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I cannot live without my awesome HTC mobile

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 23, 2012, viewed 37 times

This year I had a telstra phone that lasted me a few months and was playing up so much I changed to a HTC wildfire. Ever since I have been extremely happy as it has the capabilities of a iphone but with a much smaller price tag!!!! Also it hasn't ever played up on me at all.... my brother has a brand new iphone and it is playing up all the time.
I like the fact not everyone I see has a HTC, it makes me more of a individual (unlike a iphone user), and I have been able to buy plenty of cool covers for it also that makes it so much more fun for me too!!

Awesome gadget, love getting my emails through my phone straight away also oh so very handy!!!

Love the HTC will never say a bad word about it, my daughter threw it over the kitchen gate one day also and i turned it back on and no dramas with it. great reliable phone with all the bells and whistles. Very budget friendly a phone that will last me a long time too. Great battery time too.

+ Reliable, inexpensive lovely extras also!!!

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