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I am happy with delivery of the books but two of the books had marks on the covers. One had a pen mark on the back, the other had greasy marks on the dust cover. The books are a Christmas gift so it is too late to return them. These marks don't affect the readership of the books but I'm disappointed that they are marked in this way.

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Booktopia Official

Hi Johnboy, I'm so sorry to hear this! If I could grab your order number also make note of the feedback with our Operations Manager for quality assurance. I'll also look into it and see if we can... read more »

Hi Jess,

Thanks for your kind response.
My order number was 65522313.
The Power of One had the pen mark on the back cover and Journey to the Centre of the Earth had greasy marks that I cannot remove on the dust cover.

With appreciation,

Booktopia Official

Hi Jenny, Thanks so much for providing those details. I've organised the replacement for Journey to the Centre of the Earth, and we'll check this book before it's sent to ensure it's not in the sa... read more »

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