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Date Purchased: Jan 2017

Good machine - door hard to close

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 09, 2017, viewed 2631 times

Purchased the Asko W6564 - my first front loader. The machine when delivered has bolts in the back of it to ensure it is not damaged in transit. A great idea - I recommend you save these!! Machine works well, front loaders are extremely slow!! The cycle I use takes 1hr 30 min. One can make this shorter. Washing and rinse quality are excellent. I have never had fluff etc on cloths, and being a male, I dont separate washing by fabric, color etc. The machine has a very fast spin 1600 rpm. The only negative is the front door is hard to close - and slamming it closed will result in an expensive repair. I push the door close then with my hand still in place, hit the back of this hand with my free hand - this works well. I cannot get the 'flick' action Asko suggest. Asko generally have a fixed price - hence purchase when they have a $100.00 off deal!!-

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