Optimum Appliances 9400 1st Generation review by Monika Bagby

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Model: 1st Generation

wow..I just love it

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 05, 2014, viewed 2839 times

I received my 9400 24 hours after I ordered it...wow. amazing... and I just love it. I already own a nutribullet and let me tell you theres no comparison. No little crunchy bits in the 9400 and its so fast. If only I had this blender when my kids were growing up. Im constantly playing with it finding new things to do and keep peeping at it sitting proudly in the kitchen lol. And I emailed backwards and forwards with the support team before ordering. And they were brilliant.. prompt friendly answers..no pushiness..just help. I would recommend not only the machine but also the company ..thanx froothie.. :-)

November 20th 2014 Update:
Now that I have owned this machine a while I thought I would add to my first review. I am still in love.. More every day. As I mentioned I already had a NutriBullet and there's no comparison...why? Well for starters you can only run the bullet for a short time before it overheats... You can't put anything hot in it and it's much to small. Ok for a quick smoothie for the kids or a single El quicko for yourself but even then u have to wait while the thing cools off if u want more.. No such probs with my wonderful optimum. Now I have never owned a vitamix so cannot comment on vitamix performance.. But what I did do is trawl vitamix demos and recipes and tried a lot of them in my optimum. Guess what... There's nothing a vitamix can do that the optimum can't do... And I mean nothing. So considering the price difference why would anyone buy anything but an optimum...and lastly a little tip for all you optimum lovers who think you can only pulse at high speed. If you want to chop.. Not pulverise something you can toggle the on/off switch at any speed... Voila lower speed pulse. I am super happy with my purchase and will recommend it to anyone .

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