Optimum Appliances 9400 1st Generation review by Vera

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Model: 1st Generation

Centrepiece of My Kitchen!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 08, 2014, viewed 261 times

Since I received my Optimum 9400 around a year ago, I have been smoothie-ing like crazy. This machine is a machine!! (pun intended) I have used it almost everyday, and have not had any issue whatsoever. Everytime, I get deliciously blended fruit and vegetables. It is also very great to encourage children to eat (drink) vegetables as you cannot taste the spinach or kale or carrots once they are blended with fruits. My nephew & niece love them (of course I didn't tell them of the green ingredients).
I have also experimenting with making almond meal, hazelnut meal (for baking), and made dips & curry sauce. What a wonderful piece. Money well-spent. Cleaning it is a breeze, too.
Froothie staff had been hands-on as well. The units were (most likely still are) constantly sold out and I was always kept updated with progress of their new stock, and I also received complimentary upgrade because I had to wait. Worth the wait, worth the money, worth the experience!

+ Sturdy, great on-par (if not better) alternative to Vitamix

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