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never again

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My first purchase from Groupon was a dinner for 4. It stated the value and the savings. I contacted the restaurant involved and confirmed that it was any dish off their normal menu. Much to our disappointment the servings were much smaller; I'd call them "tastings". The waitress confirmed that they made the servings smaller for Groupons vouchers. Groupon said that the fine print says that they have the right to change their menu. My argument is that if they make the servings smaller, the advertising of the value and savings is false. Groupon's credited $30 to my account even though i did not accept it as settlement. They consider case closed.
My second, and last purchase but before the above experience, was a spinning hair brush which I received three days ago. Unfortunately, it doesn't spin as soon as it has the resistance of even a few hairs on it! Just sent them an email, but given the first experience, I'm wondering what they'll come back with about their fine print!!

- 1. false advertising 2.faulty

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