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I have tank water and a faulty pump which is required to pump water to the house so I have water for bathroom, kitchen etc... can you help me please?

Bill asked on Dec 23, 2018

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Hi Bill, our apologies as faulty pumps is not something that is able to be covered by our Emergency Home Assistance. Burnout or fusion of Electrical motors and pumps, may be covered under RACV Home Insurance. Should you wish to discuss this further, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone on 13 RACV (13 7228), available between 7am and 11pm, everyday. Warm regards, Martin - Social Media Consultant.

Hi - I rang RACV emergency home assist as my gas ducted heating was not working. Unfortunately the person who came could not fix it and he said he will arrange for another person to give me a quote. How long does it take before I get the quote so I can organise the heating to be fixed? The person came at around 10.30am and it’s not 5.15pm and I still haven’t got the quote. (Ps it is freezing in Melbourne!)

FGhost asked on Jul 02, 2018

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I have the same question. Any ideas?

Is a stormwater drain blockage covered by EHA?

Lindsay asked on Apr 03, 2018

I had a plumber here on 3rd September for a blocked drain. He turned up with just 18 metes of coil and no jet, then declared he couldn't clear the drain but that he could organise me a quote blah, blah, blah. Next day on the 4th I got my own plumber (not through RACV) and he fixed the blockage in 20 minutes. Not only did he have 40 metres of coil but he also had a camera and a jet cleaner. Am I right to feel dudded by RACV Home Assist?

Bux asked on Sep 19, 2017

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You cant expect RACV to be equipped with expensive equipment like cameras etc. they are there to help in an emergency and do their job very well. But would have had to pay big for a plumber so would expect to get the job done well. We are extremely happy with RACV EHA and we have had to have them out several times.

I think you need to make sure you let RACV know what happened. Naturally they expect to be sending good trades people. As we all know.... not everyone is good (or honest) at their job. The only way they can get rid of the bad workers is if we let them know. I have never had any trouble with any of the tradies they have sent to 'save' my issues, but I did used to use an RACV approved car repairer. I was not happy and stopped using them, I did not complain to RACV - probably should have - but I notice now they are not RACV approved any more.

Listen to their advertisments they are the first port of call, saving that initial call out fee which can be so expensive if it can't be done by them then it is the next stage, they tell you that. What do you want for the money it's not like it costs a fortune. Great peace of mind and also great service times even on Weekends. Come on Aussie's give it a break

Can you give me a list of things which are not covered by this so-called home assist?

Peter asked on May 11, 2016

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I cannot find on the list BROKEN WINDOW GLASS.

My two grandchildren accidentally broke a window reaching down to ground floor level. Being only 5 and 6 year old boys, they rushed to play with the shiny broken bits and we had to restrain them.

I called RACV emergency assist. Within an hour a plumber arrived who used sticky plastic sheets to fix all the broken glass inside the window frame so that the children could nolonger touch the broken glass and end up with bleeding fingers or worse.

A couple of hours later RACV assist rang to give us the phone number of a plumber who could give us a quote and, if we agreed, come, cut and fit a new glass pane into the window frame.

By that time it was late Friday afternoon. I rang the plumber whose number RACV had supplied and he told me we would probably get a call on Monday to give us a quote and, if accepted, come and complete the repair.

No problem waiting as the first plumber had rendered the broken glass safe.

Thank you RACV Emergency Assist for your prompt response to solve the risk of broken glass injuring small children.

Vincent McNamara

(My daughter Catherine living in our family home is the registered member).

How can I become a service provider for RACV. Who do I contact regarding this ? Sean

Wiz asked on Apr 19, 2016

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Hi Sean - please contact contractors@clubhomeresponse.com.au

Is Cape Paterson 3995 covered by EHA?

David HD asked on Mar 17, 2016

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Hi David
Yes postcode 3995 is covered by EHA. Feel free to call us on 13 27 56 for more information.
Aaron Flavell, RACV Home Services