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We have had a new temperature sensor fitted to the oven but the oven still shuts down when set to over 200 degrees Trying it on function 2 at 230 degrees and on FHU, it shuts off until and needs to have the clock reset when it comes back on. Please help?

TeeJay asked on Sep 27, 2018

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Dear TeeJay, this is Zaida of Electrolux. Sorry to hear your WVE916SA is shutting down at 200 degrees. Would you mind either Private Messaging your number (please do not reply to this post) or emailing us at customercare@electrolux.com.au with Subject Line: "Product Review Assistance Required | WVE916SA Keeps Shutting Down at 200* | Reference: Teejay." Please include your full name and number in email and we will call once email is received to further investigate and assist. Thank you and kind regards, Zaida.


My oven keeps switching off with error F105 appearing on screen. Technician has been out and told to reset fuse at power board but this is not working as oven keeps switching off. Anyone else?

Kristi T asked on Aug 19, 2018


Hi I want to know is there a kid lock function wve916sa can I get a user manual?

Troy D asked on Aug 06, 2018


My ovens control panel goes silly when I open door to check good if temperature is over 140 degrees . It flashes into different modes. Any ideas?

Deb asked on Jun 10, 2018

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Mine has just started this. It goes nuts beeping non stop then goes into safe mode.

I have a brand new 90cm WFE946SB Westinghouse oven which is stuck on SAFE pls help asap. Thank you in advance. Casey

Adrenalin Casey asked on Jun 02, 2018


I have Westinghouse oven model WVE916SA and would like to know how to reset the time on it?

Nick asked on May 31, 2018


I have had WVE916SB model for just over a year now. As of last week it has stopped heating at all. It turns on and when I set the function, temperature and timer the temperature stays at 30 deg. I thought it somehow entered the demo mode but I don't see demo text when I follow instructions to get it out of demo mode by 1. Switching it off 2. Pressing and holding + until it beeps. 3. Set the function .. etc as in the product manual. It is also not in SAFE mode and I know how to exit out of it. I've switched the circuit breaker off and on. I've set the clock again to see if the resets. Nothing seems to make the heat working again. Everything inside looks ok. It is still very new. Any ideas?

Tejaswi R asked on May 06, 2018

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same problem here! No idea at all!

Same problem happened today

Hi Guys..Westinghouse oven - model WFE946SB. My wife over boiled some milk on the stove - And it went in between the the oven door cavities. How do I disassemble the oven door so i can clean it?

johno asked on May 03, 2018


My oven is on safe mode but it is not turn on or off. Any ideas?

Deng asked on Mar 27, 2018


Could I please have a manual for my oven? The model is WVE916SA. It is the the house we bought and there is no manual for it. I would like to set the clock for one thing Thank you

Jen asked on Feb 15, 2018


Hi I have tried cleaning my oven with heating it to 250c in the manual it says to put it to 260 but I can't get it that high. I heated it for over an hour and I can't budge the grime on the bottom of oven. Can you recommend any tips or products I can use to clean it.? It is a WVE916SA. Regards Cheryl

Cheryl asked on Sep 16, 2017

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Is your oven pyrolytic??? as it will have two cleaning modes to choose from. You may have a different model to me. Unfortunately I can't be of any assistance and you may have to contact westing house support. Thanks

I know what you mean regardless of the features of this oven l still go back to basics and clean the way l have always done. I had the same problem so yes nothing worked so l just threw a heap of bicarb soda on bottom trays added some dishwashing liquid and covered with boiling hot water and let sit for 30-60 minutes. After used a soft scourer and good old elbow action to release as much as l could and with good results. Once dry, rubbing your hand over may still feel a bit rough but it's the surface lining that has come away which happened from the start for me so once cleaned if you get some scatchy bits just get a razor blade and slightly scrape for a smooth surface.Then line your bottom trays with foil and change when needed.
Yep l could say that was the hardest for me as well so good luck Cheryl hope this helps.

Hi my Westinghouse model wfe946sb the oven touch panel when turning off the oven after use it starts beeping going in and out of safe mode and sometimes turns the oven on and off it is only six months old. Any ideas?

Paul asked on Jun 01, 2017

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Still having problems would not recommend these ovens waste of money as you do not know if left unattended it would turn itself on very dangerous considering going to consumer affairs so they could warn others

Hi What do I need to do to turn oven on? Power is on In the display it's showing ' SAFE' but it's not leaving it to operate anything else

Lathish kumar asked on May 01, 2017

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Press down and hold the 'FUNCTION' and '-' symbols at the same time. Your oven is in child lock mode so kids can't turn on the oven and burn themselves.

Our WVE916SA cannot get oven to turn on, says SAFE on display panel. pressed and held function as manual said, turned off and on same thing. I never put it on the safemode. Please help.

Grant asked on Jan 01, 2017

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Hi Grant,
Sally from Electrolux here.
We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your Westinghouse Oven,
We would love the opportunity to discuss the concerns you have raised with us.
If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at customercare@electrolux.com.au attention Sally.

Any ideas how to get my new oven out of 'safe' mode?? Hungry impatient children to feed???

Gillypops81 asked on Dec 21, 2016

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Hi Gillypops81
Sylvia from Electrolux here. This information will be found in the instruction booklet. However if you can not locate your booklet or you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at customercare@electrolux.com.au attention Sylvia.

Hi, my oven model is WVE916SA, used less than 10 times for the past 2.5 years. The digital control panel suddenly was not working (no display) since March 2016, and the product warranty just exceeded by 1 month. We checked the Main switch and also the power point, both are working fine. The power cable at the rear is showing power on, but there is no display on the control panel. Your advice is appreciate. Regards, Thomas Lau & Amanda Song [personal details removed]

Tom asked on Oct 18, 2016

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Hi Tom,

Sally from Electrolux here.
We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your Westinghouse wall oven. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact Sally at customercare@electrolux.com.au

Hi Tom mine has just done exactly the same. What was the issue? It must be a common problem also just outside the warranty

Hi. My oven is 3 1/2 years old. Hardly used but control panel died - I am shocked it has lasted such a short time. Obviously a common problem. Very dissappoined in product!!

The motherboard was found faulty and replaced with a new one.
Thanks Sally of Electrolux.

Hi. I have a Westinghouse model WVE916 SA. How do I increase the volume on the oven timer? I can not hear it unless I am standing next to the oven. Rita

Rita asked on Apr 01, 2016

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Hi Rita,
Michaels from Electrolux here.
Electrolux will be able to assist you with this query. Can you please email me your contact details at customercare@electrolux.com.au attention Michaels?
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hello, We have an issue with our Westinghouse WVE916SA.. It is turning off randomly and then I have to wait for it to reset until I can turn it back on.. Can you please help or lad me in the right direction? Thank you! Claire

claire asked on Jul 29, 2015

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Hi Hun.
I haven't experienced this.
Id give Eltrolux a call and tell them what is happening.
They will go through it with you.
If the problem cant be rectified over the phone they will send out a technician to have a look.
Don't do anything to your oven without speaking to customer service first as you could void your warranty.
Sorry I couldn't be more help

Hi Claire
Fortunately this has not happened to me. sorry, I can't help on this one.
I would definitely contact Customer Service and get it checked out.

Hi Clare,
I did not have this issue with my oven. My problem was getting any satisfaction from Elecrolux Customer Service for my problem, which was shelves that did not fit properly. After 3 weeks, a dozen calls, a technician that didn't show for a booking, and eventually 2 visits from their technicians, I had to tell them that I had contacted Dept of Fair Trading. Only then did I get satisfaction and the oven was returned and I got a refund. Good luck with " Customer Service".

This is happening to me too. Told to reset at fuse box but keeps happening to me

Hi, My oven keeps turning itself off, I then have to wait for it to reset when I have the temp on 220degrees. I've been using functions 2 or 3. I have also previously had this happen on function 5. Please help? Thanks Annie

AC28412 asked on Jul 19, 2015

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Hi Annie..
I haven't experienced this issue.
I haven't used all of the functions as yet but I've used most of them.
My advice would be to call Electrolux and tell them what is happening.
Their phone number is on your oven guide booklet.
They will go through it with you and if they cant help you over the phone they will send a technician out.
If its a fault you won't be charged as it should go under warranty if its still under warranty.
Dont try and mess with it yourself eg resetting incase you do something and it voids your warranty.
I had a great tech come out.
They come out within a few days.
Good luck Hun.

Hi Annie,
I did not have this problem with my oven. The first oven I bought was faulty, the door was not aligned nor did the shelves sit flat in the oven. I had no help from Electrolux in fixing it. THey said my new kitchen cabinet was not level. Nonsense!! They replaced the oven but it had exactly the same fault. After much unpleasant experience and 3 weeks of extremely rude and poor service from the so called customer service division and a technician who came out, I told them that I was going to go to Dept of Fair Trading. They then agreed to refund me the money and thankfully now I don't have an Electrolux oven, but a far suprerior other brand. I had the worst customer service experience I have ever had with this lot. From my experience they tried to deny responsibility. Good luck with getting good service from them.


Hi Annie,

I am having the same issue - have you had any luck with it?
We had an electritian come out and look at it for three hours and still cant work it out...

Hi Claire,
I've had no luck, sorry. The only thing I can think of is that the temperatures have been to high on the settings I've used. Electrolux haven't bothered to get back to me, sorry

Im still deciding on what oven to get. I previously had a westinghouse in my old house and can't fault it. its the 90cm westinghouse or Electrolux or fischer & paykel 90cm pyrolytic oven.? Need to make up my mind....

vicky asked on Jun 19, 2015

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I had a terrible experience with the Westinghouse oven I bought. The shelves were a very poor fit and did not sit level. After having a terrible time with customer service at Westinghouse, they replaced the oven but the new oven had the same issue. The shelves seem to be too small to fit snugly and stable in the runners. Eventually I got a refund from Electrolux. The customer service was so poor I didn't want anything more to do with them. I have bought a Siemens oven now which is great. Paid a bit more then the Westinghouse, but the quality is far better. It isn't pyrolitic.

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