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I have a box (40x30x30, 6 kg) containing personal items to send to London. I went to West Ryde Pack and Send to get a quote. I was told that it will cost me about$300. Then I ring up Parramatta and got a quote of $165. I don't understand why there is a big difference. Please explain?

AHKY asked on Jul 26, 2017

I have a item that needs to be picked up from the Jetstar counter @ Honolulu International Airport. This item needs to be packaged by the Courier for transport to Botany NSW Australia. The courier would also need a copy of my passport and authorisation from me for the pick up. Can this be done?

Desley asked on Jun 30, 2017

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Hi Desley, You can contact PACK & SEND Botany on 02 9661 1144 or and they will be able to provide you with information.

Hi, My husband and I send a parcel for my parents in philippines how will it take to get there and do they have to pick up theirselves and where?

Charwen asked on Jun 27, 2017

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Hi Charwen, You will need to contact the Service Centre you sent it through. Do you know which one you used? -Nicky

We have sent through pack and send Maroochydore centre

Just wondering what happened to my last Q?

Mick. T asked on Jun 24, 2017

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Hi Mick, I do not know. What was your last Q?

Hi I am looking at having a saddle shipped from Perth Australia to Edmonton Ab Canada. Wondering how it will arrive here (Canada Post, DHL etc)? Will there be addituonal charges once it arrives? Thx

Crystal asked on May 26, 2017

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Hi Crystal, We use a variety of carriers to transport goods internationally. It will depend on the service you chose as to which carrier will be used. As for Duties and Taxes there is a high chance that these will be payable in Canada but will depend on the nature and the value of the consignment. You will need to contact your nearest PACK & SEND Service Centre for this information. Would you mind telling me you postcode so I can advise you their details?


I want to send a parcel to U.K. Do I pack it myself to send? How long does it take to get there ?

Colleen asked on May 04, 2017

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Hi Colleen, What is the suburb and post code of where you are located?

I WANT TO SEND A ROLLATOR WALKER TO SRI LANKA DESCRIPTION : 6.5Kgs in weight very light Dims :Width 61.6cm Length 59.7cm Height 52cm for home delivery to door step address No.1/26 Mazenod College Road, Kandana Sri Lanka this 20 Kms from Airport so not far can you give me the price and delivery date/time please?

Jacintha Jayawardena asked on May 03, 2017

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Hi Jacintha, can you please tell me the postcode of where the item is now? I will need to put you in contact with your nearest Service Centre and they can advise you of costs and requirements.
Thank you -Nicky

The Goods are at our work place , [personal details removed]
but i have not put all my labels into this package yet , as i am checking which is the cheapest way to send , so if you can give me a cheap price and then ican send it through you

Hi Jacintha, You can contact PACK & SEND Caulfield on 03 9528 5111 or and they can assist you with your enquiry.


Do you have a cash on delivery service?

Evie asked on Apr 27, 2017

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Hi Evie, As a general rule we do not. But in saying that you can contact the Service Centre closest to your receiver and discuss these detail with them. They may comply. If you give me the receiving post code I can advise the contact details for you?

Can I send some of foods include frozen one to Canberra and Sydney? If that so how long does it take?

Soo asked on Mar 27, 2017

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Hi Soo, Yes it is possible. I will need to put you in touch with your nearest Service Centre so they can assist with your enquiry. Are you able to email me at with your details
-Thank you, Nicky

Do you use TNT & DHL for international deliveries? I need to send a fragile item to the UK, but am reluctant especially it TNT is used.

GLPW asked on Mar 24, 2017

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Hi There, Thank you for your enquiry. We use a number of carriers to ship overseas. You can discuss your needs with your local Service Centre and they can talk you through the different options we have on offer. You do not have to use TNT if that makes you uncomfortable.
Would you like me to put you in touch with your nearest Service Centre? If so, what would be your postcode?

Thanks. I will consult with staff at Southport service centre.

do you send to northern ireland?

thomas asked on Feb 13, 2017

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Hi Thomas, We certainly do!! If you can send me your details to I can put you in touch with one of our Service Centres and they can supply you with costs, packaging and customs requirements.

-Thanks Nicky.

I would like to send about 200kgs of my belongings from Perth Australia to bad wildungen Germany or to Kassel Germany would be fine Can you do?

outback andy asked on Feb 10, 2017

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Hi Outback Andy, We certainly can!! Are you able to email me at your details and I can have a Service Centre contact you with quotes, services and transit times.

a bit late mate. I am in germany for 15 days now and packed and sent my stuff a nearly a month ago. you snooze you loose.

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