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5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 17, 2017, viewed 609 times

Enquired about a Huawei Mediapad X2 asking if it was in stock. They were honest and said they would take 2 to 4 days to get one in from Huawei distributor and would advise if any problems - which they didn't expect. Purchased the phone from them late on a Wednesday night including insured delivery ($7 extra). Received a DHL tracking number the following evening. Item progressed smoothly through the delivery system and was promptly delivered for my signature the next Wednesday.

The phone was new and unopened in a retail box. The Huawei Mediapad X2 came with Google Play, in English and was just as easy to set up as a Samsung from an Australian supplier. This model phone (or any other large screen phone) is not sold through the carriers or anyone else in Australia. Another case of Australian retailers not keeping up with overseas markets - or perhaps it's the manufacturer's fault or a combination of both - so I was forced to deal with a "grey market" overseas supplier. I was quite wary, as Android Enjoyed and similar overseas sites get such miserable reviews and unwelcome attention from Australian consumer law regulators. However, when I saw the good reviews for E-global I decided to go ahead.

The phone works exactly as expected with no problems so far. Because of the Google account ecosystem, the phone practically sets itself up using the vast array of knowledge Google has about your current phone. A bit scary really, but that's another story.

Regarding warranty issues - I haven't had any as I am past the first DOA and setup hump and the phone is working flawlessly. My expectaion of the future is that if I have any warranty issues, well that's the risk of buying this sort of 100% overseas built technology and I will take it as it comes. I am not expecting much practical help from any supplier. Past experience is that any warranty issues are badly dealt with by all suppliers as the labour costs are so high to spend hours fixing a relatively low cost device. I have only had one warranty issue with phones and that was dealing with Telstra a decade ago. They were totally useless and I was lucky to get the phone back at all - still with the same problem which I just wore until a replacement was necessary.

Summary: E-global DIgital Cameras' performance in delivering my purchase has been flawless to date. This is only one experience with this company - but based on my dealings with them and their performance, I will not hesitate to deal with them again or recommend them to friends and relatives.

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