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I'm a woman seeking women.. Why does it seem so difficult, considering my profile, name and bio that 99% of women think im a man?? What can I do? Already, my name is Vanessa... Are people That stupid?

Vanessa asked on Jan 11, 2019

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Why, after my bio, photo and name...people think im a man??? Not good considering the amount of time and money Ibe spent here.

Your profiling system isnt all.

Ive been very specific. Im a lawyer and thus is ridiculous. Ill spend nothing more till this mishap is resolved.

Have you made any recent changes to your processing? I get your launch page for a member but no next page giving location etc. This is a good enough reason to opt out as I have no intention of wasting credits to always find out where in Australia the other party is. I am now opting out of your site. I am a considerable user?????

Frank asked on Jan 08, 2019

Hi i am swim2you Cannot access site still have credits

Swim2you asked on Dec 13, 2018

Does anyone have a problem with they about me profile part staying up as i do?

Cody K asked on Dec 12, 2018

Is this genuine and are the ladies genuine?

Lewisan asked on Dec 05, 2018

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No. The small print says it is entertainment, not for dating

How do I join?

Toadman asked on Dec 03, 2018

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Dont waste your time and a whole lot of money. Its a scam mate.

How do i pay?

millydude07 asked on Oct 02, 2018

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Did you understand my summary of this site? There are no real women or men behind the photos just Chinese manipulators to get at your money. So, My advice go to other sexy sites and bypass this one for good. WVS.

How do you join my secret fling please?

lynny asked on Sep 15, 2018

When can you get someones details or send a massage with out paid for it or to send your phone number?

brizzy1958 asked on Aug 17, 2018

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All these phantom sites are not real. There are no real people behind all the photos being shown. Therefore, you can never get personal details from them. Similarly you can give them your details such as phone numbers etc. But that is useless because there are no real people behind these photos. They are all phantom members.
There are no free messages, that's how these sites make their money: pay for every message , have a look at your credit card debits for these sites they overcharge every time.
Stay away from these sites they are useless. Try other sites with real people on them instead..

Are the girl's here real?

Gernid asked on Apr 24, 2018

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Haven't meet anyone yet, and when you give them your personal contact details, they ignore it completely I would stay away and join another site, at least there they are not chat bots spewing out fake profiles,

I doubt it very much.

How to see my account?

BILL asked on Apr 23, 2018

How about changing the price for each message to 50 cents per message instead of $1?

Foryourpleasure asked on Apr 05, 2018

are the womans photos real and do they send the messages?

caughttoooften. asked on Nov 26, 2017

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That is a very interesting question.
There are many fake profiles here.
The stories they make up have really no credibility at all.
Their answers are all the same,and many of them will not tell you where they are from.
If you want to waste your money stay on this website.

I agree with James....Go to ZOOSK, much better site.

how to login in?

Pavel S asked on Nov 24, 2017

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This is a well known rip of site...look at the reviews....try ZOOSK if you want to talk to real people not computers


Can you help me sign up to my secret fling?

Tonzz asked on Oct 26, 2017

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It’s a complete scam, save your money for a better site, this is all fiction-read the small print and all the reviews.

make sure you read the fine print and rules if you read it carefully you will see where they admit that they use profiles that dont are not allowed to exchange phone numbers or any other contact information ,that way they force you to communicate with messages useing their credits,100 messages wiil cost well over $100 dollars,

What is the joining fee and how much does $50 get me on My Secret Fling?

Banjo asked on Aug 19, 2017

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will just get you ripped off Banjo don't bother

It wont get you anything...its totally fake....join another agency....I

what it will get you is reasons to spend more and more money.

is my email address private?

grossly disappointed asked on Aug 05, 2017

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the complete site is one big question,and the answers are never in your favour,stay right away from it,.