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Hit and Miss. Mostly Hit :)

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Having bought 10 or so deals including overseas travel I can honestly say over all groupon is great fun. But it's buyer beware. Keep your expectations low and always do your own research on the individual merchants. I can't see that groupon does any research to check the eligibility of its merchants.

I took a fabulous holiday to through groupon only to be contacted on my return and told my trip was cancelled and my refund was on its way?! turns out i was very lucky not to have had my trip cancelled last minute as many others did. Still feeling bemused I checked a leading travel review site and discovered the same travel agent who had provided my deal through groupon had renegged on a voucher with spreets six months before groupon offered a deal with them. surely thats something groupon should have picked up?

Since then i have been on the verge of buying a number of deals but googling the actual provider showed just how dissapointed others had already been with their voucher deals. So basically always research the vendor yourself. do not assume groupon will have done it. regardless of the bad track record a provider has with deal sites groupon still does business with them.

I can also say that the products do take forever to arrive. (ive ordered the sushi maker and some towels) i suspect the order isnt placed to china until the deal closes so everything gets posted twice, once in china then again from the company here - best to see if you can find the same product directly from china.

But all of that said i have also had a bunch of wonderful boozy dinners out for the price of a home delivered pizza and some fabulous beauty treatments i would not otherwise have been able to rationalise ..... so give it a go if the reviews are good!

+ Inexpensive

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