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Does anyone have reviews of the dicing kit that you can buy to use with the cook expert? Is it easy to use?

GJEG asked on Nov 11, 2018

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I have dicing kit, and yes, is easy to use. Importantly, easy to clean too. Have found that best with crisp things, not so much with softer or spongy things like some pumpkin. I have a Kenwood one too, and as much as I love the Kenwood, the Magimix one is easier to clean, although the Kenwood will do endless quantities. If you do not have a Magimix Cook Expert, strongly advise to get one. It seems way superior to other thermo-cook offerings (yes, I used to have a Thermomix, it was good but sold it years ago as at end of day seems best for its target market of women who have no idea - and for that it does well). For serious functionality and quality, Cook Expert is way above the other contenders.

How good can this make: -mill flour -make icing sugar out of raw sugar -ice cream? How good can it saute onion/brown meat? Are the recipes as easy to follow as Thermomix's?And do the recipes turn out OK?

C Code asked on Sep 22, 2018

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Icing sugar is a Thermomix sales gimmick. Any blender has been able to do this for years (well I have since the 80's, in a Kenwood). To mill flour, best done with a flour mill attachment, although Thermomix does a good job with small quantities (and while wearing ear-muffs). Ice cream, properly made, needs to have a custard made (Thermomix can do this, although inevitably a bit of a scrub needed - things stick to its small conventionally heated base) and is best churned in an ice-cream churn (that Magimix doesn't offer nor Thermomix is ever going to be suitable for). Magimix can saute and brown, which Thermomix is unsuited to with its small base and low maximum temperature, let alone always rotating blades. For serious and best results, who needs a kitchen machine when a pot or pan on a hotplate works entirely well? The question about recipes is revealing as Thermomix is marketed to people who haven't got a clue about cooking. Thermomix will do more than the built-in recipes, and can actually be a useful kitchen-hand, but the company seems to target the clueless and ignore its actual usefulness. Magimix also caters to people without a clue, but excels with cooks who do have a clue and use it to assist in favourite recipes. But yes, recipes promoted my Magimix are entirely good.

I want to be sure that it is for me. Do you have a machine on loan or rental? I am more than happy to pay deposit and/or rental fee

L Lee asked on Sep 06, 2018

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Hi L,
Sorry I don’t have it on rental. It’s for my personal use. But it’s worth asking around or doing a bit of research on it if you are unsure cause it a huge investment. But I am loving it even my kids use it as it’s child friendly too. All the best.


It would be sensible to contact a rental company for this kind of request. Have you forgotten the cost of transporting it and the fact those who own one, use it?

Hi L,

Most people who post here have it for personal use, therefore unless you are willing to pay a $2000 deposit (so they can buy another should they not receive theirs back) I am sure you won't find the answer you're looking for. Being we are not companies, we do not have the liability insurance to cover the cost of the appliance should we not receive it back in the same condition it was 'rented out'. Surely you understand this.


Hi L Lee, please send us an email at, we may be able to assist.


Hi L Lee, did you hear back from Magimix Official? Were you able to rent to try before you buy? I would love to learn how it ended up and what your experience was like

Hi l am new to Magimix Cook Expert which l have just purchased. Please if anyone can tell me does the 7nit need to be turned off at the back switch after every use or is it safe to leave it in standby mode?

Peta M asked on Sep 02, 2018

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I leave it on with no safety issues. When I go away I turn off most PowerPoints in my home obviously not the fridge!

I have left it on standby without any issues. To safe energy though I try to turn all appliances off except the fridge before I leave the house

Can anyone explain the differences when cooking, using speeds 1A, 2A and 3? Peter

Peter F asked on Aug 26, 2018

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Hi Peter,
Speed 1a is the minimum stiring level ( it would not grind whatever you are cooking). The speed increases if you change it to 2a or 3 if you want it to stir faster( note that it might blend too if you increase the speed level while cooking to say..3. This is fantastic for soups

The previous response answers your question. The manual should explain this, if it does not it would be worth contacting the manufacturer and request it. Manuals are all too often deficient.

Hi, is it possible to cook to precise temperatures for tasks such as tempering chocolate, sous vide, and boiling sugar syrups to various degrees celsius etc? Thanks!

Aere F asked on Jul 17, 2018

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Hi Aere, yes you can as it is induction heated. We recommend for precise cooking to use a temperature probe and increase or decrease temperature as needed. Iniductio heating is one of the most accurate ways to cook and can be altered 1 degree at a time.

I have not attempted to temper chocolate and I doubt I ever will. I know there are precise manual setting and therefore theoretically it should be possible. Obviously contacting Magimix will be the best way to find out. Nonetheless, I am interested and curious enough to consult the manual to find out! Thank you for drawing my attention to it.

Yes you can. Use the expert program and you can set it to whatever temperature u want, the time and how slow or fast u want it stirred. That is the beauty about magimix !!!

Hi can you tell me what the inside of the metal bowl of the cook expert is made out of please? It looks a bit like aluminium??

Matilda berry asked on Jul 12, 2018

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Hi Matilda berry,

The entire bowl is thermal insulated stainless steel. Heavy duty and double walled, so will not rust. The inside is matt, not the gloss finish of the outside, perhaps that’s why you think it looks like aluminium, but I can assure you it’s not, it’s def stainless steel.


Awesome news. I bought one a few days ago and my builder son was convinced it’s aluminim which was a bit of a worry. Much relief thank you.

I assume it is stainless steel, I would be surprised if it was aluminium! It has not occurred to me it could be given the health implications. It might be a good question. I’ll have to do research!

Hi Matilda,
Kat is right. It’s surely stainless steel.

I made apple purée as baby food and it tasted a bit metallic. Does anyone else have this happen?

I recently purchased a Magimix Patissier, but for some reason when putting the metal bowl onto the base, it is very difficult to click into place. Even my husband struggled. Once he finally clicked it in, trying the remove the bowl was just as difficult. Am I missing something? I went to Kitchen warehouse to ask the ladies there and they happened to have two on display. So they tried to click the bowl into place but they too found it extremely difficult. In fact, they couldn’t do it! Does the machine have to be switched on for the bowl to fit onto the base properly? I had no problems with the plastic bowl. Hope someone has a simple answer? Thanks. Gina

Gina asked on May 22, 2018

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Hi Gina, I experienced the issue your refer to once only, the first time I used it because I did not approach the bowl click from the designed direction. This is most likely the source of your problem. No the machine does not need to be switched on to fit the bowl. You are advised to follow the directions in the instruction booklet precisely because this wonderful product has been designed so the bowl fits using only one direction. It is left to right. It will not work using the other direction. The same applies to the lid. Both slide into place seamlessly.
The women at Ktichen Warehouse were obviously not familiar with the product! This is surprising given they sell it! It would be unlikely for so many machines to be faulty!
If this does not work fitting it the correct way, then your product is faulty. You will be entitled to a replacement or refund.
I trust this makes a difference, S

Hi Gina,

Fitting the main metal bowl and clicking it into place should not be difficult at all. The handle needs to be about an inch or so left of 6 o'clock( if that makes sense), and then it's a simple push to the right to lock it in place. If you've got issues with this then check the conversion/induction plate (thick black plate that sits on the motor base). If yours is like mine it will have two padlocks, locked and unlocked. The locked padlock needs to be in line with the little reset button on the base, which is in line with and above the [Auto] button on the control panel, essentially at 6 o'clock again. If it's not then potential issue #1.
Also, on the bottom of the main metal bowl (mine is different as I have a universal blade and a solid washer that locks it from the underside ), do you have anything that unscrews/opens (i.e. to aid cleaning), as potentially this may not be in place and causing an issue with fitting and removing the bowl when it's on the plate that sits atop the motor base?

If it's removing that's only the problem, then if the Patissier bowl is similar to the metal bowl in the Cook Expert (and I think it is, albeit the dimensions are different), then I would imagine the safety locking mechanism is the same, which means it's not an issue with it being plugged in to power (whether turned on or off) but rather the lid has to be on and in the unlock (or near unlock) position for bowl removal. This locking mechanism is a fail-safe of sorts. I know if I don't have the lid just left of 'locking centre' or completely unlocked, then my bowl doesn't want to budge. If I force it, it will, but I'm not about forcing and potentially breaking something I've spent $2k on :). I've 'accidentally' done th s with the transparent bowl combination feed tube/lid, i.e. forced it open several times and each time I hear that crunch of a click I cringe and think "unlock it properly woman!".

That's all I can offer, along with ... I hope you purchased it from a reputable retailer as they'll need to contact Magimix for you. With others I've spoken to that have one, they've never had an issue. Hope it works out for you.


Many thanks for your response Kitty Kat! I’ll see if that works. I also thought maybe the point of where the handle clicks into place just needed some CRC or oil as it was so stiff. The lady at Magimix said that was fine as long as I didn’t get any CRC or oil into the motor. Anyway I’ll try anything! Thanks once again.


I am seriously considering getting the Magimix CE but it's such a huge investment I thought I'd head for the wisdom of the group before taking the plunge! I have a slow cooker as well as a pressure cooker. Would the CE add significantly more to me? Thank you in advance

Jan asked on Apr 21, 2018

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I understand your feeling, I went through the same... I use an auto pressure cooker for rice, risotto, pasta and the like...
it is a huge investment ... I bought it because it does everything ... no need for stand mixer, it juices too. I an preparing to downsize. I bought it on part payments and I don’t regret buying it. There have been hidden benefits buying it this way too.
It’s not essential, not much is!
if you feel you need it, take the plunge and consider part payment options. Good luck, I’ve been there, done that. It is not cheap but it will last longer than us!
I hope this helps you decide.

Thank you so much.

Magimix is definitely not a pressure cooker and probably not the best for slow cooking because you cannot set and forget, you will need to go back and restart every 2 hours. On the other hand it's brilliant, especially if you don't have a food processor, you do get an FP as part of the deal too. As for the cooker itself, I use it all the time, it saves me a lot of time and the results are consistent and yummy without (usually) needing me to do anything other than put the ingredients in and press the start button. Even when I need to follow some steps they are very simple and easy. Personally, I am very happy with CE and recommend it.

thank you very much Stan. That's what I've heard from everyone who has one. They seem uniformly happy with it and only have good things to say about it. I've taken the plunge and bought it from TVSN which had a good freebie bonus too. I'm so excited to start cooking with it. by all accounts it's the rolls royce of all in one appliances :)))

Can you make stock for soups and casseroles in the Cook Expert? All the recipes in the book seem to use bought liquid stock or stock cubes and I like to make my own. I am also looking for some more main meals to make in the CE as we are tired of the ones in the recipe book supplied with the machine. Is there another recipe book? I am not confident enough yet to try other recipes that don't have the cooking times/temperatures for making in the CE. Dianne

LadyDi asked on Mar 28, 2018

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Yes I understand and concur with your sentiment. If I recall, there is a section in the recipe book containing recipes for stock. You can use the Expert or manual setting but that takes confidence. Personally I would recommend using an auto pressure cooker for making stock. I’m a vegetarian and thus I have worked out a simple method.
Have you downloaded the Magimix App?
it has loads of reciipes, I’m still learning too.
At the back of the book or in the manual you will find settings, times and ingredients using Expert or manual settings.
Good luck, be adventurous. It takes time mastering the technology and it will be worth preservering.

Thank you for that help. I don’t have a pressure cooker so will look further at the recipe book I must have missed that bit at the back of the book. At this stage Iam really having trouble with the instructions especially for the processor set up..

Hello LadyDi, We have several stock recipes in the Cook Expert App. The App can be found on Google Play or the App Store for Apple. The App is the best place to find new recipes as it is updated regularly. You can also see recipe videos on our youtube channel, click on the Cook Expert playlist to see the videos.

Hope this helps.

I have downloaded the app but it is in French. Is there an English version?

How do you brown meat in the Cook Expert? All the recipes say to brown in a pan but I don't wish to do that it is extra equipment to wash etc. Do you put oil in with the meat? I find the instructions and the diagrams lacking in detail. They just say the temperature, speed and time in the table labelled fry which I am guessing is the browning cycle.

LadyDi asked on Mar 19, 2018

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Hi LadyDi, It is best to brown meat in small batches at the highest heat - 140 degrees. Speed can be at 1A or 2A.

Leaving the cap off the lid will also help evaporate any liquid.

Be sure to monitor the ingredient to ensure it does not burn. You can always reduce the heat and bring it back up if necessary.

All the best

Do you put oil in with meat or poultry?
Thank you

You can brown meat, if/when the recipe suggests to do so. However, the amount that you can brown is limited and, in my opinion, it is best to do it in a frying pan where you have more space and control. As for the oil, you must use some. The browning process needs oil at very high temperature.

Thank you so much. I have tried this and it works asI just need a light sear of the meat. Would recommend to others if they only need a light sear.

Hi I purchased my Cook Expert last November and have not used it much due to holidays etc. I am having a problem with using the food processor for the first time. I think I must be missing a step. When assembling to use the midi bowl for slicing or grating where do you fit the blade?Also the same for the mini bowl.

LadyDi asked on Mar 19, 2018

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If I have read your question correctly, you will not need to fit the blade when using it for slicing and/or grating ... these two functions are performed using the special grater and slicing disc provided. The blade is used for mixing and it slips onto the centre stem of the machine (you will find a separate part). You need to place the centre stem in before the bowls, I think. I trust this helps you. I adore the machine, I hope you are learning to love it too. I'm relatively new to it, unlike you.

Thank you

Hi LadyDi, if you could call our hotline 1300 624 469, a representative will be able to step you through the machine.
There is also a great video here which shows you how to use most of the attachments.

All the best.

Can Cook Expert make Soy Milk? Cooking soy milk is quite fiddling because it will produce lots of foam before it reaches boiling temperature. And, it is believed that unboiled soy milk is harmful to our health. I wonder how Cook Expert deal with excessive foam?

Brianna asked on Jan 28, 2018

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Hi Brianna, the Cook Expert acts much like a pot, where foam will occur. The positive is that the Cook Expert operates on an induction cooking system so the temperature can be adjusted quickly to minimise the foam. All the best.

Are the materials that come with the food (eg steamer and even the lid due to steam etc) plastic? Glass or stainless steel? One of the sole reasons I will not purchase a thermal mix is for such an expensive device, giving out plastic parts that leech into food is atrocious.

Aussiebloke34 asked on Dec 24, 2017

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Hi There, the Cook Expert cooking bowl is stainless steel and the lid is glass. The steamer is also stainless steel. If you were to purchase the optional XXL steamer, that is also stainless steel and has a glass lid. The food processor attachment is made from Tritan which is BPA free. This attachment is not used for cooking hence no heat comes in contact. All the best.

Great thank you for your reply. What is the steamer made of that comes with the unit if I don't purchase the XXL steamer?

I have a Magimix cook Expert it works well but I can't find a recipe to make good gravy in it. Can someone help me please?

Maggie asked on Dec 16, 2017

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Hi Maggie, our facebook community have lots of recipes that are shared on a daily recipes. You can also ask questions and members are more than happy to help out. You can join the group here:

All the best.

Price and where to buy?

Bob asked on Nov 29, 2017

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Hi Bob, recommended retail price is $2099. Please visit our website to find your nearest store. All the best.

Hi Bob, look on TVSN television show. They have the Magimix,Tefal Cusine Companion and others with part payments while you take it home and sometimes a gift as bonus. I love this show, highly recommend it. Bought many products from it.

I have a smaller family and am often making meals for just one or two people? Whats the minimum that can be cooked? Could I make just 1-2 cups custard for example? Or just one smoothie?

Suse asked on Jul 17, 2017

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The average serving of custard for 1, is one cup per serve. A child under 4 years of age will be satisfied, over 4 they are asking for seconds. Please take a look at the recipes in the grand recipe book and you will notice the recipes are usually catering for up to 6 people; my advice is to cut the recipes in half. Smoothies are the same, children will drink two sweet smoothies compared to one vegetable one; so add green leafy vegetables to the fruit ones. They keep in the fridge for the whole day, therefore they are not discarded, and your child has the benefit of a healthy drink in the morning and afternoon. I have whisked one egg white and was surprised at the volume of meringue it made.
Any of the main meal recipes can be halved to suffice the smaller family. Enjoy your learning, as time moves on your meals will grow.

I have a small family too and can definitely do smaller quantities. I personally prefer to make a large quantity and freeze batches (soups etc) but it could do a 500 ml quantity of smoothie or custard.

I'm with Terri...I like to do large batches and freeze. The machine will do small quantities as Maggie says. It's a kitchen assistant can use it anyway you want.

Hi Suse, the Cook Expert can do smaller quantities. It all depends on what you are making. As long as some of the blade is covered, your ingredients will perform the way it should. All the best.

Hi. What's the coating like inside the bowl? Does anyone find their food getting stuck to the bowl? Also, can you clean it in the dishwasher? Thanks

Natalia asked on Mar 26, 2017

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The coating on the bowl is like a satin finish, not gloss or matte. Easy as anything to clean. I have cooked custard, gravy, lemon butter, risotto, all of which used to stick on my old thermochef but this is a dream. Nothing burns or sticks. Apparently this is because it is induction. Also brilliant to make your gravy a bit ahead of time and leave it in there till you need it because it's insulated.

Do it weigh your ingredients when you add them?

Lin K asked on Feb 11, 2017

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no it doesn't weigh as you add but it comes with separate scales, I just weigh before I put in.

I've just bought a magi mix cook expert. Am a bit baffled with the temps tried cooking a stew in simmer at 100 but was still raw after about 2 hours. Should I have made it hotter to start off with? On another note I am gluten intolerance and would like to mill my own almond flour should I use the metal bowl or the food processor attachment need to make about 2 cups of ground flour. Any tips and thoughts?

Bevmurfs asked on Feb 05, 2017

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Hi Bevmurfs, Timing can also depend on the cut of meat, qty, temperature of the ingredients before cooking etc. A little bit of trial and error. Don't be afraid to raise the temperature in the beginning and reduce later in the process if you want to. Yes you can mill almond flour both in the metal or food processor bowl. It will depend on what consistency you are after. A great resource for information is the Facebook Owners Group where a lot of tips are shared. You can join here:

All the best.

Hi, My advice to timing and temperature, find a similar recipe on the app or book. Once you get to know your machine you will get the confidence to experiment with the settings. I personally would up the temp to at least 110 for a stew. As for the milling that is something I have not done, but just experiment and see what results you get.

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