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Am I covered for purchasing a new ticket for my connecting flight if I missed it? I have sufficient connecting time. This is solely due to delay of the earlier flight.

Jean asked on Feb 16, 2018

My Partner & i are travelling to Greek islands & as we have done before will be renting a Quad bike for convenience on each island. There will just be the one Quad bike & will be under 200CC & will be wearing helmets. We both will take turns in driving/passengering & both will have International Drivers License as well as full C class license here in Australia. Are we both covered as driver & passenger under the single dual comprehensive SCTI policy if purchased?

Philip asked on Feb 10, 2018

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Hi Phillip, thanks for your question.

Yes, you are covered under the policy, as long as the engine capacity is under 200cc. You must also wear a helmet at all times while riding, and you must have a valid drivers licence for the country you are visiting. The person who is with you on the bike must be insured with us too, to be covered, either with their own policy, or on your insurance policy. (You can have a maximum of two adults on one policy). They too must wear a helmet at all times when riding.

Please be advised that when riding the quad bike you will need to ensure you are riding with an organised tour or licensed operator.

You may also find this article helpful:

If you'd like to clarify anything further, please feel free to contact our team directly at

Have a great time in Greek islands!

Kind regards, Lusitania - SCTI

After reading some of the reviews i came across a customer who wasn't reimbursed for cancelled flights due to 'Events related to a governmental or official authority directive'. Can you please provide an example as i don't understand.

Danielle C asked on Feb 08, 2018

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Hi Danielle, Thank you for contacting us.

Please be advised that General Exclusion 29 (applying to all sections of the policy) states:

We will not pay for any claims, costs or losses under any section of this Policy directly or indirectly arising from, related to or associated with:

Events related to a governmental or official authority directive, restriction, prohibition, quarantine, or detention, including border closures and seizures by government authorities.

(This information is found on page 10 in the Policy Disclosure Statement)

This means that if an unexpected event happens as a result of a government or official authority of a country there is no cover.

For example:

In 2017 Tigerair flights had been suspended due to Indonesian Government imposing new administrative requirements in which our underwriting team had provided the following information on our website:

There had also been an event due to government directives in which Qatar Airways had cancelled flights Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and the Maldives in 2017.

Another example would be if you are held at the airport due to immigration (official authority) which may affect your journey, there is no cover. However, General Exclusion 29 is not limited to these aforementioned scenarios.

I hope this has answered your question, but if you'd like to clarify any of this further, please feel free to contact our team at

Kind regards, Lusitania - SCTI

Am I covered for early return home if a member of my immediate family falls ill unexpectantly? Rosie

Rosie asked on Feb 03, 2018

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Hi Rosie,

Thank you for your question.

Under the terms of our policy, a member of your immediate family in Australia would be considered to be a ‘Relevant Person’. There is cover under the policy for a claim for curtailment if an unexpected event results in one of the following four outcomes to a Relevant Person.

a) death; or
b) admission to a public or private hospital, or a hospital wing of a rest home, for inpatient care relating to non-elective treatment; or
c) admission to end stage palliative care; or
d) diagnosis of a terminal illness or condition, or a condition requiring radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

However, if the above is related directly or indirectly to an ‘Existing Condition of a Relevant Person’ (for example, a condition they already had before you purchased the policy) the maximum we will reimburse is up to $2,500 per person, up to $5,000 per policy.

It is important to be aware that cover under the policy ceases on arrival back in Australia. If you decide to return overseas afterwards this would be a new journey and would require a new policy.

I hope that answers you question. If you have any other queries and would like to talk to us directly, please contact us on +1800 196 484 or

Kind regards

Lusitania - SCTI

Hi Wanting a policy for a European cruise, does your policy cover medical evacuation from ship to shore by helicopter if needed while out at sea? Thanks Veronica

VRon asked on Jan 27, 2018

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Hi Veronica. Thank you for your question – Yes our policies do cover cruises and there is cover available for unexpected medical expenses and evacuation. Pre-existing medical conditions are automatically excluded, unless you declare these and pay an additional premium to be covered at the time of purchasing a policy.

So you're aware, our policies automatically include cover for cruise travel as a fare paying passenger.

When purchasing our insurance, you are required to enter all the destinations that you will be travelling to. Please feel free to go to our website: and obtain a quote for your cruise.

Please feel free to contact the team directly if you have any further questions.

I hope you have a great time while on your cruise.

Kind regards

Lusitania - SCTI

How long after returning home do I have to make my claim? Our flights were cancelled and rescheduled due to weather so we are claiming for costs incurred during the delay (have spoken previously with SCTI regarding this)

MelJ asked on Jan 25, 2018

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Hi MelJ. Thank you for your question – Although we encourage travellers to submit their claims promptly, there is no time limit to do this. It would be at your discretion whether you submit your claim while on your journey, or on your return to Australia. You will need to post us the documents, as we assess claims when we receive the supporting documentation.
If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to contact the team directly at

Kind regards

Lusitania - SCTI

Hi, I'm going on a 17 day Nepal trek with an organised tour company group. It's hiking only, no climbing activities or anything dangerous. Am I covered in the event of high altitude medical evacuation by helicopter (worst case scenario)? No pre existing injuries or conditions. Regards Andrew

AndyMadDog asked on Jan 20, 2018

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Hi Andrew. Thank you for your question.

As you will be undertaking your trek as part of organised tour, and you will only be hiking, rather than climbing or mountaineering, you would be covered under our TravelCare policy for any unexpected events, including medical evacuation if necessary. Please be advised that in the event of evacuation by helicopter, you or someone acting on your behalf must call Southern Cross Emergency Assistance on our 24/7 emergency number +61 2 9191 1180.

We have no restrictions on altitude. If the tour operator is satisfied the conditions are safe to proceed then you would be covered.

If you have any other queries about your trip to Nepal, please feel free to contact us directly:

Have a great time!

Kind regards, Lusitania - SCTI

Hello, Judging by reviews, it seems expenses are only covered once back in Australia. Is this the case? Or are you able to cover unexpected costs whilst overseas? For example, if I was hospitalised and couldn't afford medical treatment?

Emma asked on Jan 15, 2018

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Hi Emma. Thank you for your question. Apologies for the late reply.

Our policy provides cover for unexpected medical treatment while you’re overseas.

Minor medical incidents, such as a visit to a GP overseas, are handled on a ‘pay and claim’ basis. This means that you pay costs up-front, and submit a claim to us with supporting documents (including all medical/consultation notes and receipts) for reimbursement.

If hospital admission or surgery becomes necessary, you or someone acting on your behalf must call Southern Cross Emergency Assistance on our 24/7 emergency number so that we can determine whether you are covered under your policy. If you’re covered, we will liaise with the hospital directly to arrange payment for your treatment.

You can find more information on what you should do if you get sick overseas in this travel article:

If you have any other queries, you are welcome to contact one of our experts directly at
All the best, Kind regards, Lusitania - SCTI

If there were a terrorist threat of some kind at at my departure airport - Sydney -which resulted in flights being delayed or cancelled, I would not be covered for any costs incurred for missed connections, accommodation etc: is this correct?

Travelkate asked on Jan 14, 2018

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Hi Travelkate,

Thank you for your question. Yes, that is correct. If your flights were delayed or cancelled due to an act of terrorism, we would not be able to provide cover if your travel plans were affected by the event.

If you’d like to clarify anything further, please feel free to contact the team directly at

Regards, Lusitania – SCTI

I wish to buy travel insurance and will be traveling to Thailand, USA (stopovers maybe 36 hours at LAX hotels on way and back) then to the US Virgin Islands. What do I need to put for countries visited? Does USA include the Virgin Islands which is a US territory? Thank you, Diane Bulluss

dianimal789 asked on Jan 07, 2018

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Hi Diane,

Please select The Caribbean when getting a quote, which includes the US Virgin Islands.

Have a fantastic trip!

Katie - Digital Media Manager

Hello. We're looking for the best travel insurance for multi-country travel which offers cover for pre existing health conditions. Does your insurance cover offer that? thank you.

Linnie asked on Jan 05, 2018

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Hi Linnie,

Yes, we are able to provide cover if you are travelling to multiple destinations. You'll need to ensure that you add all these destinations into the 'Destinations' field in the quote form (

We are also able to provide cover for many pre-existing conditions, however you will need to complete our short, online medical assessment after getting a quote to determine whether we can offer you cover.

Please feel free to contact our team directly if you have any other questions about this process:

Katie – Digital Media Manager

I want travel insurance for my 17 year old who is snowboarding in Japan. He is going with a friend, not accompanied by a parent. I want peace of mind, does this insurance covers snow sports/ accidents?

Penny asked on Dec 30, 2017

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Hi Penny,

Thank you for your question.

Snow sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, are covered at no extra cost under our policy, however there are a few things your son should be aware of before hitting the slopes:

- Skiing or snowboarding is only covered when you are skiing on-piste (so on a marked ski run, within the designated commercial ski area)
- You will not be covered if you are skiing or snowboarding in areas which have been closed for any reason
- You will not be covered if you are taking part in competitive skiing or snowboarding

You should also be aware that sporting equipment, such as skis or snowboards, will not be covered for damage whilst in use. For example, if you were skiing, had a tumble and injured your leg and your skis, you would be covered for your injured leg, but not for your damaged skis. However, if your skis were broken while they were in checked luggage (and your airline refused to compensate you for the damage) you would be covered.

This article may be useful in helping your son prepare for his Japan trip:

Please feel free to contact our team directly if you have any other questions:

I hope your son has a fantastic time in Japan!

Katie – Digital Media Manager

hi is this $232 insurance a comprehensive cover?

virginia asked on Dec 28, 2017

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Hi Virginia,

Thank you for you question. Our TravelCare product is a comprehensive policy that provides cover for the following benefits:

- Medical and Evacuation
- Changes to Your Journey
- Baggage and Personal Items
- Cash and Travel Documents
- Personal Accident
- Personal Liability
- Rental Vehicle Excess

It is important that you review the policy wording to ensure that you are covered for all the activities you'll be taking part in on your trip:

If you have any other questions, you are welome to contact us directly at

All the best,

Katie – Digital Media Manager

I am currently overseas. Travel insurance for the first 6 month is covered through my credit card provider. Due to an extended stay of 8 month I am looking for cover for the remainder of time. Does SCTI provide cover for travellers already overseas?

Canda asked on Dec 14, 2017

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Hi Canda,

I hope you're having a great time on your travels. Unfortunately you are unable to purchase travel insurance with SCTI whilst you are overseas.

You could see whether another travel insurance company offers this option, try the Insurance Council of Australia ( or the NIBA’s website insurance broker (

Safe travels,

Katie – Digital Media Manager

Hello, Can you please advice us of your toll free number in asia as we have sent a few emails regarding an emergency but have not received a reply yet? Can you call our number in Asia?

Ash asked on Dec 13, 2017

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Hi Ash,

Sorry to hear you have had an emergency overseas. The quickest way to reach us is to call our Emergency Assistance Team on:

+61 2 9191 1180

Katie – Digital Media Manager

Hello, I'm going to have a cruise to New Caledonia and Vanuatu. Does your New Caledonia area insurance include Vanuatu (Vila)?

alexeyp asked on Nov 10, 2017

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Hi Alexeyp, thanks for your question.

When purchasing our insurance you are required to enter all the destinations that you will be travelling to. Please feel free to go to our website: and obtain a quote for your cruise.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask the team directly at

I hope you have a lovely time when cruising to Vanuatu and New Caledonia!

Kind regards, Katrina.

Where do I find the medical disclosure form or whatever is used to confirm pre-existing conditions? I love the look of your product and used Southern Cross for health and travel insurance when living in NZ quite a number of years ago.

Kay B asked on Nov 09, 2017

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Hi Kay, thanks for your question.

All you need to do is go to our website:
Once you generate a quote, you'll need to enter your details. The following page will ask whether you have any pre-existing medical conditions that you'd like to have covered.
There's no obligation to purchase a policy once you've completed a medical assessment, so it gives you the opportunity to see whether you'd be happy with the cover and the costs involved that are able to offer you.

Great to hear that you are a previous Southern Cross NZ member!

Please do feel free to contact our team directly if you have any questions about the purchasing process, or regarding pre-existing medical conditions.

Kind regards, Katrina. Communications Manager.

If you think you have a pre existing medical condition , it’s bedt to talk to one of there consultants

Hi My friend and I are traveling to the USA next year. Do we need 2 x single policies or can we be both on the same policy?

Nicky M asked on Oct 30, 2017

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Hi Nicky, thanks for your question.

You can either purchase a policy each, or you can purchase a family policy to be insured together. The choice is yours.
If you do decide to be on the same insurance policy, there can only be two adults maximum per policy and you'll need to be travelling together on the same itinerary to be covered.

If you have further questions regarding the TravelCare policy, please feel free to contact us at

I hope you both have a great time in the USA next year!

Kind regards, Katrina. Communications Manager

My daughter is traveling to canada to study for a term. The term time is covered by the university travel insurance. She is having short holidays before and after the term which the uni doesnt cover. Do i need to buy 2 single trip policies from you? There is no return journey in either period. The 1st period she leaves australia for Canada and the second period she flies to europe and returns to australia from there.Can you provide suitable policies for her?

belladonna99 asked on Oct 28, 2017

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Hi Belladonna99, thanks for your question.

It may be best to purchase one policy to cover your daughter for her entire time away. This means that she would have full cover for both portions of her leisure travel.

If you purchase two separate policies to cover the two different leisure holidays, there will be cover limitations. This situation is a little tricky to explain online, so it may be best to email us directly at or call the team on +1800 196 484 Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5pm AEST/AEDT to see whether this option would be better suited to your daughters circumstances.

Kind regards, Katrina. Communications Manager

will we be covered if the MT Agung volcano erupts?

frank asked on Oct 09, 2017

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Hi Frank, thanks for your question.

We currently have information on our website about Mt Agung and what you're covered for. You can find this info here:

If you have any further questions regarding this, it's best to contact our team directly at

Kind regards, Katrina.

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