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How can I get jobs to do concrete house slabs for Simonds?

Rizzo asked on Oct 13, 2018

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Hi Rizzo,

You can check employment opportunities via our website:
Or through LinkedIn:


How long does it take for the ordering process to complete? Our job is currently said to be that stage.

Bij asked on Oct 11, 2018

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Hi Bij,
If you can please pass through your job number I will query the relevant team and push them to confirm with you.

Not sure how long will it take to get the site started after gallery it took one month to contact than not much progress its been almost two months? seems like a massive delay in the process.

Janaka asked on Oct 05, 2018

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Hi Janaka,
If you can please let me know your job number I'll happily pass this on to the relevant internal team to see if we can get a quicker resolution.

Job Number: 57542,
Approvals stage completed on

Thanks Janaka, confirming this has been passed through.

I was wondering what window supplier u use im in need of supplying a quote for Windows in a simmonds home for australian builders academy course kind? regards mick

Michael P asked on Sep 27, 2018

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Hi Mick,

The window supplier used by Simonds is Dowell.


Hi, I am dealing with Simmonds at this moment and need to know what all are precautions I can take prior to signing a contract. I am unable to work on their pricing on certain items like Same Ducted cost $15K with every other builder and Simmonds is $20K plus. Same issue in many other items. Any suggestions?

TK asked on Sep 22, 2018

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Hi TK, can you please let us know who your current consultant is and where you are based so we can look into this for you? Thanks.

I am meeting with your staff tomorrow and if I am not convinced with the overall estimate - I will disclose all issues here so you can help me after. For now, I am giving it a genuine chance to correct all issues.

Just wondering how long it will take for you guys to make quotes ready after galary appointment and start time really worrying alot

Khush asked on Sep 04, 2018

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Hi Khush,
Thanks for contacting Simonds Homes. Can you please provide your job number so we can forward this onto the relevant team? Thanks.

Hi Guys, does anyone know if simonds express home come with alfresco or patio ? I have recently signed Rathdowne but then realized it doesn't have alfresco/patio on my sitting .

Raj asked on Sep 04, 2018

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Hi Raj,
Thanks for contacting Simonds Homes. Can you please provide your job number so we can forward this onto the relevant team? Thanks.

Hi I bought land in manor lake but my neighbour soil throw my land I said it’s ur soil those worker yes but supervisor said it’s small builder throw.i complaint where please help me.

Deepak asked on Aug 28, 2018

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Hi Deepak,
Can you please provide your address or job number so we can investigate this further for you? Thanks.

Michele my hot wayer panels have been installed wrong what can i do?

Mish asked on Aug 27, 2018

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Hi Mish,
Thanks for contacting Simonds Homes and we are sorry to hear about the inconveniences. Can you please provide your job number so we can forward this onto the relevant team? Thanks.

They are building next door and from what i have seen in there work practices i would be concerned about their quality. Half the frame was constructed on a Sunday between 730am and 630pm, tools and acinery operating all day. Whilst pouring the slab, they splashed conrete over our paths. left scrap building materials over ours and other other adjoining properties. did not provde skip for rubbish unill weeks into the build, the frame was complete an building rubbish piled up even for weeks after skip in place. roofers used our driveway and paths to access property covering everything in mud. bricks stacked along our propery line on our land, then two pallet of bricks placed on our front yard blocking our letterbox, no room on the build site front due to rubbish. contacted builder to discuss and was told i would be contacted by supervisor, no contact, situation ignored. i will never use his builder, knowing this is how they work i would not trust them. is this normal for this builder?

Col W asked on Aug 11, 2018

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Hi Col,
We are sorry to hear about all these inconveniences. Can you maybe provide an exact address so we can forward this onto the supervisor? Thanks.

Have talked with the supervisor, so far no improvement, but i will give them a few more days before i consider legal action.

Why do you charge 500$ for just the initial plan and quote?. It gets hard to justify, as other builders are happy to give you initial quote and plan designs with few changes.

A.T asked on Aug 01, 2018

Hi, I am looking to build in Mitchell Shire in Victoria. Has anyone else built there with Simonds? Keen to see if the build quality will be good?

Sammy asked on Aug 01, 2018

Hi, My partner and I are in the very early stages of building a house with Simonds. We have heard the appliances are by tecknika, which don’t have great reviews and we would prefer to have a Smeg oven. Does anyone know if this is possible? And what the process is to go about this?

Emma asked on Jul 29, 2018

The default kitchen appliances supported by Simonds is either Smeg/Technika. But I don’t want either of them. I am interested to have Bosch for oven, cooktop, microwave, range hood and Millie for dishwasher. Is it possible? If yes what is the procedure?

narmadham asked on Jul 08, 2018

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You’ll have to speak to Simonds about that, I can’t answer on their behalf.

Hi Narmadham this is possible, however, please confirm which category home you are interested in buying and we will be able to assist you further as only some Bosch appliances are available.

Thank you!

Best wishes, Amanda

I am going to build my dream home with Simonds Home at Central Coast. I wonder if any one has had any good and bad information and experience with Simonds Home in Central Coast? Hope to get the helpful. Many thanks indeed! Nam

nam asked on Jul 03, 2018

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Hi Nam, Thanks for considering Simonds for your new home! We want to emphasise our commitment to building Australians’ dream homes and let you know that we are always here to address any questions you may have. Best wishes, Simonds

I am currently building with Simonds in Queensland. So far the experience has been excellent.

Hi simonds can u guys do minor changes such as take one meter out from one area and add on another one -after contract done , is it free or with any cost plz reply on [email removed]

Jass asked on Jun 29, 2018

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Hi Jass
Thanks for the query.
Generally speaking we can not.What you are best doing is to get in touch with your customer service officer and send through exactly what you are wanting to do.
There will be additional costs in any instance and we know your contract is signed but if these changes mean a lot to you, you need to raise it quickly with your CSO to discuss
Kind Regards

Job no. 53259 Job completed and I have moved in. I have few issues which will need urgent attention. I have been calling and and emailing the Supervisor since 5.06.18 but no action. I have spoken to Maintenance Manager but no action. I need a solution. I want someone other than the Supervisor should visit and see the problems. Can I please get a contact detail?

Suju asked on Jun 19, 2018

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Hello and thank you for alerting us
We will have a Manager make contact with you today to understand the matter and take care of anything we need to
Kind Regards

Hi! I’ve been through the Ledger display in Romsey and it’s beautiful! I was wondering if you could tell me where the aninal portraits are from? It appears to all be from the same collection displaying a woodland theme. Thank you so much!

Jesskimo asked on May 28, 2018

Been in our simonds home in do we get going "smart house feature"?

ECEguy asked on May 23, 2018

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Dear ECE
Please make contact with your construction supervisor or your customer service officer for assistance with this matter
Kind Regards

Please contact Dominic Rego [contact detail removed] New build at 34 Victoria St Malabar NSW 2 storey 4 bedroom rear lane double garage and granny flat. Scope: Knock down existing fibro house and new build DA approved plans by architect Looking for a reliable competitive builder Modern design with lightweight building materials Aim to start building end of 2018 Please let me know if this fits your scope ? [email address removed]

Dom Rego asked on May 16, 2018

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