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Great for the whole family - and better than a nutribullet!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 15, 2014, viewed 8242 times

This is an awesome blender! We use it every day for smoothies and juices, and it does such a great job of blending to a smooth consistency that we are all eating fruits and vegetables that we don't usually like. It's also great for healthy snacks, like preparing a quick batch of protein balls (previously a mammoth clean up job when using a food processor). And my toddler enjoys helping to make juice to freeze into ice blocks - which are all 100% healthy.
Another huge advantage is I can use it to make coconut and almond milk which I have been spending a huge amount of money on - this is not only more economical, it is also great to know exactly what is in things. Same goes for baby food.

The base of the unit is slight bigger than I had imagined, but I guess this is the trade off for a great motor that actually works.

My experience with the froothie team has also been great - after ordering I had some queries which were answered via email in a matter of hours, and I have been really impressed with the recipes included with the blender and on Facebook.
I was initially tempted by the concept of the nutribullet (which had lots of negative reviews when I looked into it), but am so relieved I went with froothie which is so much more versatile and appears to be of much higher quality (eg metal parts where nutribullet is plastic). I found the comparison charts on the froothie website really helpful - made the decision of which to get very easy! And also great to back an Australian owned and operated company.

If you are wanting to boost the health of your whole family of get a great gift, do yourself a favour and get a froothie. The energy boost I have felt after having a home made juice has been amazing and has cut back my caffeine intake dramatically! (previously an issue with a toddler and 6 month old baby!)

Highly recommend.

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