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Avoid at all costs!

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I am now up to 3 issues with groupon and have not bought anything from them for 6 months, (bought this most recent voucher issue in November), and never ever will. I hope we can save someone out there from dealing with groupon and having similar experiences. The first issue to buy some macarons, the merchant wouldn't honour my voucher, even though I had called and booked ahead (he was also not a good merchant but that's another story) as groupon had not paid his money to him. continuously emailed groupon but they would not respond, and probably like a few people, for $22, decided it wasn't worth continuing to get high blood pressure, so just wrote it off as experience.

The next time I stupidly bought a travel deal off them before looking up reviews and pricing on booking web sites, groupon was saying the cost was $200, and I was getting it for $100. Looking up all the booking sites, various dates, the most this crappy hotel ever charged was $149, most days only around $120. Tried to cancel it through their 7 day cancellation policy, but they wouldn't reply to my emails (obviously trying to wait out the 7 days, so they wouldn't have to refund) so I called the credit card company and managed to get my money back. I would recommend when buying any travel deal from any site, everyone always look on travel sites first as you will most likely find you are not really getting a deal at all. Please learn from my experiences.

This last time, the merchant couldn't provide the service and told me that groupon knew all about it and should have refunded my money back in february. About 20 emails later, groupon are still giving me excuses and saying they are passing it to a supervisor. Have thought about going to consumer affairs but thought it would take too long but as someone on this site has written, it only took them 3 days, so guess what I am doing on monday?? I will dance a jig if this company ever gets shut down. Hopefully if everyone stops buying from them, it can happen.

- will sell deals, but once they have your money, they don't care if you get your deal or not.

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