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Baby loves Nan

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 12, 2018, viewed 6102 times

My wife couldn't breast our first two babies and they both thrived on this product. We had absolutely no problems with it at all. Because we found it to be very expensive at one stage we tried to turn to a cheaper product, but the babies wouldn't drink it.... so we reverted back. There was also one other problem which was that there was a period when Coles would only sell you 2 tins at a time because the Chinese market for this product was so lucrative that people were buying up the whole shelf of Nan baby powder and sending it over to China to resell. Rather a stupid policy I thought to limit people to two tins ...but there you go. Anyhow baby number three will be here in a couple of weeks so we are stocking up. Needless to say I recommend this product!

Purchased at: Coles

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