Optimum Appliances 9400 1st Generation review by Justin chellis

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Model: 1st Generation

Hand made soap blender

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 01, 2014, viewed 4325 times

Our family makes our own organic soap, We needed a blender that could handle the work with a good strong motor which needs to run for 10 minutes at a time. We blend Australian native food into a fine pulp and add choice of oils and soap making chemical to form home made soap. The process gives the blender a good work out and we found it does live up to it's name. In the past we have burnt out many cheap less quality blenders which ended up costing a fortune. As the old saying goes you pay for quality and quality does last the test of time.

+ I love the strength and the power of the motor that can run for longer periods of time compared to other blender that seem to jam up under pressure .

- I would like to see more upgrade options for the home user.

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