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Aussie made pyjamas??? Yes - still possible ... and top quality!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 20, 2014, viewed 14 times

If like us you are sick to death of wearing chinese clothing, and actually give a about the number of miles our products have to travel, then you will be as thrilled as we were to discover "Catnaps".

This is a small concern out of Victoria that puts out a terrific range of children's, and a limited but growing range of adult pyjamas in some really groovy colours!!

We have just done and received our second order and by now it is safe for us to say that there is very little to fault about this stuff. The fabric is durable and colourful, and from our experience with the first lot, reasonably colourfast. Very comfortable to wear ... and our 3 littlies look a million bucks as they prance about the house at night in their Aussie made night clobber.

The sizing seems realistic ... so if your child is, say a size 10, then size 10 is what they'll get. Postage prompt, and articles well packed.

The proprietor can be a little tardy in responding to enquiries ... but we suspect she is probably doing this as a bit of a hobby ..... stick with it .. we doubt very much that you will be disappointed.

Having had a taste of Catnaps, we will NEVER wear foreign again ... well not to bed anyway!!

+ Aussie made using Aussie fabric; very appealing colours; durable construction; comfy fit.

- Not much ... can be a little tardy answering queries - see above.

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