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Ok in the beginning, now don’t listen and shout at customer s

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I’ve been using etax for a few years and no real issues, apart from them not listening or reading email properly and and a thought on my part most of the work was done O/S ( they say no).

This year I had to do a tax return from 2012 and aware it was very late (I was working in Singapore for many months and did not get around to it). The ATO had apparently sent reminders via etax, which I did not read, because they had been driving me insane with their marketing. The spam had toned down after I complained, but their emails still go to junk.

So after the letter from the ATO to my home address, I did the tax return, but could not find my PAYG summary (same employer 10years) and my employer had changed systems and could not help. I advised etax and asked the to help look for it. I was aware the ATO get and keep the summaries, so no big deal ( I rang up the ATO and got my income/tax details, before completing the tax return) Except etax decided I did not earn any money in 2012 and without any authority summited to the ATO I did not work. They claim to have contacted the ATO, I rang the ATO to find out what was going on and told I was the only person to query my info this year. Hmmm

So, more than about 10 emails, several chat sessions and 2 phone calls, etax still tell me I did earn any money in 2012. Frustration beyond belief.

Finally, after my last email saying I don’t know who they were talking to but it’s not the ATO. A day later, and I can only say they most arrogant, patronizing man called me and was shouting at me (yes shouting at me) as soon as he confirmed who I was and saying it’s not their fault and the ATO has no info for that year. The story changed during the call to don’t have to will not provide the info, but I have no idea of the truth. I did not yell back, I just said I included how much I made and tax, send that ( I had already paid etax and did not want to lose my money). After some more agrivation, finally he agreed to send my updated tax return, but I should expect the ATO will sent back, you guessed it, because I did not earn any money and they have not information. After calling the ATO 3 times, I know they do.

A week later I was advised my tax refund would be in my account with 24 hours.

Honestly etax, you have some very irritating ways, but I would have kept using you, because I’m basically lazy and the issues resolved eventually, but I will not be shouted at by your staff or anyone else. Ever!!!

You lost a customer and i’m telling as many as possible not to use your service.


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