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Optimum 8200 is a "Rocket" compared to the Nutri-"bullet"

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 03, 2014, viewed 7958 times

I can write a mini novel about my experience with the optimum 8200 !!! This blender has changed my husband and my life for the better 10 fold, first for our well being, blending and making green smoothies with raw veg, that we would not even otherwise eat, notice our vitality and wellness has been a huge change for us both....The Optimum 8200 has set a ripple effect , not for just our well being, but the way we think about food, purchasing food to utilize with the blender, our whole concept of food is changing because of the endless uses of this blender.....Forget vitamin and mineral tablets, by using natural raw foods especially green veg of any form and blend into smoothies, will far out weigh any supplements and save money in your pocket as well.....

Also last yet not least the customer service @ Froothie was excellent , also speaking to someone here in Australia, not being forceful to me and wanting my credit card details so quickly like Nutri-bullet did......Also i have shared my experience with the Optimum 8200 with my family, friends, work friends etc....I personally believe this Optimum 8200 was a blessing in disguise as i did not know it even existed only came across an add while looking at reviews about the Nutri-bullet.....So do not hesitate to purchase 1 of the blenders through Froothie, it will make the world of difference in all area's of your life.......as is said "WE ARE WHAT WE EAT" or "DRINK" Thank you for changing the colour of my day Froothie more than you will ever know......

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