Optimum Appliances 9400 1st Generation review by Francine B

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Perth, Western Australia

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Model: 1st Generation

Optimally Perfect

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 31, 2014, viewed 716 times

Being a raw foodie I needed a blender that could cope with all my whizzing, creating and constant use. I also have just launched a small raw food business, so similarly required a reliable and hardworking Trojan blender to ensure I was efficient with my time. The Optimum 9400 ticked all these boxes and delivers so much more. Simple and easy to use, delightfully painless to clean (this is a HUGE selling point....no one likes wasting time on cleaning out blenders) thanks to a wide base and mouth, and multi speed dial allowing me to ensure the consistency and texture of my smoothies and creations are to my liking.
This blender is fast and relatively quiet, so my household isn't disturbed when I am in full on preparation mode! The tamper ensures my creams, caramels and gelato's are silky smooth and the large 2 litre jug allows me to be economical with both my time and ingredients.
Best of all is that it is so easy to use...nothing sums this up more than seeing my 12 year old daughter casually whizzing me up a smoothie all on her own....everything into the jug, placed onto the base, lid on, tamper in, switch on and aaaaahhhhhh....delicious natural goodness ready for drinking.
Believe the reviews, don't waste time and money on other products (I have tried a few including the Nutri Bullet and Ladyship), and be assured that whilst the Optimum Blender 9400 is amazingly priced in the mid range, it offers first class service and food preparation unrivalled by no other.

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