss of height and hardness and guaranteed and certified, Belgium, the largest factory in the world will not tolerate any imperfections and our track record speaks for itself, feel free to contact me on (02) 9436 4870 and I will be happy to address any concerns you have,

Best regards
C Walter

Hi. I have two Revor long singles that I push together as a king size bed. I have had them for coming up six years, now. Still the best nights sleep ever! Love coming home after I've been away because there is not a better bed anywhere. No sagging issues, no issues. Love this bed. Bought from Sydney and delivered to rural NSW. I also purchased two similar mattress from the Newcastle store in 2011 for my spare room. Highly recommend.

What base is the accommodation partners madrid bed on in Melbourne. We are close to purchasing a mattress and base from u but will go to Melb to the accom first. Do the Queen bases (wimmaflex) have two frames with the join in the middle?

Michelle Lea asked on Feb 22, 2012

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Hi Michelle,
The Madrid mattress at Villa Donati in Melbourne is on our fixed slat base. This is a solid base, upholstered in a neutral taupe colour and the feeling is the same as if the mattress was on the floor or on a bed frame with fixed slats.
Yes the wimaflex queen base is 2 75x200 cm units side by side. The design of the suspension joints gives a seamless change from one side to the other: no noticeable join in the middle. The wimaflex base gives a softer, deeper feel to the bed and allows for full adjust-ability. One side different to the other and full adjustment from head to foot.
The wimaflex is very popular and personally I really like the way I can make it firmer in the middle of my back and softer under my hip. The wimaflex can stand on its own legs or fit into an existing queen bed frame.
However more people choose to buy the mattress without the wimaflex. The Madrid is very comfortable on its own and maybe it's the extra cost of around $1200, depending on legs.
I decided to place the simlpler option with our accommodation partners because it is the most popular choice and concern that if it is were adjusted to suit one person it may not suit another.
Is there any thing more I can do for you now? Best to contact me directly.
David Nugent,
Director, Latex Bedding Co.
02 6884 1359, 0419 820655,

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Thanks for the reply can you send us a photo of a king size wimaflex slat bed base thanks. We also need an exact price of this base and all the options ie can this also have a solid surround or drawers under it.

Hi Michelle,
I just found your question in Product Review. I am not sure if they edit out our email addresses but it is much better to contact us (me) directly.
I can't send any photos because I can't access your direct email. Our website has a you tub clip showing the Wimaflex unit. It can have a solid upholstered surround. We do not have the option of drawers. The King Wimaflex base with legs or upholsterd surround is $1200. The Madrid King latex mattress is $3300. Please contact us directly for current specials and delivery charges. Thanks, David. 02 6884 1359