Bosch Maxx EuroWasher WAE22461AU / WAE24461AU review by KTM39

This product has been discontinued by Bosch Home Appliances.
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Okay, but not outstanding.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 18, 2012, viewed 4006 times

We've had it for about 4 months now and it has broken down once after only a few weeks. The impeller on the outlet pump broke. The Good Guys at Edwardstown SA were helpful and it was fixed at no expense to us within a few days. We've had no other problems.
It certainly is not made in Germany, (Thailand I think) and the quality is no better than any other brand.
The 1100 rpm spin cycle gets the clothes reasonably dry and I like the easily adjustable options re: water temp, spin speed, pre-wash, etc for each load. The lower water temp settings use much less electricity.
This is our first front loader and they take some getting used to. It's much less user friendly than my old top loader which lasted for over 10 years. I hope the water saving is worth the hassle.

+ Water and energy efficient. Not too noisy. Clothes seem clean, no better than our top loader.

- Has let us down once, I hope it is reliable from now on. Some wash cycles take a long time.

Purchased at: The Good Guys

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