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average run of the mill battery

3 out of 5, reviewed on May 17, 2011, viewed 545 times

these batteries are a run of the mill kind and are readily accessible in many stores ranging from supermarkets to chemists and department stores. they are priced reasonably and come in packaging ranging from 2 batteries to 12 and sizes from aaa to d.. the packaging makes them readily identified and the brionze color tops helps you to identify. the duracell brand is repuatable and has been around for many years making it a reliable company. cost of these batteries is reasonable for the duration, i find my duracell battery will last almost half the year when used in our torches, and even some of our most loved toys have lasted close to 2mths, these batteries you cant recharge

+ cost effective, comes in range of sizes, reliable company, easily found

- not rechargeable

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