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The default kitchen appliances supported by Simonds is either Smeg/Technika. But I don’t want either of them. I am interested to have Bosch for oven, cooktop, microwave, range hood and Millie for dishwasher. Is it possible? If yes what is the procedure?

narmadham asked on Jul 08, 2018

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You’ll have to speak to Simonds about that, I can’t answer on their behalf.

Hi Narmadham this is possible, however, please confirm which category home you are interested in buying and we will be able to assist you further as only some Bosch appliances are available.

Thank you!

Best wishes, Amanda

I am going to build my dream home with Simonds Home at Central Coast. I wonder if any one has had any good and bad information and experience with Simonds Home in Central Coast? Hope to get the helpful. Many thanks indeed! Nam

nam asked on Jul 03, 2018

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Hi Nam, Thanks for considering Simonds for your new home! We want to emphasise our commitment to building Australians’ dream homes and let you know that we are always here to address any questions you may have. Best wishes, Simonds

Hi simonds can u guys do minor changes such as take one meter out from one area and add on another one -after contract done , is it free or with any cost plz reply on [email removed]

Jass asked on Jun 29, 2018

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Hi Jass
Thanks for the query.
Generally speaking we can not.What you are best doing is to get in touch with your customer service officer and send through exactly what you are wanting to do.
There will be additional costs in any instance and we know your contract is signed but if these changes mean a lot to you, you need to raise it quickly with your CSO to discuss
Kind Regards

Job no. 53259 Job completed and I have moved in. I have few issues which will need urgent attention. I have been calling and and emailing the Supervisor since 5.06.18 but no action. I have spoken to Maintenance Manager but no action. I need a solution. I want someone other than the Supervisor should visit and see the problems. Can I please get a contact detail?

Suju asked on Jun 19, 2018

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Hello and thank you for alerting us
We will have a Manager make contact with you today to understand the matter and take care of anything we need to
Kind Regards

Hi! I’ve been through the Ledger display in Romsey and it’s beautiful! I was wondering if you could tell me where the aninal portraits are from? It appears to all be from the same collection displaying a woodland theme. Thank you so much!

Jesskimo asked on May 28, 2018

Been in our simonds home in do we get going "smart house feature"?

ECEguy asked on May 23, 2018

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Dear ECE
Please make contact with your construction supervisor or your customer service officer for assistance with this matter
Kind Regards

Please contact Dominic Rego [contact detail removed] New build at 34 Victoria St Malabar NSW 2 storey 4 bedroom rear lane double garage and granny flat. Scope: Knock down existing fibro house and new build DA approved plans by architect Looking for a reliable competitive builder Modern design with lightweight building materials Aim to start building end of 2018 Please let me know if this fits your scope ? [email address removed]

Dom Rego asked on May 16, 2018

Hi, Is the Simonds Smart home starter pack still available with the promotion?

Binbin asked on May 16, 2018

I would like someone to contact me in regards to our build with simonds.

Kristy asked on May 04, 2018

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Hi Kristy

If you can provide us your job number we will happily contact you
Kind Regards

Hi there. We are currently building with Simonds and generally we are happy so far... but we have struck a couple of problems which are starting to bug us. we asked for 2 3m wide 3 panel sliding doors installed and through the sales process they were described as a stacking door. Ie 2 panels move and slide back and stack with the stationary. When they were installed I found out that only one panel moves, they even sold us a 2 panel screen door to suit a stacker. I bought this up but out drawings are correct and show that one panel moves only, (very hard to see). Simonds won’t do anything as it is in the drawing and construction has started, even though through the sales process we were promised a stacking door. I was told by my crc to contact Dowell direct which I have and they said they can change it after hand over but won’t give me a price until hand over. What should I do????

Cliff B asked on May 04, 2018

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Hi Cliff
Please reply with your job number so we can take a closer look to see what’s involved with the doors
Kind Regards


Hi, I am currently building with Simonds (lock up stage) would I still be able to make some minor structural changes (garage, kitchen?) I am happy to pay the fees etc. thanks

Ruan asked on May 02, 2018

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Hi Ruan
Please provide your job number so we can look into this and see what’s involved

How long after signing off should we get keys?

R.R asked on Apr 30, 2018

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Hello R.R
There’s a couple of things that need to occur before you get your keys
If you can provide me your job number ? I’ll find out where things are at so we can get you in your home as soon as possible
Kind Regards

We have been in our house almost 9 years that we built in the western suburbs of Melbourne with Simonds. We have recently discovered structural issues that have been caused due to a fault in the slab. Is there anything that can be done about this outside of the 7 year structural timeframe?

Linda N asked on Apr 08, 2018

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Can’t you get Simonds to check on this matter even though it’s 7 years it’s their fault from the beginning

Dear Linda

Thanks for the enquiry
Please make contact with our Point Cook office on ‭8345 8452‬ and ask to speak to our Warranty team

We will conduct an inspection and provide feedback on what the issue may be

Kind regards

Hi there, It is a ten year structural warranty... not 7... keep going. I am considering setting up a class action against Simonds Homes to expose them. You will need an independent engineer and an independent building inspector. Don't give information to Simonds as they will use their in-house lawyers to play with you and delay any claims you may have against them till your time runs out. They have no values or morals in relation to their building company.

I’d like an opportunity to discuss the concerns with your home in hope I can assist
Can you provide me with your job number please

Hi can we use the services of a building inspector for the job?

Meeshal asked on Apr 05, 2018

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Hello Meeshal

Yes, you sure can, we suggest using a reputable inspection company that has all their insurance and OH&S requirements in place

If you elect to engage an inspection company we just ask that you inform us in advance so we don’t unnecessarily delay the construction of your home and ensure we get a copy of the reports in a timely manner

Thanks and best of luck with your home building

Hi there, be very careful that you document everything as they will have their in-house lawyers look over your reports. Don't sign anything and get an engineer involved!

We are thinking of setting up a class action against Simonds Homes. Anyone interested... please contact.

My partner and I have decided to build with simmonds. We have paid the $2500 and we are undecided when it is a good time to sign the contract as our land is titling mid next year. We’re concerned that if we wait to sign that our final price in the estimate will change in that time?

Jonathan91 asked on Mar 28, 2018

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Don't build with them or you will seriously regret it.

Hi, have anyone used an external contractor for flooring with Simonds...any experience...

Sam asked on Mar 28, 2018

I want to ask the other builders normally giving us 25 years structural warranty but Simonds only 7 years why?

Man asked on Mar 25, 2018

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That’s a good question, it’s good to see your doing some ground work before selecting a builder.
Not wanting to answer a question with a question but have you read the finer details and conditions that generally apply to any extended warranty?

Simonds have been building homes for over 65 years and stand behind our product. Its worth noting there are many things home owners can also do to ensure a home performs structurally for decades, given your researching it may be of interest to read the CSIRO guides to footing Maintenance.

We would love the opportunity to build your home but in any instance best of luck with the process in selecting a builder,

Kind Regards

hi everyone i am in process of building with rawdon hill in southeast melbourne i am going with benson 39 with few changes does anyone have any experience building with them? and what you have to say about the 7 yr structural warranty is it enough? as other builders are providing more please reply asap cheers suji

suji asked on Mar 11, 2018

what do you mean by complete on an express built home as the 18 weeks has come and gone and it is still not complete? the house has been cleaned twice but tradies do not care and tramp dirt in all the time

Nhoj T asked on Feb 13, 2018

Planning to build with Metricon/ Simonds in Mitchelton Brisbane. Any thoughts/recommendations/suggestions?

Kedar asked on Jan 28, 2018

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We would build with Simmonds again.

Even though there are both big companies and lots of years in the business, I recommend , to get a independent inspector. Im building with simonds now , not happy at all,even i had my inspector.

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