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Model: 1st Generation

Best Ever Blender

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 07, 2014, viewed 389 times

This machine is a joy to use. After dreadful experiences for the general lot of blenders that you can buy from department stores I started to get serious as I wanted to make "smooth" smoothies in a machine that was easy to use, easy to clean, was made of quality materials and lasted more than a year. This product takes me back to a time when we cherished out tools and would buy for the value of the machine because you didn't intend to throw it away or that is was a fashion accessory to the house. I had been eyeing off the Vitamix blenders and looking at every comparable blender as in all honesty Vitamix are just too expensive (considering they are almost 1/2 price in the States). I came across the froothie website and saw that it looked the same and can do all the same things, and that is has even has more impressive specifications than a Vitamix. The website is super easy to use and even if you don't want to buy over the net you can ring direct. I have to admit my blender jug developed a crack with the first 6 months but the replacement of this part was done easily and efficiently with just one call. This is just like service used to be. This is a quality product that is designed to last as it actually allows you to select a 10 year warranty on it (I chose a 5yr warranty). I really love this machine and it is just so easy to clean and maintain - you just basically rinse it out and there are no hidden areas that trap food - so simple. Everything that is said about it is true. Just look at the other reviews for it. I love that I bought it in Australia, that I have a great warranty to go with it, that the phone sales people are so helpful and polite & that after sales service was so good. I have made smoothies from vegetables, fresh ice creams and nut creams and milks. It can handle it all. I am very particular about electric products and have high standards. I grew-up when these items were luxuries and were meant to last and still expect this as the "throw away concept" is so detrimental to society. If you want a blender do yourself a favour and get one of these. I tell everyone I know about it and could not think why you would not get one that works this good

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Optimum Appliances Official

Thank you for sharing, we greatly appreciate the detailed review and glad to be of service :-)

I have had this blender now for over 2 years. I still think its great. I have had a couple of issues but the warranty response was fantastic, great customer service and the fix was fast & easy. By ... read more »

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