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I have always found HIF, to be the best of all health funds. I work in healthcare and always recommend them because its easy, hassle free and they are lovely to deal with. i have done my wisdom teeth, my partner has had 2 knee surgeries and now I'm pregnant so confident that I have chosen the right health fund to cover everything.

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HIF (Health Insurance Fund) Official

Hello Rach, Thank you for taking the time to share this wonderful review, we really appreciate your feedback and on behalf of the whole team here - "Congratulations!" on your pregnancy! If you ... read more »

Thank you. Just like to mention, the person I spoke to on the phone was chadd Turner. He has excellent customer service skills and was very helpful and followed up our conversation with an email wi... read more »

HIF (Health Insurance Fund) Official

Hi Rach,

That's great to know - thank you! I'll make sure Chad and his Team Leader both get a copy of your feedback. :)

Thanks again,


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