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This product has been discontinued by Bosch Home Appliances.
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Excellent Product

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 28, 2012, viewed 72 times

I love this dishwasher. It's so super quiet that I used to put my ear to the door to hear if it's actually doing anything. Even now months later I still double check the cycle time remaining to make sure I started it. The amount of dishes you can stack in it is amazing (compared to our last washer. The prongs that hold the plates up can be folded down flat for large pots etc and the height of the top drawer can be adjusted up or down depending on the room you need on either rack. There's various wash modes that have varying temperatures, speeds and load size. Auto mode goes for 2hr 30 mins. I always recommend Bosch (for dish washers) to anyone who needs a new washer.

+ No open heating element. Dishes normally reserved for the top shelf can be placed anywhere in this washer. It's very quiet. Cutlery rack/drawer is used instead of a basket.

- When "Auto" mode is selected, it doesn't dry the dishes very well. Opening the door an inch when finished overcomes this. Haven't tested the other modes with higher washing temperatures yet (65 degrees+)..

Purchased at: Harvey Norman

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