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Headaches, brain fog & general unwell feeling

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I have never written a review but I feel like I have a responsibility to warn as many people as possible NOT to drink this water.
I have been purchasing this water for approx 2 years and have never had an issue until about 3 months when I started to experience severe pressure and pain on the front right side of my head. I never get headaches so this was very strange for me. I have no preexisting health issues and I this feeling of brain fog and extreme pressure on my head was scary. I went to a doctor and he couldn't explain why but to "wait & see". This went in for 8 weeks until finally I read a post about Coles bottled water and extreme headaches linked to it. My heart sank and I immediately stopped drinking the water. Within 3 days I was starting to feel better, with 10 days I felt back to normal. Please, please, hear this warning there is something seriously wrong, whether it is contaminated with e.coli or some other bacteria like Listeria.. This water is no longer fit for human or animal consumption and Coles should be held liable.

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