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i joined not at all happy with their service. thay were matching me with women that were not compatable that did not even live in my area. i then asked my profile maneger to match me with women without children as i do not have children' and she actually tried talking me into accepting women with children and when I made it clear I don't want that she got very upset and was very rude to me. very unprofessional. it cost $550 to $3000 to join thay do not provide a detailed service' never at all asked me what I would like in a woman. thay will tell you anything to get you to join. They told me there were ladies in my area that wanted to meet me so i would join but thinking about that after i realised that was bull they just said it so i would join just didn't realise at the time as I was excited when they said that just another one of there trickary lies. Once you pay them you can not get a refund no matter what. Be prepared to give them you're bank card details over the phone including ccv as it's the only way you can pay. Can't pay on there website oh by the way just look at that site what a joke it's not even sercured. do not waste youre time and money with them. try eharmony thay provide a more detailed service for a lot cheaper price. Update makes me wonder why they keep changing there name used to be country contacts then country companionship Australasia now country companionship network. What other names have they had? What are they trying to hide by keeping changing there name. Some one should expose these lowlife crooks preying on lonely people.

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