Optimum Appliances 9400 1st Generation review by Morepower

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South-East Queensland

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Model: 1st Generation

Buy this one - MORE POWER!!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 12, 2014, viewed 2803 times

I decided I was buying a blender for green smoothies. Everyone at work had a Nutribullet so i was having one too! Insert husband. Smart, funny, practical, cautious husband - 'Let's do some research'. Based on the research I did I quickly ditched the Nutribullet dream and decided I needed something better. As Jeremy Clarkson would say MORE POWER!!! We did so much research my husband became passionate about getting a high powered blender and quickly became motivated to utilise it to increase our fruit and vegetable intake.

We found the Optimum 9400 and could not find anything that we thought compared. We have found the Optimum 9400 to be quick, efficient and extremely easy to use. For those who are time poor (like to sleep) in the morning I highly recommend prepping your blend/mix and freezing it. I have frozen a mix of Mango, Banana, Strawberries and Blueberries, chuck a fresh Orange with some spinach and VAVOOOM it is done. Half fill with water, two drops of dish-washing detergent VAVOOOM and it is washed. Drink on the way to work and you will feel better, healthier and maybe just a little bit sexier ;)

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