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Paradise Point, Queensland

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Best insect repellent around!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 17, 2012, viewed 699 times

I've herd of Bushmans repellent for years and have been using RID and Off as they've been cheaper and more readily available until now. Woolies and Coles have been stocking this product and I thought that I'd give it a go, being a keen fisherman and wanderer around the bush here at Oxenford and Nerang following creeks and rivers in pursuit of wind river bass and other fish, you can rest assured that you will find spiders, mozzies and dreaded ticks (both types!)... And if you know of Horse Flies you can agree that these buggers are painful and leave large welts that can take months to heal if they're scratched - well no more of these thank god!!

I purchased both types of the Bushmans ‘Heavy Duty’ & ‘Plus’ Dry Gel replants and have found that any insect will keep clear and not stray into your path its that good - I usually apply some around my arms on my shirt and shorts to avoid ticks crawling up my socks and into my legs... So far so good! Short of coating the cat in the stuff - I find ticks on the cat every day where we are as we're near the bush - wonder if I could coat the cat??...

Anyhow Bushmans is a great product as it's full of Deet which works well against insects and keeps working all day and even when your sweating profusely! I haven't found that it discolours clothing or my backpacks straps unlike RID has done in the past. The website states that it has a shelf life of 6 years which is also good as you mostly use replant for the summer months or maximum of two years continuous...

I keep a bottle of it in my fishing bag, a bottle in my BOB bag and the other in the house while gardening and mowing later in the afternoons when the midgies are at their worst!

Bushmans is a great product that I would highly recommend to anyone that goes outdoors and are embarrassed by insects or are afraid of the dreaded ticks!

+ Fantastic product, lasts for hours! Handy pack, good price point in comparison. Keeps every insect at bay!

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