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60th Anniversary of HIF.

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My Husband joined as a 16 year old while working with the old W.A. Govt. Railways 60 years ago. It would be great to have some recognisation of this long membership. The R.A.C. and H.B.F. afford their long term members recognition and also some benefits. I also joined in 1962 - 52 years ago. Between the two of us we have accumulated 112 years membership. Fortunately for us so far we have had very few claims but what we have claimed for has been dealt with promptly. I believe H.I.F. do not have a record beyond 1976 of long term members - is this the case?

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HIF (Health Insurance Fund) Official

Hello Lynn. Thank you very much for your feedback, I'm delighted to hear that you and your husband have been loyal HIF members for such a long time. Regarding your note about recognition of lon... read more »

Hi Nikki, I wasn't indicating any pricing benefits but it would be great to be invited to a morning tea or something similar as HBF does for its members who have had over 50 years membership. Sure... read more »

THANK YOU HIF. After many healthy years, in December 2018 I had a Colonoscopy and a cancerous polyp was found. I was operated on the next week in a private hospital and instead of the usual 7 d... read more »

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