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Customer service non-existent.

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Purchased a Crystal Soda Stream from this company end of June last year. When a piece broke off, rendering it unuseable, I contacted them via Live Chat in December. Was asked to forward photos, which I did, but no further contact with me advising any kind of outcome. Recontacted them in January, promised they would chase up, but still nothing.

I even provided the name of the contact person from the original complaint, and was promised by the second contact person they would chase up with them and keep me updated. Nothing. I'm getting the feeling they have no intention of honouring any sort of warranty. So if you buy from this company you had better pray nothing goes wrong with what you buy, because if it does, their policy seems to be "Too bad, so sad!"

- Not interested in the customer when something goes wrong.

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Hi Mumbalooba,
I'm sorry to hear about your broken Soda machine & that your issue has not been resolved as yet. If you can provide with an order number I'd be happy to look into it for you?

Order # is 31341022408460

True to form...I post a negative review of deals direct and they contact me on this site, for all the world to see, claiming they're going to investigate. Three weeks later and I've heard nothing. Why am I not surprised!

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