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With my vodafone device (Vodafone smart ultra 7) where in NZ would I be able to purchase a battery? Or what's the product number for the battery?

Sammie asked on Jun 07, 2018

i have visited the nearest vodafone store with my passport to have my phone activated after having my phone repaired and a new sim card only to be told it cant be done because the passport number did not match, can you please tell me what else i can do to have my phone reactivated.thank you

yannis asked on Jun 02, 2018

What's vodaphone mobile coverage in the country?

Danny G asked on Apr 13, 2018

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I suppose not that good.

How is Vodafone for reception?

Trilly H asked on Sep 10, 2017

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My Vodafone reception is terrible cannot get a signal in the house have to make any calls from the front yard. Don't use this provider if you are in the Bli Bli area.

We live in Adelaide by the beach and look st the cell tower.
Have to go outside to stop drop outs.
Had a rate change early feb 2018.
Did not go well.
Got ripped off.
40.00 for 30GB.
Cannot drop vodafone.
All talk and LIP service.

Folks nickname it vodafail with good reason
Calls are terrible and data is even worse
Put it this way - when I was with Vodafone prepaid - I ended up getting peed off and smashing the mobile phone to pieces then switching carriers


I'm lucky to to see 3 bars for service. And that is a RARITY

Just like Telstra and Optus, they REALLY DON'T CARE

The average customer that their profits are built on means jack to them.

I have a plan that gives me $7 discount a month which then gives me a monthly bill for $23. This plan was suitable for me. It is a sim only plan and you have to lock in for 24 months. Now after 16 months Voda fone has changed their conditions saying that I changed my plan and therefore loose credit of $5 month which means I am now paying $28 a month. Rang vodafone only to be told that I changed plans so no longer get the full discount of $7. After much bantering back and forth, I tried to explain that it was impossible to change my plan cos it was locked in for 24 months but it was totally hopeless trying to speak with their customer service as they don't speak clear English. My question is this. Has anybody else been caught out short by vodfone renegging on their deals?????????????

Sharon Mundie asked on Nov 16, 2016

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yep they did this to me when i had to change my contract from 3 to vodafone when they fully took over the service. I wanted (being a long term customer) a similar deal i had or at least some discounts or i would take my business elsewhere. They offered me a $35 contract which had a few discounts that took it down to $18 i think. One of the discounts was temporary, the other was supposed to be permanent. A year later i suddenly noticed i was being charged $35. after calling they denied i had any such discount, and since i couldn't find the paperwork my arguements had no evidence and so i had to suck it up. I later cancelled my contract when i realised how bad my deal was (along with the poor coverage).

Yup. We had this as well. A discount was offered but not applied and then was finally applied after TIO involvement to only be removed again after they had to change the plan again to move it to what it was meant to be (a shared one instead of not shared) meaning it took it going to the TIO again and after still having issues with coverage (in the middle of Adelaide) we finally gave up and told the TIO agent that we were done.

Back again with new issue. I am not going to be held hostage to Vodafone so I have taken an early termination with 5 months to go. It is a loss to me financially however I intend to make Vodafone beg for their payments and see how they feel being treated with contempt

My plan ran out $45 for 47GB.
they automatically upped the charge to $50 and dropped data to 30GB.
renew got $40.50 and 30GB.
THEN I FOUND OUT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING BETTER THAN this by heaps and even Telstra is better.

I feel ripped off also as a loyal customer. They may get the mo eye for a year now but after that all the advertising and fluffy dogs, talk talk will not get me to stay.

They are just a phone company!
They just want your money.
Service is by LIP.

Why is there no comunication within Vodafone, service and accounts?

albert asked on Aug 04, 2016

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Because they are trying to cut costs to save money and until more people like me and you complain about our issues that will get away with it. Vodafone is the worst. Big regret.

Why when I am trying to pay my overdue bill you still threaten to block my incoming calls and continue to charge for services that you won't let me use? Until now I thought Vodafone was the best.

Bribie asked on Dec 19, 2015

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This answer is simple. Pay your account before it becomes overdue. Or call to set up a payment arrangement. Simple

get staff that can do there jobs. in the 20 years iv been with mobile carriers vodefone has the worst service iv ever had iv told all my friends about the lousy service to go els where as the numbers are changed the mines of my whole bowling team they told their friends and so one. 100 == 1000 1000= 10,000 =100,000 = 1,000,000 customers?
do as telstra did fix it first the first time, better customer service, ask the customer what we can do to fix the problem not wait months, to finaly get where you are now that should of been done in the first place. if is not fixed first then customers will go els where?. i will never ever use vodafone ever again i thought they were good but they have not pleased me in there service, products, very sloppy service, no customer service, products never work properly, will never use a other mobil phone ever again since the experience iv got from vodafone?.

Im sure vodafone are glad that you went to Telstra, you can pay $50 more for 50% less, Its customers like you who want want want want...... give me give me give me..... Im loyal Im loyal Im loyal..... im special im special im special give me credits!!!

have fun with your new provider

Vodafone sends you a bill with a due date, they email and let you know that they are going to draw out money, so there is literally no excuse for having an overdue bill. You contractually agree to services and their charges. You are still liable even if these services are suspended due to non payment and this is no exception for any other provider. You cannot blame Vodafone for you being a bad payer.

Sorry but you are wrong bubblegum, I am paying the same from Telstra now as I was from vodafail for 100% more coverage.

Bubblegum. You are correct. However circumstances change and once a person has financial hardship.how can it be justified to continue to load them up with more debt.for services they are not able to use.

I agree bcos even though you agreed to pay in the contract i think they could be far more helpful. Such as keep the service active to call or txt and if there gonna bar the service and keep loading up the bills how is that gonna help your situation? If anything it will make it harder to gain money not having a phone to use

Anyone else having problems since TPG changed their carrier from Optus to Vodafone? I'm finding Vodafone coverage extremely poor even in capital cities. At this stage I would not recommend them. Has there been lack of service in recent years? I was with Vodafone about 10 years ago and could travel from Sons home Coast to Victoria with complete coverage. Now there is incomplete coverage on Hume Highway and even on Barton highway 25 km from Canberra there is no signal. Very poor for solo travelers.

Lyn asked on Dec 16, 2015

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is the same i had nothing but the run around with vodefone went to tio then they only offerede 100.00 of my $1,000 contract wased $800.00 in cost no phonservice in 8 months of the 12 months could not repair phone still paying of the phone i do not have iled suit agains vodefone. WOULD NEVER RECOMEND VODEFONE SERVICE TO ANY ONE EVER. TELL EVERY PERSON I KNOW ALL 10,000 OF THEM AT MY BUSNESS?.

Hi! We are considering changing to Vodaphone but are unsure if their reception/data speeds are good on the Central Coast? Would really appreciate feedback from fellow Central Coasters!

Alanic asked on Sep 27, 2015

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Hello voeafone are fantastic if not better than the other teocos in metropolitan areas. If you live rurally go with someone else. To he a happy customer understand your contract and monitor your usage. If your still unsure try a Vodafone prepaid first

I had nothing but, trouble with Vodafone prepaid so I switched mobile phone carriers - I would recommend not to bother with, Voda fail


As much as I have found Telstra to be the ABSOLUTE WORST of all the telcos, in every sense, I fully regret changing from them, their coverage foreign supreme Unfortunately

I'm an Optus customer and considering changing to Vodafone but I'm concerned that the phone service may be behind that of Optus. Would you say they are comparative or poorer?

Shazza70 asked on Sep 06, 2015

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Hi, I'm in fact with Vodafone. I have found the service is slightly better and better value for money. I would recommend them.

Read the comments about Vodafone. All I can say they are unreliable! Don`t do it!

Vodafone are a fantastic telco to be with. All the negative comments are from customers wanting a free plan and free phone. If your monitor your usage and understand your contract you will be very happy with vosafones customer service and coverage

Don't even think to go with Vodafone they are the doggy company and poor customer service

Don't go with Vodafone, these people complain because they have truly experienced bad customer service and poor reception issues, they are not asking for a free plan. From experience I have disconnected my phone with Vodafone and paid off the final bill. And three months later I received a bill for $800 and called them and I wish they have someone who understands English, I asked the person I spoke with to please explain this bill to me and she simply said I don't know how to and don't know what it means, so I said considering I have disconnected the service and paid the final bill owing then this is a mistake, her response was even more funny as she said someone must have used your sim card, so I advised her that the number is disconnected, it is no longer working and hasn't been working for 3 months, so she still said to me, please check who used your phone, so I said call the number and see it will tell you it is disconnected.

Come on at least employ someone who understands what disconnected means!!


The guy that says all complainants are people wanting free things is absolute nonsense. As you can see yourself. The biggest problem is 100% incompetence and lack of service. Unfortunately I think the competition in Australia is mostly equally rubbish so, like the banks, you get shafted whatever you do. Try prepay, easy to get out of and a good 4G plan available and very cheap international call plans available as well. Just accept there is zero online or telephone support.

Well - let me tell you now - short and sweet
I had nothing but, trouble with Vodafone so I switched mobile phone carriers. Well many folks don't call it, voda fail - for nothing

Why can't psn connect with Vodafone?

Cazza Black asked on Aug 25, 2015

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There is too much hassle, Dont even try!

I'm currently a resident in Canada and I've worked in the cell phone industry for almost 7 years. With Vodafone do they have online account options that clients could sign into and change things on their account without having to call in?

Cpelly1 asked on Jul 13, 2014

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They have that in australia don't know bout canada

Should Vodafone customers be billed $1.25 for each call made that is either 1, 2. 3 or 4 seconds long even if the person receiving the call doesn't answer the phone? I would like to know at what point does Vodafone start the billing once a number is dialed?

SRK asked on Mar 25, 2014

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It's probably better to call Vodafone support to answer that question / I haven't got their customer support number though you could try the internet to get it or call directory assistance

On Vodafone's plans post 2013 the standard call rate is $0.98 per minute with a $0.40 connection fee. You won't be charged if the end user does not answer. But if you reach voicemail service you WILL be billed. Have a look at the Vodafone plans for 2015 they all have unlimited calls Australia wide so no more fees for phone calls

I am thinking to sign vodaphone red plan, any one suggest? Is the reception really bad in Sydney area?

K asked on Oct 25, 2013

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Cant answer for Sydney but in Melbourne its pretty shocking especially if you leave the metro or high density suburbs.
For example, in Melbourne if you left the city and headed to the western suburbs you would constantly lose reception and probably have no reception until you hit the suburbs themselves.

Thanks, many friend told me not too sign vodaphone, signal not so good.

I live in Sydney.
Reception down in the local shopping centre is rubbish. I have raised this with
Vodafone ( India) some weeks back and they have been "looking into it" since then. I have raised the issue with them again this morning.
Sticking a techo guy in a cab and paying the $10 fare from Manly
to ascertain the problem/status firsthand seems to be way beyond the
organisational/managerial capacity of these guys. And Mr Abutt
wants 'business' to lead the way?????
My very last Vodafone 'contract'. These people couldn't
run a bath - unfortunately we have just commenced another 2 yr Plan.

There is hope!!!!
A friend bought a $5 SIM from Aldi and it works a treat!!! So, as I have an old 'phone' I will try it there.
Mobile communications should not be this expensive or difficult

Better not to got with vodafone

Please don't sign up with Vodafail... you will definitely regret it. Their coverage is pathetic and they tell you lies. The worst phone carrier

I had Vodafone and found that it wasn't that good

I had Vodafone when I was in Sydney Vodafone wasn't too bad except when I dipped to lower ground and it would be bad though it also depends on how many people are actually using the repeater then when I moved back down to the wollongong region it wasn't as good / Vodafone usually give their customers reasonable service to first 3 to 6 months then the services seems to drop out or never connect / it might be a bit better to stay away from Vodafone and try optus or telstra instead

Hello vodafone are fantastic if not better than the other teocos in metropolitan areas. If you live rurally go with someone else. To he a happy customer understand your contract and monitor your usage. If your still unsure try a Vodafone prepaid first. Just remember most or the negative comments that are about coverage are because customers are unhappy about another aspect of Vodafone eg someone breaks their phone and expects a replacement, someone goes over there data then denies all knowledge and expects a refund. As I said try pre-paid if your happy sign up. Just monitor your usage and don't expect unreasonable requests to be granted

How come vodafone so bad?

K asked on Oct 25, 2013

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Bad customer service he said that he has cancelled direct debit but next day there did direct debit

They give you good service for a little bit on Vodafone pre paid then after a little bit the service is bad though the Vodafone service will likely to be better on a plan

Why is it whenever anyone rings me, they go straight to my mailbox, What can I do to fix that problem, Anyone out there got any answers please?

WOJ asked on May 19, 2013

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turn your phone on

Every time though it probably would be most of the times / you.could try calling Vodafone support though it's probably because Vodafone until recently had equipment that would heat up quickly / also there is probably heaps of customers using the repeaters in one go

If it is every call you may have set up diversions on your phone check with customer care. If this is not the issue get tech support to raise what's called a service diagnostic guide in your area to get the towers checked

I just got a sim with Vodafone but I'm currently with virgin mobile and I can change to Optus or voda but I don't know about vodas coverage

Marcus74 asked on Oct 08, 2012

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I live in Townsville, North Queensland, in the city but right in front of the beach. The signal here is okey there are real problems with Vodafone's coverage in places like Magnetic Island, but here not much really. It is not perfect but it is good. Before I used to have BIGPOND, with Telstra (internet and landline, my mobile was always with Vodafone ) It was okey, but definitely more expensive. Now, I have two mobiles and wireless internet with Vodafone and I am pretty satisfied. If there are issues they are very supportive (there are exceptions, of course). About your signal, go to Vodafone and ask them...they will check and see how strong is the signal in your area. If they misinform you they will take responsibilities for it. If later, when you are in Vodafone, you have any complaints you just need to be firm, strong, and clear and they will try to help you as much as they can. I knew, specially, how to deal with those who were not as receptive as the others. :)

Vodafone coverage is online but it's only a guide not accurate I'm in Melbourne and my reception is very poor

vodaphone optus and & 3 i believe are using the same lines because i have had feed back from reliable sauce

Vodafone is satan

I preferred optus to Vodafone as they are better though telstra is the best

I have heard about the nickname of Vodafone as vodafail / virgin mobile works off the optus network

how to actevate international roaming to send a sms

phillip asked on Jan 26, 2012

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Sorry can't help you with this question, Phillip, but if you manage to get through to the Vodafone call centre, they should be able to tell you how to do this. If you are going to be in a country for a while and your phone is unlocked,it would probably be cheaper to buy a local prepaid SIM as international roaming tends to be expensive.

Answer removed for inappropriate content.

That seems like it might be your actual mobile phone / you could try reading your manual or try calling the phone manufacturer whatever brand of mobile phone it is / or you could try google as I found out wikihow and Wikipedia are great for information

You could also try calling Vodafone support to answer that question

looking for unlok code for my vodafone 231 354561021872125

joseph deko asked on Sep 17, 2011

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Good luck finding it!!

It's probably better to contact the phone carrier support / if you are with Vodafone it would be Vodafone though I can't remember their support number / you could try google on.the internet or try contacting directory assistance