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Armour all in one car spray it states you can use it for any type of leather interior vinyl and dashboard and car seats and most of your vehicle DO NOT USE this as this makes your leather and most of your interior crack it is a load of crap when they say it works from cracks appearing in your car seats dashboard or anywhere when you spray this ARMOUR stuff. do not use it as this is rubbish. And it does not work it cracks everything as I've used it on my couch inside my house the section i sprayed ARMOUR on my leather couch that section is destroyed I've tested this ARMOUR stuff it is not good for any type of interior or anything at all if you don't believe me test it on your couch or something it's leather it will crack everything what you spray on I was always wondering why is my dashboard and the leather seats starting to crack it's because this garbage ARMOUR is the course of it they should be banned in this from sales on every store. As the heat gets onto the leather or dashboard or wherever it sprayed it will start cracking like it's frying on a frying pan so do not use this

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