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Price and where to buy?

Bob asked on Nov 29, 2017

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Hi Bob, recommended retail price is $2099. Please visit our website to find your nearest store. All the best.

Hi Bob, look on TVSN television show. They have the Magimix,Tefal Cusine Companion and others with part payments while you take it home and sometimes a gift as bonus. I love this show, highly recommend it. Bought many products from it.

I have a smaller family and am often making meals for just one or two people? Whats the minimum that can be cooked? Could I make just 1-2 cups custard for example? Or just one smoothie?

Suse asked on Jul 17, 2017

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The average serving of custard for 1, is one cup per serve. A child under 4 years of age will be satisfied, over 4 they are asking for seconds. Please take a look at the recipes in the grand recipe book and you will notice the recipes are usually catering for up to 6 people; my advice is to cut the recipes in half. Smoothies are the same, children will drink two sweet smoothies compared to one vegetable one; so add green leafy vegetables to the fruit ones. They keep in the fridge for the whole day, therefore they are not discarded, and your child has the benefit of a healthy drink in the morning and afternoon. I have whisked one egg white and was surprised at the volume of meringue it made.
Any of the main meal recipes can be halved to suffice the smaller family. Enjoy your learning, as time moves on your meals will grow.

I have a small family too and can definitely do smaller quantities. I personally prefer to make a large quantity and freeze batches (soups etc) but it could do a 500 ml quantity of smoothie or custard.

I'm with Terri...I like to do large batches and freeze. The machine will do small quantities as Maggie says. It's a kitchen assistant can use it anyway you want.

Hi Suse, the Cook Expert can do smaller quantities. It all depends on what you are making. As long as some of the blade is covered, your ingredients will perform the way it should. All the best.

Hi. What's the coating like inside the bowl? Does anyone find their food getting stuck to the bowl? Also, can you clean it in the dishwasher? Thanks

Natalia asked on Mar 26, 2017

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The coating on the bowl is like a satin finish, not gloss or matte. Easy as anything to clean. I have cooked custard, gravy, lemon butter, risotto, all of which used to stick on my old thermochef but this is a dream. Nothing burns or sticks. Apparently this is because it is induction. Also brilliant to make your gravy a bit ahead of time and leave it in there till you need it because it's insulated.

Do it weigh your ingredients when you add them?

Lin K asked on Feb 11, 2017

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no it doesn't weigh as you add but it comes with separate scales, I just weigh before I put in.

I've just bought a magi mix cook expert. Am a bit baffled with the temps tried cooking a stew in simmer at 100 but was still raw after about 2 hours. Should I have made it hotter to start off with? On another note I am gluten intolerance and would like to mill my own almond flour should I use the metal bowl or the food processor attachment need to make about 2 cups of ground flour. Any tips and thoughts?

Bevmurfs asked on Feb 05, 2017

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Hi Bevmurfs, Timing can also depend on the cut of meat, qty, temperature of the ingredients before cooking etc. A little bit of trial and error. Don't be afraid to raise the temperature in the beginning and reduce later in the process if you want to. Yes you can mill almond flour both in the metal or food processor bowl. It will depend on what consistency you are after. A great resource for information is the Facebook Owners Group where a lot of tips are shared. You can join here:

All the best.

Hi, My advice to timing and temperature, find a similar recipe on the app or book. Once you get to know your machine you will get the confidence to experiment with the settings. I personally would up the temp to at least 110 for a stew. As for the milling that is something I have not done, but just experiment and see what results you get.

Hi, have a big family and am just wondering how much meat, (especially mince), I could cook in the Magimix Cook Expert? What would be the maximum quantity? Thanks.

MrsMac asked on Jan 23, 2017

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Hi Mrs Mac, for something like a bolognese, 1.2kg of mince, 250g of other ingredients and 1 large jar of passata would take it up to the maximum usable capacity of 2.5lt

Does it have a time delay function, and can you cook brown rice in it? (Can you put the brown rice and water in early in the day and set it so that it has just finished cooking when you arrive home in the evening? This is a function of my rice cooker i like and i am wondering whether the Magimix Cook Expert can replace it.) Also, can you boil legumes (eg chickpeas) in it? Thank you :)

Swifty asked on Dec 26, 2016

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The CE does not have a delay function. You can boil or steam your legumes as the you can set the CE with no stirring at all. Hope this helps!

Hi Swifty, there is no delay function.

Max temp is 140 so you can boil or steam.

Is there a chart or something comparing magimix cook expert speeds to thermomix speeds? I would like to try out some thermomix recipes in my cook expert but I'm not sure how to convert them.

Kathryn asked on Dec 11, 2016

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Apparently there is, I have seen it on the hints and tips site but I have not used it.

Hi Kathryn, if you join the user group here: , a chart is available to be viewed.

Thank you, I've sent through a join request.

Yes you can find a comparison chart of all the thermal cookers on '' it's very good and comprehensive

Where can I purchase it in South Africa?

Erika asked on Oct 06, 2016

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Hi Erika, You are best to contact Magimix in France for the details of South Africa. Please send a message through the website

Hi, does the magimix brown food and also does it mill flour? Look forward to your reply Lisa

Lil asked on Sep 22, 2016

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Hi Lisa, it does brown food, just like a frypan the best way to brown is not to overload the bowl. Smaller batches will yield best results. It also does mill flour.

When will the Magimix Cook Expert 7CO18900A be available to buy in the United Kingdom?

Freja asked on Sep 21, 2016

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Hello Freja, we suggest you contact Magimix in France to find out the release date of Cook Expert in the UK. You can fill in the contact form at

All the best