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how can i buy a travel insurance online now?

Tuyet Nguyen asked on Jul 08, 2017

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Hi Tuyet, try or call 1800 010 078

Do you have for age 79 insurance?

Khosrow Haidary Gazik asked on Jun 22, 2017

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Hi Khosrow, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, we only cover up to age 74. Our other travel insurance brands, and do. Regards, Anthony

Hi Question- if my flight gets cancelled citing Operational Requirments, do you cover expenses such as food ect until you are rebooked on another flight? ( I know airline will usually cover accomodation )

Vanessa asked on Apr 29, 2017

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Hi, it's best to call 1800 010 078 as they would have this information at their fingertips. There is some information regarding cancellations here: Regards, Anthony.

We are traveling to France later in the year. If, due to security or terrorist concerns we cancelled out holiday, would we be covered? thanks

Mick asked on Apr 08, 2017

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Hi Mick, more here - Basically, if you require medical treatment yes, but does not cover other things related to that event, e.g. flights etc. You can also view the PDS here:

Which travel insurance (package) should we consider as 2 adult parents and one child 2 and a half years old. we are traveling to USA. 4+ weeks. I am just concern if my child needed to visit doctor,.. what is the best way to do so. Full Comprehensive with $0 claim don't care which company is cheapest i need the simplest and less hassle to deal with?

Johnny asked on Apr 02, 2017

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Hi Johnny, thanks for your query. We do offer a comprehensive option but our smallest excess is $150. See more at the PDS here (page 8) to see what's covered and if this suits your needs: Also, feel free to call our team at 1800 010 078 for more information.

Hi My mum is on warfarin - has been for over 10 years with no problems - would she be covered for a trip to europe for a cruise and couple of side stop overs

vh asked on Mar 08, 2017

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Hi, it's best to get in contact with our call centre on 1800 010 078 as they would have this information at their fingertips. Regards, Anthony.

We are off to Fiji in May and in your terms and conditions cannot find anything to do with floods and cyclones; be it they happen before we depart or whilst we are there. Can you please clarify? Thanks Liz

Liz asked on Feb 05, 2017

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Hi Liz - on page 36 of the PDS, it says f] In addition, we will reimburse your Reasonable additional travel and accommodation expenses if a disruption to your Journey arises from the following reasons: • your scheduled or connecting transport is cancelled, delayed,
shortened or diverted because of a strike, riot, hijack, civil protest, weather or natural disaster. So this would cover the floods/cyclones aspect. However, you will be travelling outside of the cyclone season so this should not be an issue. Regards, Anthony.

If I were in Thailand and had an accident and was hospitalised would the claim be paid outright or would I have to pay and claim later. As this may be expensive this would be a real concern of mine. Also as you are online would we receive a copy of the policy to take with us? Kind regards Tracy

tracy asked on Jan 21, 2017

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Hi Tracy, thanks for your comment. The policy will be emailed out to you if you make a purchase. In terms of the claim, the current PDS ( says you would have to contact us as soon as possible regarding a hospital claim. But generally, the claim would be paid later. You can find out more by calling 1800 010 078. Regards, Anthony

Hi My sons are travelling to Philippines on 10 Dec. They are 18 and 13. Do I get one travel insurance for them as the 13y/o will be the dependent of my 18 y/o? Thanks

JYB asked on Dec 06, 2016

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Hi, please call our call centre on 1800 010 078 and they will have this information at their fingertips. Regards, Anthony

Which travel insurance is the best for cruise ships?

Juanita Matterson asked on Nov 14, 2016

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Hi Juanita - Online Travel Insurance has a cruise pack which is an add on to the purchase path - if you go through the process, you can simply select this. Cheers, Anthony

Gday We are planning a trip to US & Canada with a 7 night Cruise to Alaska , Will the travel insurance cover the cruise as well if anything should happen ?

Neil asked on Sep 25, 2016

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Hi, when you go through the booking process, there is a 'cruise' option you can select with the 'Comprehensive Travel Insurance' product which will adjust the premium. Regards, Anthony.

Can I get a quote on travel insurance includes medical for 12 moths?

Suesa V asked on Jul 26, 2016

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Hi, it's best to call 1800 010 078 - or you can book a policy online as long as it's no longer than 365 days in duration. Cheers, Anthony

Online Travel Insurance does have a 12 month policy covering multiple trips (less than 45 days each) in the one 12 month period. It's best to go to their website and check out the options. They have an easy-to-use quote system which places no obligation on you until you accept a quote. For medical cover, you should check their list of pre-existing illnesses that are covered. If you have an illness not on that list, you may need to explore another travel insurance option for medical cover for that condition over a 12 month period.

I would like to ask if something happen in our Home, for example, someone breaks in. Could I shorten the trip and claim the air ticket fee back Home?

Lai asked on Jun 26, 2016

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Hi, thanks for the question. It's best to contact our call centre on 1800 010 078 (+61 7 3305 7499 from overseas) or at [email protected] because the team will have this at their fingertips. Regards, Anthony

I am 44 years old have sleep apnea is this covered? I have sleep machine and is under control

Jason asked on Jun 16, 2016

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Hi Jason, thanks for the question. It's best to call our customer service line on 1800 010 078 to find out for sure as they would have this information at their fingertips. Regards, Anthony

Hi. As a British citizen, can I buy insurance from 'Online Travel Insurance'?

RHock asked on May 05, 2016

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Hi - my understanding is that you need to be an Australian resident to take out our travel insurance - please call our customer service line on 1800 010 078 to confirm this though as they would have the most up to date information. Regards, Anthony

Hi, going Gold coast with fam for 10 days. Normally I don't purchase insurance for just a domestic travel but will hire a car at the airport. I read that Europcar & Hertz were reprimanded & fined $100,000 after the Fed Court found part of its rental terms to be “unfair & void”. The article it said "You may have travel insurance through your credit card or your own travel insurance that could cover [car damage] excess," Can you advise how this works? Can I hire a car, without taking out the excess reduction & be covered by your insurance? I believe your policy covers up to $6,000 Example, with to hire a Camry it would be $0 excess will cost me AUD $480.50 $990 excess will cost me AUD $390.49 $4,400-$5,500 excess will cost me AUD $258.48 Even with with Avis it's $273.26 - Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) INCLUDED But Excess Reduction is another $216.00 Obviously if I'm covered with travel insurance then I would take the cheapest option & save a lot of money in the process.

Landy asked on Apr 27, 2016

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Hi, if you call our customer service team 1800 010 078 they will have this information at their fingertips. Regards, Anthony

Hi. With a multi trip policy do I need to advise each trip before hand?

Jacob asked on Feb 22, 2016

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Hi Jacob, thanks for your question. In regards to these kinds of questions, it would be best to contact our call centre on 1800 010 078 as they would have the most up to date information. Regards, Anthony

Hi, Could you please advise me in what circumstances you WON'T cover flight cancellations? For example, do you reimburse customers if any of the following reasons cause a flight cancellation? Mechanical fault, overbooking, maintenance, repairs, rescheduling or service faults. I ask this because I recently had to make a claim for a flight cancellation, the reason given by the airline was "Engineering Requirements" which to my dismay I wasn't covered. This time I am making sure before taking out a policy. Regards, Richard S

richard asked on Feb 07, 2016

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Hi Richard, it's best to call our team at 1800 010 078 as they would have the most up to date information at hand. Cheers, Anthony

I have hyperthyroid and on medication. (Everything g is under control and I don't have any specific issues with my current situation). In regards to the pre-existing medical condition, do I need to call your Call Centre to disclose I have hyperthyroid? No questions asked on the online form. I want to know if I am cover for medical/hospital treatment for anything happened other than my throyid issues? For what I can understand, I am only not covered if anything related to my pre-existing hyperthyroid condition. Am I right? Thanks!

Laura Y asked on Jan 31, 2016

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Hi Laura, with any specific questions like these, it's best to contact the call centre 1800 010 078 and they will be able to help you out. Regards, Anthony

How does there claim works? any reviews?

Ecyoj M Aye asked on Nov 10, 2015

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I was fortunate that I didn't need to claim.

There are 5 pages of reviews but no claim feedback, but I found 1 vague review which appears to be an exact copy of another by a different name. Why do people waste everyone's time saying you didn't need to claim!

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