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How much fortnightly for a pensioner for Getz 2006?

Kerry asked on Nov 29, 2018

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We tailor our policies individually Kerry so, price is dependent on risk assessment. We often get great results by doing this & I’m happy to call, if you’d DM contact details. Alternatively, you can call us on 13 9684 & our sales team will look after you. - Lauren

Do you offer payment plans (ie financial hardship services) for the excess, when one has to make a claim?

lilah asked on Nov 28, 2018

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We’re open to considerations & are happy to discuss options with you Lilah, if you DM me details, I’ll give you a bell or you can call our claims team on 13 9684.

Can I log in and change some personal things?

Don asked on Oct 25, 2018

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I haven't had to myself, but I can see in the Youi phone app there is an option to "update my details". So if you have the app, give it a go.

Yes, you can log into your policy manager account & make changes on our website, if you’d welcome a call from our Team let me know Robyn :)

I had my licence suspended for six months as from 29/4/16. I now have my full licence. Can I get comprehensive insurance with Youi?

Smerf asked on Oct 24, 2018

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You sure can Smef, it will be a question we ask during the quote flow, but does not affect the ability to take out a policy. Cheers Josh

Thankyou Josh.
I will contact Youi when my vehicle is due for comprehensive renewal.

Hi Smerf - I am in the same boat. My current insurer will not insure me. I have rang a couple of different companies. Youii are one that will cover me. Did you end up using them or did you look elsewhere?

I was insured with youi for the last 12mths by my Daughter and I have no record of the matter can you check for me? BN243 Car Insurance Monday, September 4,2017 Payed Youi $526.07 Visa.

Normy asked on Oct 18, 2018

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Hey Normy, thanks for reaching out. I’ll need more information to locate the profile in our system. Any policy documentation would have been sent to your nominated email address we have on file. Could you send me your contact details to & I’ll be in touch. - Lauren

Hi, im just wondering if I am still covered in an accident if I am in an accident but have a suspended license? Thanks

Jack asked on Sep 12, 2018

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I hope everything is alright Jack! There is an exclusion in our current PDS & here is the link: - See page 19 – “We will not pay for any loss, damage or legal liability caused directly or indirectly:", "14. when the car is being driven by a person whose driver’s licence is suspended, cancelled or has special terms applied to it unless you have told us about it, we have accepted this and it is shown on your policy schedule;”
Please also consider that each claim is based on its own merits. Would you like me to call you to discuss this further? Alternatively, my direct line is 0731563531 & I’d be happy to answer any questions - Jeremy

Unlikely any insurer would cover you these days, although once upon a time, there was an exclusion in medical emergencies. Don't forget, your CTP would probably exclude cover as well.

Is it true with youi you have to have a bac of 0.00% to be covered in a car accident? And not the legal requirement of 0.05% bac?

Bartschy asked on Sep 11, 2018

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Great question Bartschy! Providing you are under the legal limit & the alcohol is not directly related to the incident, you’re covered. I hope this helps Bartschy :O) Cam

Grey answer Youi !

Are you doing Third party Insurance for Imported car? I want a insurer for my 2006 Toyota Estima 4X4.

sabuj asked on Sep 05, 2018

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Keen to give it a go Sabuj, if you’d email me your full name & contact number, I’ll give you a call. My email is, hope to hear back soon. Lauren

Youi is only a reseller of CTP insurance. You would save time and money by contacting one of the licenced CTP insurers in your state.

Is my Mazda 2 insured still Beth dagan 1/54 McAlister street Rockhampton Queensland?

Beth asked on Aug 02, 2018

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Thanks for the chat Beth! Your insurance is all up to date & I’ve resent those documents for you. – Ella

A good insurer would have first advised you that placing your name, address and car details on a review/blog website is not wise and responded to you privately. They would then suggest you ask Product Review to remove your question so that you reduce the risk of identity theft. Cheers

Does Youi cover for non-accidental repairs like the ones that come up during a scheduled maintenance?

Sudeep asked on Jul 22, 2018

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Hi Sudeep. Your normal mechanical repairs are not covered by the policy. The general exclusion from the PDS reads: We will not pay for loss, damage or legal liability caused directly or indirectly by: mechanical, electrical or electronic (including computer software) breakdown or failure; Thanks for asking a great question -Jeremy

Hi Jeremy. As I read your reply to Sudeep, if my car computer software (ECU I think) malfunctioned an prevented my brakes working (EBC I think) and there was damage or legal liability as a consequence, the exclusion in your PDS would be triggered thereby making me totally liable for any loss. There are instances online and in forums where computer malfunctions have occurred causing damage because of brakes not working as they should and motors stalling in high speed traffic lanes. I will now have a close look at the cover offered by the insurer I renew with but in light of what you have raised, I may take 3rd party cover only. Once a Comprehensive Policy covered all damage and liability, that must now be a thing of the past.

What if I want to take my vehicle and camper trailer on a nongazetted road with your roadside assist that comes with my insurance?

unhappy asked on Jul 19, 2018

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Unhappy - From my experience with Youi and their PDS, Youi's insurance will not cover you on non-gazetted roads, privately owned roads and if your vehicle is not designed by the manufacturer to be used as a 4WD or in 4WD parks etc. As for Youi's roadside service, it's absolutely hopeless in city areas least of all, out in the scrub where they only access limited areas with 2WD vehicles. I suggest you try Club 4x4 Insurance. Cheers

We do have a couple of exclusions that may apply in this instance. Such as if the breakdown occurs outside a service area, or where we are not able to access the car due to it being in a restricted area, including but not limited to airports, security controlled zones and community events, we would not be able to assist. We will recover the car if it is bogged provided that there is reasonable and safe access for a conventional two-wheel drive recovery vehicle and no other specialist equipment is needed. Hope this helps, if you need anymore info let me know :) Cheers Josh

Well youi cover me if I put unleaded fuel in my car, instead of diesel?

Sal asked on Jul 12, 2018

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Great question Sal & I hope you’re not asking due to prior experience!? We have an exclusion in the policy which states “by the use, or accidental addition by any person, of incorrect lubricants, fuel, oil or other fluids, which are not recommended or specified by the manufacturer;” That said, each claim is based on its own merits. If you have a specific scenario, we'd be happy to help so please get in touch. Regards, Jeremy

What is your contact number please?

Marlene Heeger asked on Jul 04, 2018

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Google "Youi Insurance" and you will find all the information you need. Cheers

Hi Marlene, our contact is 1300 221 036 for any queries. If there’s something I can assist with, email with your contact. Thanks for your time, Robyn :)

Can you offer Me road side assistance plus insurance to retired > 65 year olds for our caravan plus car Ute total value 150k we pick them both up new this October so need all three can you do that thanks [details removed]

Graememcmillan asked on Jul 03, 2018

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Graeme, your new (brand new) ute will come with a minimum of 12 months free roadside service with unlimited call outs. Depending on the make and model, it may come with 3 to 7 years roadside service and unlimited call outs. Youi only offers 2 call outs in a 12 month period and has a limited coverage area. The best insurers for caravans are CIL and QBE. If you are planning to do the "Grey Nomad" thing, QBE will be very competitive for the ute and caravan insurance. Cheers

Hi Graeme, the very short answer is we can “possibly” provide you cover & the only way to be sure would be to complete a quote. I only say this because there are some cars and caravans that fit outside our underwriting guidelines. Youi Assist roadside assistance is included in the cover, limited to areas that can be accessed by a 2wd service VEH, & not on all islands (where ferry is required). Youi Assist includes 2 x excess free call-outs per contract period (12 months) & for additional call-outs, there is a $150 excess. It’s always best to consult the PDS to the levels of cover & you’ll find the limits to Youi Assist on page 15 of the current PDS.
Thanks for the great question & cheers, Jeremy

If i get half my premium in Youie dollars what does that mean? I was quoted at $187 per month so how many movie tickets could i buy?

Jennifer W asked on Jun 27, 2018

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Hi Jennifer, the Youi rewards are a program we’ve got to help get a bit more out of your premiums. You’ll accumulate Youidollars for your policy which you can use in exchange for discounts on various things. There’s different deals depending on where you are, for example there’s an offer right now for up to $15 off two adult movie tickets. You use 15 Youi dollars & pay $29AUD for two e-saver tickets. To cap things off there’s also a popcorn deal :) I hope this helps, if I’ve missed anything feel free to contact & I can give you specifics. Thanks for getting in touch! - Ella

And only $19 for two adults at Event Cinema's if you have Roadside Service with RACQ or NRMA.

Are you as good as the South African Outsurance that you are affiliated to? We had wonderful treatment by them.

Barbara asked on Jun 26, 2018

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Yes, we are a different entity, still we share many of their great qualities! Cheers Robyn :)

Youi Holdings Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of the South Africa-based RMI Holdings Limited.

I have comp car insurance and home contents insurance with you. Could you please tell me the cost of ctp which will be due in October.

Neville K asked on Jun 22, 2018

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Youi is only a reseller of CTP insurance. You would save time and money by contacting one of the licenced CTP insurers in your state.

I’d love to Neville! Are you able to send the details of your current policies to I’ll have one of the team get in touch & get a quote done – Ella :)

I have a Mercedes E class and wonder if it is safe to insure with Youi in case of a claim. I was told that the repairer don't use new genuine parts, is this true? Has anyone experienced this, or can the insurer reassure this?

facetoface asked on May 08, 2018

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Hi Facetoface! Thanks for reaching out, repairs quality is super important when selecting an insurer. Youi uses a combination of genuine, refurbished or alternative parts depending on the vehicle & nature of repair. We’ll use genuine parts any time warranty is an issue & for older vehicles it can vary a lot depending on circumstances. If there’s an alternative part that does the same thing like a windscreen, we’ll usually go with that so you’re not paying a fortune in premiums. Sometimes for older cars, new genuine parts simply aren’t available or in circulation so we often have to go for alternative parts. I’d love to speak over the phone & try to give you more relevant info, did you mind sending your details to or in a PM?

facetoface - A good insurer will also offer a "lifetime warranty" on repairs too. Perhaps it would be wise to ask Youi if they provide this. Cheers

Cheers Boris, thought I’d forgotten something there. Proud to confirm Youi also offers a lifetime guarantee on all authorised repairs for that extra peace of mind :)

Unlike other insurers that offer a "lifetime warranty" that goes with whomever the owner is, Youi's PDS states; "If we (Youi) choose and authorise repairs with a repairer, we will guarantee the quality of those repairs for as long as you are the owner of the insured property". In other words, if I gift my car to my son or daughter, there's no warranty, therefore this is not the same cover !.

I used to have a comprehensive policy with Youi. You don’t get to pick your own repairer. I have a C250. It was repaired by their repairer with non Mercedes genuine parts. I left from there as my renewal was not as competitive as other insurers. They also have a much higher excess if you make a claim. My current excess is $400, Youi required $750

Hi - wondering if anyone has had the same experience as me with Youi car insurance. Yesterday I had an accident - other party reversed into me and admitted fault. I tried to submit a claim with Youi and got a call telling me my options were to contact the other insurer myself and get it fixed or Youi could do it, but in that case despite the accident not being my fault they could not rule out my premium being impacted. I've got insurance with a number of companies, and this is the first time I've been told to contact the other insurer myself, otherwise if they do it they can't rule out an impact to my premium.

Graham asked on Apr 30, 2018

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A claim is never a situation any of us want to go through Graham & our aim is to have you back on the road asap. Insurance is about risk & many factors are taken into account when calculating the premium e.g. increase of risk, part costs & claims just to name a couple. With this said depending on your policy cover we would give you all the options available to help your claim progress smoothly as possible. I’m keen to look further into your case & see if I can shed more light for you. Please email your policy/claim details & I’ll give you a bell. Look forward to hearing from you, Robyn.

Contact The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) on 1300 780 808 or the Insurance Council of Australia on 1300728228.
Legal Aid may also assist depending on your circumstances.

If I am an unlisted driver involved in an accident whereby it is 100% that I am not at fault, is the unlisted driver excess still payable? And will the premiums go up on the comprehensive insurance?

Hdnl asked on Apr 20, 2018

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Great questions Hdnl,
It all depends on how successful we are at recovering that excess from the other party. So, if it’s clear from the start that the other party is at fault, & if the details of the other party are collected (including name, address, contact number & insurance company) we can often waive the basic excess quickly but not the additional excess. After an incident, in the background, we explore who’s at fault – this can be a subjective opinion closely relating to what can be proven if it ever went to court for example. Even when it’s obvious to you who was at fault, when all the information is at hand, it can be surprising what a legal standpoint is, say just for example, there are no witnesses. It can take time & there are many unknowns so to get the car repaired we often collect the additional unlisted driver excess. Then, only once (or if) we’ve recovered that additional excess, the excess can be refunded.
Your premium is calculated on our risk analysis. Say you’re the best driver on the planet & you drive in peak hour very day of the week, you’re statistically more likely to be hit by another driver compared to the same driver who never commutes. That’d be fine if we recovered all costs associated with not-at-fault incidents but we don’t. As a result, not-at-fault incidents can increase your premium because statistically it could mean that you’ll be hit again. Not your fault but we’re talking statistics here, & as an insurer we’re attempting to predict the future! Thankfully, it’s not weighted as heavily as an at-fault claim against your premium.
I’m sorry for the long-winded explanation & I hope I’ve answered your question?
Cheers, Jeremy

What a load of baloney !. Time to insure with a real insurer.

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