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Ready Flowers is no longer trading/available.
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Did anyone get a confirmation email for there order as i ordered then had a problem with the site and got worried the site was not genuine, then i found all off your reviews. Tried to stop order through visa company but cant.

denise asked on Dec 21, 2015

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Yes, my son-in-law received a confirmation. Why can't your payment be reversed? Our bank has sent out a form to be filled in with details of payment etc and then they are going to take over. We rang Ready Flowers again yesterday, still same answer! These guys have no shame.

Well so far i havent received an email of confirmation, so since i had a issue with the pay now,maybe the order didn't take place. Heres hoping . Fingers crossed.

Let's contact a Current Affair and close these people down!!

Denise, I was told by my bank that I had 120 days to initiate a chargeback and reclaim my money from this bunch of thieves. A bit of Googling suggests this is a standard Visa thing, rather than specific to my bank. It sounds like they're trying to fob you off and you should have another crack. Don't let Ready Flowers keep your money! I had to cancel my card as part of the process which is massively inconvenient but I'm not going to stand for daylight robbery.

Which site is recommended for online purchase of flowers and gifts to be delivered to Balcatta, Perth?

Leonie asked on Sep 15, 2014

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I have been using fastflowers for the last 4 years and never had a problem.

The absolute safest is to google a florist in the area and call them directly. Otherwise if you want to see a pic what you're sending, use Interflora or Petals Network. These are Florist Relay Networks that are run by florists themselves.
Fast Flowers and a bunch of others are also order gatherers but just run much smoother by Australian offices. The rule of thumb is that if you can't call a LOCAL landline number or see a street address on the website, it's not a real florist (except Interflora and Petals, as stated, they are run very differently and reputably).

I am a florist, to order is really easy.. Google map the address you want delivery to, when it comes up, put your cursor in front of the address bar and type"florist near" .. It will update and show you all the LOCAL florists in the area..

Don't use ready flowers...go online a check out the reviews - we have had an extremely bad experience from this company - they do not deliver !!

Direct2Florist is the best company to use by far. Others are all order takers who take a large percentage. D2F on the other hand have a small service fee which the customers knows they are paying, the full rest of the value goes to the florist. Best way by far though is to phone a local florist. Check there website and call them direct.

I have read some of the complaints above in regards to ready flowers, here is another side to of the story about ready flowers, We are a florist and do accept orders from ready flowers , these are sent via email to all florists in an area, with the relevant instructions, type of flowers and the value of the arrangement or bouquet. We are requested to send flowers with Nil or very little profit. An order I received last week had a dud phone number attached AND a wrong address. There was no way I was able to contact ready flowers. I went out of my way to try and locate the recipient for this bouquet, it took me a good 2 hours. Consequently we sent these flowers out with a big loss. To top it off I heard that the recipient had gone interstate !! what now? Ready flowers is a very greedy company.

Robert P asked on Jul 14, 2014

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Why do you continue to act as clients for readyflowers? They're obviously crooks! Refuse to work with them - warn all the other florists about working with them. Put warnings on your website etc.

Sorry wrong link. If you are still having problems -

If you are doing Ready Flowers work then you are partnering in their delinquent conduct which assists in keeping them going. As such you are as bad as them!

Has anybody actually received a refund after they have send an email stating that the flowers were not delivered due to 'supplier issues' (2 months and many emails and phone calls later mind you). I was advised my refund would be issued in 10 - 14 days and it has been another 2 months. I am waiting for the refund for Mother's Day flowers I ordered in May! Perhaps we should expose this company and the Australian owners to the media?

indigostar asked on Aug 18, 2013

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They have sent an email stating I should have half my delivered charge refunded in 10-15 working days so will give it one more week then may take action

What happened? as my flowers were not delivered

I am beyond furious with this company. I ordered flowers for Mother's Day (May 11th) to be delivered to my mother in Sydney. They never arrived. Received an email notice saying they had been delivered two days later but my mother never received anything. The Australian contact number is 'unusable' outside of Australia. When my sister in Sydney called it she received an automated message telling her to deal with complaints via email. I have called the Los Angeles office number: no reply. They say their business hours are 'Monday to Friday' - no times! I have demanded an immediate refund. I am livid!!! I will complain to Better Business Bureau here in LA. Be WArned: Do not deal with this company. How can we expose them in Australia???

Hopefully we do get refunds. I made an order on March 17 14, and I am still waiting for a refund the dates 22 May 2014. It has to be a full refund too because they were unable to provide the service. I hope they don't try to use that 50% refund if cancelled on me. I was such a fool doing this, as I am a PAYPAL contender, as like many I followed the false good reviews on Facebook etc.....My refund isn't looking promising then. Never again

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June 17th 2014 and still waiting for refund since March 17. I've given up expecting my refund but posting for future reference to others how long the wait can actually be. Will keep posting updates.

what is disappointing at most was I never got to speak with people who is responsible for this business.

Call centre is for their cover, their defense and is to keep customer a distance so that responsible people don't need to deal with unhappy and frustrated customer.

that is not a honest business.

treating customer just as "claim".
not treating with care.
that is very sad.

I never written complain to anyone before even I get treated badly at the shop. but this company supposed to deliver care and happiness with flower isn't it?

I honestly hope they will change their service to reduce increasing disappointed and deceived customers.

I was refunded 50% after numerous attempts,I just mentioned that the matter was in the hands of the department of fair training!!

They say they will refund when u call. But you keep calling, they keep referring me to different people then I have explain the whole situation again even after giving my ustimer number.
Once they realise they are wrong, they tell you they will give you a call or email you and that's it.
You can call as many times as you like, they will never actually do something about it.

My daughters partner rang his credit card company yesterday and they have a team working on his refund. They are reversing the payment as the contract was not fulfilled by the company.

I ended up tracking down the email address of the company owner, who is apparently Australian and emailing him directly. I then got a full refund. Their email addresses are on the web if you google it!

Let's contact a Current Affair and close these people down!!

Flowers I ordered didn't turn up for a funeral. They said the courier forgot to pick them up. They would refund my credit card. Well that was nearly 3 weeks ago. No use ringing as the off shore contact centre just says they will look into it. Has anyone else not received their refund?

Robyn222222 asked on Sep 17, 2012

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Hi Robyn222222
I ended up getting back my small refund after having to prove that they deducted the extra $5. Keep perservering with emails. Other alternative is to contact your credit card supplier and get them to obtain the refund as the goods weren't received.
I honestly hope all works out for you.

My Flowers made it but were late. They advised me they would look into but never got back to me. I have not requested a refund
Just terrible service. 1 hour after I placed my order they approached me to pay more money as delivery fee was incorrect on their website.
When I googled the company I found that they are also being investigated by Fair Trading. I suggest that you lodge your complaint with them - It can be done online via a form as they are putting together a case against the company

Good Luck

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Lets contact A Current Affair and close these people down!!

Would be very interested to hear if you have been able to lodge a complaint. Really feel bad that this company can continue to trade this way and get away with this.

soaresj123 asked on Feb 16, 2012

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I have lodged a complaint to ACCC. Ready Flowers is in The Age Newspaper today and NSW fair trading has appointed a case officer to handle the complaints. looks like it is getting somewhere but let us see how far it goes!

I have not been able to speak to the company at all, and have not received back any response from my email to them,. Except of course a confirmation that received my email. And no one has called me back.

I called ACCC and lodged complaint online with NSW fairtrading. Fingers crossed.

Well it didn't go anywhere, they have gotten away with it again this year, so disgusted that they are able to keep trading to do the same thing a year later.

Hey did anyone manage to get their money back? I'm still fighting for mine

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I have reported Readyflowers to my bank the bank gives you a temp credit until Readyflowers refunds you. Readyflowers has to respond to your bank as to whether or not you received the goods and if not when they intend on refunding you. If Readyflowers don't respond to the bank you keep your refund from the bank and the bank takes action against Readyflowers.

Anyone experiencing this issue call your bank lodge a dispute.

My order didn't arrive on the scheduled date (even though I was assured an email that it had! bang goes the birthday surprise and bang goes $93! ive sent 4 emails but still no response!

I have been waiting over four weeks for flowers to be delivered or my money returned. Called them again today and same old answers, will be delivered. If my flowers are not delivered by tomorrow now, I will report to ACCC and contact my bank.

Useless company, steer well clear. Still just the same useless loads of rude morons. No flowers but they are more than happy to accept your hard earned cash.

useless dud company couldnt deliver on valentines, took our money on the day however 1 month later and still no refund. Will be lodging a complaint asap to the ACCC they said I was next in line on their contact phone line (1800 number) waited 15 min still no answer

Lets contact A Current Affair and close these people down!!

I am only one of I don't know how many florists that have not been paid for work we did for Ready Flowers in October I agree they need closing down! We florists only get paid a half of what the customers pay them. Eg: 12 red roses sell at Ready Flowers for $124.95 the florist gets paid $60.64 to buy the flowers, arrange them and deliver them. Ready Flowers have no prior knowledge of flowers or locations.