BlackWolf Turbo 300 review by Pedro

Model: 300

Great tent. But very very heavy

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 21, 2017, viewed 4677 times

Family of three with small child who camp at least every month in all weather. We love this tent. The ease of setup is fantastic with average time being less than 20min. I always peg the ground matt however only bother with any side lanyards if windy weather is predicted. Have had a few moments with very high wind where this tent hasnt moved!
The canvas and particularly ground matt are extremely durable. Some leakage the first couple of times but after hosing down and drying no issues now.

There is a handy storage pocket on one side of bed. Wish it was both sides. Also the internal zippered seperation only allows for a bed in one orientation..we do not use it.

Packup takes a lot longer. Esp if its wet. The bag is barely big enough and i leave pegs out due to roofrack weight limitations. It is very hard to pack with one person. Certainly the overall weight would justify some bag wheels.

Front door zip arrangement is frustrating. With the D shaped entry needing a lot of unzipping to use, as opposed to a single central vertical zip.

Overall i love this tent and would buy again. But car camping access only due to weight. Best of its type!


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